Friday, September 5, 2008

Mt Hood loop

It was Tuesday, a great sunny day for exploring the backroads around Mt Hood . A few of us decided to skip on Tom's ride so we could venture into Oregon at a slower, tourist pace. So using a page from his book "Motorcycling in the Gorge" we decided to take a self guided tour and attempt to find the roads he suggested. But where was Chris ? We wanted to start out at 9:30a but Chris was nowhere to be found. It turns out that he was trying to program his GPS, and thankfully he managed to program some of those roads, and even then we managed to get lost and make a U-turn or two. We headed east from Stevenson on SR-14 for about 30 miles or so and crossed the toll bridge at Hood River to Hwy 35 into Oregon. It was really windy in this area of the Columbia Gorge and you really felt it as you went through those tunnels. After a short rest break, actually we were lost and comparing maps, we made it to the Panorama Viewpoint


yes, that is Mt Hood in the background. We stopped to snap a few pixs and continued on our way. Through Orchards and farmland, it was a very scenic secondary road. Before we started our ride we all decided to take a slower pace today, stop for pixs and play tourist, something we did not do on our group ride yesterday. After our gas stop at Government Camp we arrived at the Mt Hood Parking area. The clouds have lifted again to give us a great view of the Mountain.


We were all getting a little hungry and there are not many restaurant options in this area. Our plan was to check out the menu at Timberline Lodge and make a decision


I've not been here before and found this to be a very historic place


You can see the detail even in the staircase. Lots of wood with inlays.


The first thing you see when you enter the Lodge is this figure on the door. Look at all the fine detail. It must have cost a fortune to build this place


We were told that you could rent one of these cabins for private parties and have your chef. Of course you and your guests can also stay for the night. There's not much that money can't buy (that is, if you have enough)


After lunch we headed North west through some beautiful roads. Can't remember all the names and probably never find them again if I tried. But par for the course, Chris got us lost again and we stopped to consult our maps


It was getting late and we had to get back to the campgrounds before 6pm for our wrap up dinner. We really thought that we had enough time but we somehow found the Old Columbia Gorge Highway and stopped at another viewpoint (after all, today we are tourists)


That's the Vista House in the background with a commanding view of the Gorge. A short distance later we get to use their washroom (a very welcome relief)


We've got to start making time. Having stopped so often has put us behind schedule. We have less than an hour to get back in time for dinner, but again we stop for pictures at Multnomah falls.


as Chris wrote on his recent post ( An Xciting picture of the falls.

We get back just in time, well . . . perhaps a minute or two after 6pm. The sun is setting on another great day.


One final view of Mt Hood


I think I could get used to this life of meandering around the country on my scooter/motorcycle (just like Didiki) . Oh well, back to reality. Enjoy the moment and cherish the memories of new friends on a perfect day. Another 230 miles (the easy way). Eight hours go fast when you're having fun


  1. These are gorgeous photographs. Really makes me think I am not doing enough on my scooter by 'just' commuting.

  2. chris:

    thank you for the compliment. I have transitioned to a larger machine just to have more touring options, and of course I commute on my scoot too, but I think you are more in tune with nature and your senses and can more readily appreciate the natural beauty of our surroundings.