Thursday, September 4, 2008

Ride to Bickleton, WA

Hmm, Bickleton or Mt Hood loop ? It was Monday and the official ride being led by Tom Mehren was going to Bickleton. Since his route was going to duplicate some of the roads we had already ridden (plus we were planning on returning home via: NF25) a few of us decided that we would do the Mt Hood Loop instead . . . that is, until we found out that it was pouring rain down there - so chickens as we are, we all lined up to follow Tom to Bickleton. Being in the Gorge is very unique in that if it is raining somewhere, we can just go East to find better weather

We are getting ready to leave. That is Tom's yellow 'Swing in the lead position

That's John (speedbyrd) with his Burgmann 650


One thing you realize when you are following Tom (or should I say, attempt to follow), as he is gone in a shot and he is an expert on these roads. After all, he wrote the book on "Motorcycling in the Gorge" . It's all about the ride and the roads, No time being alloted for stopping to enjoy the views, or for taking pictures.

Correction: we did do a quick stretch your legs break somewhere in the middle of nowhere, actually in Klickitat canyon (i think)

Lunch break in Goldendale (DQ/gas stop)

Here's Chris (Daboo) getting his helmet on after our lunch break

As Tom told us, Bickleton is in the middle of nowhere, nothing to do there, but the roads to get there are amazing

Miles and miles of great scenery passing by and not stopping to take a photo just killed me. So I had to grab a quickie so don't criticize the composition.

As I was riding sweep, I just stopped and then had to ride WOT to catch up. The first curve was "slow to 15" and I scrapped the centrestand. I think Chris was just ahead of me, and when he didn't see me come around the corner he stopped mid-Hill and waited for me.

We eventually get to Bickleton and took a pix of this moving landmark

We did a short stop to stretch and take a few photos

Here's a group photo. I asked Tom to use my Camera

Eventually we made our way to Stonehenge, which is right across the bridge from Biggs, Oregon

We arrive back at the Skamania Fairgrounds to assemble for dinner (on our own tonight)

It was a great day. new friends, another 250 miles on the Odometer and great weather. No sign of rain, although it looked threatening for a bit.

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