Tuesday, September 16, 2008


For some reason Summer has returned. Forecast was for sunny and warm. What to do, what to do . . . I don't know what to say except that perhaps I've been "skootered-out" if there is such a word. I have put on a few miles in the last little while, which includes my 1,800 kms to Oregon for the Maxi-Scoot rally in Stevenson, Wa. I had BIG plans for today. My plan was to ride to Sumas on my SV650 instead of my Scooter and try to meet up with the riders from WCB MC. They were leaving the Seattle area around 9:30am with an overnight stay in Hope bc, and a lunch stop in Sumas (on the US side, presumably). That would mean shoveling and gurgling my breakfast and making a hasty exit towards the highway. I listen for the border reports and find that there is already an hour wait at Sumas. Also there appears to be some problem with my Nexus card not being recorded by the scanner at Homeland Security (Border crossing). I have been crossing the border more frequently lately and every time my Nexus card does NOT register and the guards seem to be giving me a little more attention, so I thought that I would try to enter the US from Sumas instead, but as the border line was too long I decided to just relax and mosey around town instead.
We have been meeting at this biker friendly cafe for eternity and walked up the street to find a community garden


I've never really taken the time to see these large sunflowers up close before


I tried to catch the "bee" in action, but by the time I got the camera focused, it flew away


Then I decided to head down to False Creek. For those that are not familiar with the geography of Vancouver, it is surround by water on 3 sides. The only solid land is from the East, otherwise you have to travel over a bridge to get to the main downtown area. and then there is Granville Island which is joined by a causeway. There is also a company that operates passenger ferries within False Creek which will take you to several drop off points, including the West end (some say that the West End has one of the highest population densities in North America) .


There is a Market on Granville Island and there are many places to eat. This Fish & Chip outlet is very popular with the locals. Outdoor seating and a great view of the water.


This is the Government Wharf (National Harbours Board) home of the fishing fleet. That's the Burrard Bridge in the Background.


That yellow building on the other side (on Granville Island) is a trendy waterfront restaurant, nd marina.


I then rode over to the eastern side of the Inlet which gives you a different perspective


The city (Harbour Board) is trying to remove all the derelict boats from this area as it is an eyesore for the tourists.


Vancouver is a great coastal city (surrounded by water) with many restaurants with water views


The SeaWall (walkway) goes for many miles and circumnavigates the complete inner waterway. It is very popular with bicyclists, skateboarders, rollerbladers and walkeers alike. You can travel from the West end of Vancouver (near Stanley Park) and walk all the way to the western beaches of Jericho and Locarno. Vancouver is know for miles of great sandy beaches.


Oh, that's the Cambie Bridge & BC Place in the background . It's hard to get around town without going over a bridge. All in all a relaxing day just taking in the sights of the city. Vancouver, BC Canada, a great place to live (& scoot).

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