Monday, September 29, 2008

Cowichan Bay, BC

On the way back from Campbell River we headed south towards Cobble Hill to visit some friends. It was past noon so decided to find a place to have a snack. We started at Ladysmith where they are re-vitalizing the downtown area. We stopped here before for a meal and didn't wish to visit the same place twice, so continued onward to Chemainus, where it was a little to touristy for our tastes. We travelled southbound on some backroads through farmland and eventually came out at Cowichan Bay.


Of course, this isn't the best pix but I wanted to catch the name on the banner.


Cowichan Bay is a seaside community with gift shops and a few restaurants. It is not far off the highway and is just south of Duncan, BC. There are lots of watercraft anchored in the bay and along the piers.


We discovered this "gem" years ago on our travels and would really love to have one of these homes along the waterfront


Half of the house is on "stilts" and your rear sundeck overhangs the water, and you have your private float for your boat


Or you could purchase your own Floating Home. Two of these were currently for sale, but I do not know the asking price. I really like the idea of not having to cut the grass but I would presume there are much more costly things to take care of in a marine environment.


Many people have told us that the Rock Cod Cafe was the best place for fish and chips, so this is where we went. Of course we had Salmon steak and other assorted goodies. Perhaps next time we will order the fish & chips and find out how good they are.


It was a beautiful warm day. After lunch we just sat on the dock in the sun and evaporated our worries away.


Weatherwise we were very fortunate to experience summer-like weather. It was forecast for rain 3 out of the 4 days we were away, but today there was no rain in sight.



It was a perfect day to be on the Wet Coast of British Columbia


  1. Too much of this and I may explode-sunshine, solid housing market, health care for all and floating docks. Just needs a few palm trees and I'm there.Of course my house is worth nothing and we are about to become a giant refugee camp so I don't doubt Canadians will close the border to me and my hand cart...

  2. you are always welcome here. bring your Bonnie (& some palm trees) and you will be set. We have long and twisty roads, unlike those down in the keys. I think we are becoming unravelled up here too with all this financial crisis stuff. I'll even come down to the border and lead the way . . .

  3. Saw you in the neighborhood and thought I'd stop and say "Hi!" Nice place you got here!

  4. irondad:

    I really appreciate your stopping by. There are a lot of things to see in the Pacific Northwest . . . so many places and not enough time. I was in Oregon twice this year and almost crossed paths with you when you went to that wedding in the Tri-cities area. We were just a day apart on our way to Hell's Canyon taking Hwy82 into Hermiston.