Friday, September 19, 2008

Ergonomic Brake Lever

Well, what do you know. I ordered a right brake lever for my Kymco Xciting 500Ri and it arrived.


Very fast delivery from the Kymco Canada parts distribution centre in Toronto. My scooter got damaged on the return trip from the Maxi-scoot rally in Stevenson, Wa. That weekend I rode 1,800 kms on my X500Ri and on my way home I wanted to make a stop in Burlington to pick up some motorcycle accessories at the local Suzuki dealer. I was rushing in order to catch them before they closed, traffic was slow and I was impatient. All these factors contributed to my situation.


I suppose I am very lucky that this was the only part damaged. Look how much the lever bent as compared to the new one below. Flashbacks of the incident makes me think that the full weight of the fully loaded scoot was probably over 550 lbs and all that pressure on the poor lever absorbed the impact and saved me from having more damage. Actually the curved lever was very ergonomic and I got used to the "feel" of it.


I realize that this is a simple job (even I could do it). Just one nut and bolt to remove and voila, "done like dinner" . But my dealer is a great guy.


Makes me feel guilty. Like I am standing in the background while 2 Kymco techs muddle over who is going to remove the one nut.


I suppose in retrospect it is a 3 man job. Ben to hold the closed end wrench on the nut, and Gary to use the flat head screwdriver from the top. And of course, I am the historian, photographing the procedure. In a few minutes my scoot is returned to better than new condition. My baby has a new front brake lever with Zero mileage on the odometer.


Operation completed in no time at all, and with such little effort from moi. I'm a happy camper again.

I am going on another adventure for a few days. I am not sure whether I will have internet access so I may not be able to make a post until mid to late next week. My plan is to travel over to Vancouver Island up to Campbell River, planning to take an early morning ferry to Nanaimo, BC and travel the coastal route north. The weather is not forecast to be that good but perhaps I can salvage a few pictures along the way - stay tuned . . .


  1. I've gotta believe there are people who are looking at that curved brake lever that are thinking....coooool. :)

    My first thought was 'custom'.

  2. hey Chris:

    actually that curved brake lever feels really good, perfect place for your fingers. I don't think you could make one if you tried. I'm glad there wasn't more damage, I got lucky