Friday, February 29, 2008

A day from work

It's not often that I manage to slip away from work. It's also not often that the weather is on your side. I remember a time last year when I booked a day to go Scooting. Monsoons were forecast for the whole day, but I went anyway. All the way from the heart of Vancouver to Port Moody, a healthy jaunt. Between the wind trying to blow you over and the hose directly aimed at your face it was merciless. It was winter and my larger scoot was not insured at the time, so off I went on my Wife's little Vino. It has such a small tail light and with the roostertail coming off the rear tire I was constantly watching in the rear view mirrors for fast approaching vehicles, as I was very afraid that they would not be able to see me.

But this day was different, sunny but cold - after all, it's still winter in Vancouver. Did a few errands, hand lunch with a friend then off for a ride around Stanley Park. (it's a 10,000 acre park in the heart of Vancouver, BC)

Brockton Point, Stanley Park:

There is pay parking everywhere. The Vancouver Parks Board even charges fees for parking on the roadway, every asphalted area has a machine to collect parking fees. Luckily, on the scoot you are able to stop once in a while to stretch your legs

Looking the other direction from the Lighthouse, you can see the Lion's Gate Bridge:

Yes, that's West Vancouver in the background, a separate municipality within the Greater Vancouver area. Not too many cars going around the Park at this hour. Perhaps since it is a Monday afternoon and it is a working day for many. Imagine having nature so close; the smell of the ocean, the wind in your face, birds chirping (well not yet) . I winded my way around the park, past 3rd beach, then 2nd beach, the English Bay. Since it was a beautiful day the popcorn/hotdog vendors were doing a brisk business.

English Bay, Vancouver, BC (Inukshuk, in the background):

This is English Bay. Mountains towards the north, Ocean (well, not really ocean) but Georgia Strait and out of view would be Vancouver Island. Deserted now, but during the summer you would be hard pressed to get any beach space along this area. This is one of the major beach areas in downtown Vancouver and adjacent to Denman Street, famous for a lot of eateries and just browsing.

All in all a good day for scooting

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