Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Fog, Harbour, boats and a meal

I know that there are a lot of photographers in our 2 wheeled community and some have serious equipment like Sharon, Sojourner's Moto Tales (<-- click link). She was intending to start a photoBlog but in the meantime I have been visiting her Flickr site to see her daily pictures - HERE (<-- click link). Back on November 28th she posted a sunset picture taken in a harbor which has motivated me to also take a harbour picture. Of course we have not had any sun but last week we ventured down to Steveston to snap my version

(Steveston harbour in the fog)

Sunday is usually a non riding day and you will find us out and about having brunch on our day of leisure. I was afraid the the warmth of the sun would melt away the fog so I wanted to capture a few more images before we settled down for our meal

(Notice the seagull)

One thing I notice from observing novice photographers is that they favour one eye when taking photos. I have gotten into the habit of shooting with both eyes open so as to notice "things" coming into and out of view. Sometimes you can delay your shutter to allow seagulls to enter your frame, as I did here. I also notice that other people will often walk in front of your camera as you are composing your scene. There is no courtesy anymore. When I see others photographing I pause, or step around . . . or even offer to take their photos . How many times do you press your shutter to find someone has just stepped into your scene. By opening both eyes you are able to notice these things in advance.


I made nearly full use of my 12x zoom for this photo of these four fishing boats. I am using my new Hawaiian Camera. I purchased this to replace my other pocket camera as it has HD video mode 720p30 and records to AVCHD format. We are leaving this weekend for a few days to a warmer land. Since it is freezing down in KW we are going west to Kona, Hi .


There is a restaurant down in Steveston which is renowned for their Seafood chowder. During the winter months we often come down for a meal and a bowl of heart warming soup to take away the chill of the cool air.


During the summer there are crowds of people and it is difficult to find a free table, unlike today. Tables were begging for attention


Where are all the people ? While it is not great for business, it was great for us. The restaurant was empty and we were led to a windowside table overlooking the boardwalk. If you are in the area come down to the Shady Island Bar & Grill for their world famous Seafood Chowder, it is delicious

(mmmm good, I can still taste it)


  1. Definitely good advice about using both eyes when shooting. I wish I could. Alas, I only have good vision in one eye, so to avoid brain confusion, the other gets closed. Oh, well. That's one of the things I enjoyed about shooting Leica rangefinders ... you could see outside the frame and knew what was approaching from both sides of the scene.

    Stevtson looks a lot like Fisherman's Terminal (Salmon Bay) in Seattle.

    That chowder will definitely be on my list for next time in your neck of the woods.

    Enjoy the warmth where you're going. I'm fairly certain most of us are jealous ... especially Conch!

  2. Dear Bobskoot:

    People get ruder in an environment where they are not reminded to be otherwise. You should visit Jersey City, where folks are not shy about saying things to those who are inconsiderate.

    I love the fog... I loved riding through it on two wheels, when I was younger, and dumber. I love the way it seems to deaden sound and add mystery to common scenes.

    Nice pictures today... Then again, they are always nicely composed and well executed.

    Have a great time in Hawaii.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad

  3. Hello Bob - I really enjoyed your harbour pictures. And in weather like this, a bowl of chowder is perfect. Enjoy your time in Hawaii!

  4. Bobskoot

    great pictures...I like fog in everything a softening effect...

    I also like your use of objects to "lead the eye" along their symmetry...

    good tip re keeping both eyes open, I use this to make sure a car is not about to intrude into the shot.....

  5. I echo the compliments on the pictures. They reminded me of a jigsaw puzzle we once put together of ships in a harbor. It was extemely difficult because of the colors. Took us forever to complete it. A couple of these pictures would make for maddening jigsaw puzzles.
    Hope you have a great trip to Hawaii, I am jealous. Wrong time of year for me to get away. Just think of me chained to my desk as you bask in the warm sunshine. Are you taking crocs along?

  6. Great tip about leaving both eyes open. I have been doing that for as long as I can remember because I always want to see what is coming into the frame. The challenging part is to be able to look around with that one eye while still trying to keep your subject properly framed. It used to be easier way back when...

    Thank you for the trip to the harbour. (Or is that harbor?)

  7. Great pictures!! That chowder looks perfect! Brunch on Sundays, wish I could get my other half into that habit, maybe the New Year is a good time to give it a go! LOL!! Hope you have a safe and relaxing time in Hawaii! Can't wait to see your pictures!

  8. I was hoping we were going to see you swallowing a live sea urchin. Yum!
    Please bring back a picture of poi to remind us why it's better to live in a community where chowder is the ethnic food of choice, than on a hot sunny volcanic island where cold fronts never penetrate.

  9. Hi Bobskoot
    Great set of pictures from the harbour. Everything looks peaceful and quiet, but still has that feeling of anticipating busier times.

    Good point on using both eyes. I sometimes use both while shooting. I can do it with my left eye to the viewfinder, but not so much when I use the right.

    I'm glad you guys got out and had a nice lunch!

  10. Hi Bob,

    Nice pics again....I am from the close one eye brigade lol.

    You wrote under one of your photos ''Notice the Seagull'' so I did, its only got one wing, amazing it can fly...The Canadian Mono winged Gull must be like the Bumble Bee, shouldn't be able to fly, but does!!


    One Eyed Dave....

  11. Awesome harbor pictures Bobskoot. Can't wait to see your Hawaii pics.

  12. Chuck:

    As you know I still have a few Leicas, and that's where I originally learned this technique. Try using a LSM with its small viewfinder and separate rangefinder window and you will know why you need to open both eyes.

    The chowder tastes good, even in the heat of summer

    Jack "r":

    there just doesn't seem to be common courtesy anymore. Everyone shoves their way and does their own thing without regard to others. I always stop and offer to take their pictures otherwise they would never have vacation photos with themselves in the scene


    I know you also went to Hawaii. It's been years since we went to Oahu. This time we are going to see the volcano


    I also like to use both eyes while riding. It's safer


    If you have someone who could make the puzzle, then I can get a very difficult photo for it. I'll do a B&W on a foggy day with lots of masts .


    Once you open the "other" eye it becomes 2nd nature. You are able to frame the scene with less difficulty.

    as for the Harbour I use the spelling that is most appropriate. If I am discussing Harbor with you then I will us the US spelling. If the words are coming out of my mouth then it will be harbour.

    In my line of work we are used to using the word cheque for check. I have always written cheque, but as our head office is in Seattle, I had to change from the Queen's English and learn to type "check" instead.


    We made a decision a long time ago that Sunday would be "family" day. I can't be selfish and ride all the time by myself. Mrs Scoot doesn't ride and has a problem with makes her unable to straddle a bike, either as a rider or a passenger. So I ride 6 days a week, unless she has plans for Sunday, in which case I am free to do whatever.
    Sunday is a time to be together, usually in the car and go out somewhere for brunch and a ride in the country. I will only ride on a Sunday if it is preplanned and I book it ahead of time, such as Rallies, or I go away for a riding weekend with another riding buddy.

    Mr Conchscooter:

    be assured that I plan to soak in the warmth and take lots of photos and visit the volcano. Once I get rid of the "white" skin I will be more able to blend in like a local. I imagine that even at 80f the locals wear blue jeans and sweaters. Only tourists would be parading around with bare knees and sit on the beach.


    Most people favor/favour one eye over the other "lazier" eye. After a bit of practice you will be able to use both instinctively.
    The harbor is very peaceful because there is no fishing activity allowed. Our oceans and rivers have been overfished and the Department of Fisheries only opens the season for a short day or two every so often. There was a Government sponsored program a few years ago to buy back the fishing licences. Many fish boats were sold and converted to private yachts. The same thing has happened to Newfoundland


    How observant of you. now the secret is out that Canadian sea gulls only have but one wing. I love your new name, it suits you.


    We only get fog in the transitional seasons. We do plan on taking lots of pictures & video.
    I know you are going to LV soon so enjoy yourselves, eat lots and see a show or two. HB to B.
    We are leaving tomorrow and hoping for good, warm weather