Tuesday, September 9, 2008

Maxi-scoot Rally wrap-up

A Quick summary of our Rally Weekend in Stevenson, WA

We had a great time at the rally and it was now over. I travelled 11 hours (solo) to Stevenson, WA taking NF-25 on the way down. During the weekend many of us had become friends so now I had company for our return home. John lives in Federal Way, Luca in Magnolia, Chis from Lynwood and myself from Vancouver, BC. The 4 of us decided to take NF-25 for our return to the Seattle area. It had been raining all morning when we left Stevenson, WA around 10am.

The scoot is packed and ready to roll

NF-25 is a twisty road with areas of construction and dirt/sand in many corners, and as it was raining we decided to lower our pace a bit.

Of course, we had to make a few necessary stops along the way

It was very nice to have company on our return . There is safety in numbers

The rain got worse as we got closer to Randle and Morton. I know it was getting cold and Chris remarked that he had packed all his warmer clothing in the depths of his scooter making it difficult to find. It had taken nearly 3 hours to get to Morton so we decided to stop at the Subway to warm up and have a rest/food break.


The rain appeared to be getting lighter and the sun was trying to shine through the clouds. I think we all just wanted to get home so we headed up Hwy 7 and eventually Hwy 167 and back to 405 and I-5 having said our goodbyes at various points along the way. Soon there was only Chris and myself, but shortly after we joined up with I-5, Chris waved off and I was along for my final leg back to Canada. I crossed the US/Canada border around 6pm and arrived home about an hour later.


total travelled: 1,798 kms
gas used 20.965 US gallons (conversion 3.785 ltr/US gal)
gas cost $85.81 (assumption US $ at par basis)
MPG US gal 53.601
MPG Cdn gal 64.293

scooter: 2008 Kymco Xciting 500Ri


On deck . . .


all for now, it's been a busy week

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