Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Ignorance & a ride

Let me lay the foundation for a scenario.

The motorcycle community has been having a planned buffet brunch for many years on a certain sunday of the month. Recently one of our members, who also has a motorcycle of substance, whom also owns a scooter was invited to attend a brunch and "bring along a few friends" . As it turns out these "friends" are also scooterists and we have been tagging along to these brunches for a few months and through the winter. Most people are aware that scooterists are more hardy than bikers and it is more usual for scooterists to be year round riders, the sportbike crowd only insure during the dry, hot, dusty summer months and park their bikes over the winter. So . . . over the winter the scooterists have dominated the brunch scene with relatively few bikers attending.

Fast forward to last Sunday, which was a sunny, sort of warm, tempting spring-like day. The bikers were out in full force and now the scooterists get blamed for hogging all the seats making so called regular bikers being turned away since there was limited seating in the patio area where we usually congregate. That's what we are "scooter trash" in the minds of many. Makes your blood boil. Many people who prefer to ride scoots also have bikes (motorcycles in their arsenal). So much prejudice in this world that you be judged by what you own and not for who you are. I really thought that we were part of the biking community, everything on 2 wheels and that sort of thing, but I suppose this is not to be. Lucky thing we didn't arrive on electric power, even the scooterists would abandon us.

There, I feel better now . . .

END OF RANT: ----------------------------------------------------------------------

On a happier note:

As it turns out I took a day off work. Little did I know that it would turn out to be a glorious day, sunny but cold and luckily no rain (which is very unusual, as this is the only word that the weatherman seems to know). On a local forum a couple of other members of our scootering community also saw the opportunity to savour a few hours of 2 wheeled bliss transversing the country side -- rolling hills, farmland and a tranquile part of south Langley/Cloverdale, BC. Of course the jealous ones (presumably at work) had a name for us, but not sure if the word "Slackers" would apply to all 3 of us. Perhaps 2 were slackers as they were out riding when they should have been working. I was legitimately on a booked day off work (minus 1 vacation day), but it is always nicer to share the day with friends, rather than just amble aimlessly along by yourself with no set destination, but if it's solitude that you need then perhaps one day we can plan one of those solitude days too.

Let's call this: adventures of Robert, Mike and Bob:

This is the start of our ride:

Road Construction delay:

Langley Airport, watching the little planes take off and land:

The Treehouse, Redwood Park, 20th Avenue, Surrey, BC

It's always an adventure when you let Robert (the Reverend) lead the pack. To recap:
- we got lost once
- Had to U-turn at a "road closed" road upgrade
- Rode down two gravel roads, one had large pot holes
- ended up at 2 T-intersections trying to find shortcut
- washroom "closed for season" but luckily we are guys and there were trees around

It was a day to remember. Now back to work . . .

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