Sunday, May 1, 2011

ABCD: A Blogger's Centreline Day, May 1st

Inspired by Gary France's idea of a taking a photo of yourself on the centre-line of a road on May 1st is quite the challenge in the middle of a busy urban centre. You are taking your life in your own hands as you try to find a safe place to dart out on the street.

I woke up with the sun and found myself heading out very early on a sunny Sunday morning. One thing about living in the centre of a large city is that most well travelled roads are separated by either a boulevard, or a cement strip in the median.


Secondary roads with a centre-line are well separated from traffic signals and the traffic is, more or less, continuous as there are no large breaks of traffic. I decided to head down to Granville Street and play frogger using the traffic lights and try to time my entrance


Those cars travelling towards me are probably doing over the 60 km/hour speed limit. I try to snag 3 shots and get out of there ASAP .

I am trying to find a better spot and I finally end up with this silhouette


I decide to turn into the sun to grab this self-portrait


I have some ideas for another photo but I need a human shutter release for what I had in mind. Even with remote controls there was no place to set up a camera and tripod in the middle of the street

The weather for this weekend was forecast to be very sunny and warm so I decided to put my 'vette on the road. Saturday afternoon found myself cleaning and polishing the car in anticipation of a Sunday ride


I'm not really a fanatic when it comes to keeping a car clean but I had to get rid of the dust that had accumulated since last October

I spent a couple of hours re-applying Maguires Nxt Gen booster wax and the wheels looked so dirty I just had to get out the soap and water to clean the wheels again


We went south into the country and found a restaurant about an hour away


This place was a stone's throw from the US border. All the while I was still scouting for that allusive centre-line photo, now that I had my human remote control shutter release with me. Some things you just can't do by yourself


After a hearty meal we set off for points east . . . and I finally found a spot to get my centre-line photo

(Mrs Skoot = Human shutter release)


  1. Nice centre lines and nice vet ... Great fun! Well done.

  2. God you're athletic for a man complaining of the aches and pains of age!

  3. Knowing our urban traffic I feared for your life in the first pics. I wonder what they were thinking... probably something along the lines: ah, there's Bob again doing one of his crazy stunts.
    Yvonne did a great job capturing you on the last pic. I like this the best!

  4. Great stuff Bob and congratulations on avoiding a hospital visit courtesy of inconsiderate drivers! They probably thought you were a derelict at that time of the morning :-)

    One question my friend... why are you cleaning your 'vette in shoes that take longer to dry than your famous pink crocs? Have they reached sacred relic status by now?

  5. Wow--those are some strong centerline pictures. Looks like you had a fine day.

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks

  6. Great shots. They made me smile.

  7. FABULOUS! i was thinking of you and wanted to get a breakfast/food shot, but without a 2nd human shutter release and lack of time...sigh. i knew you would come up with something excellent!

  8. Some very nice and creative pictures :-) Good job. Love your vette :-)

  9. I like the multiple centerline shots. Good job.

  10. So So funny Bobskoot! But what would we have expected!! Perfect first shot and last!! Don't know which one I like best!! Looking forward to next year. That Gary sure did open a can of fun!!

  11. That first shot is great. I didn't think the traffic ever was that light in Vancouver.

  12. Hey Uncle Bob,

    Very, very well done on those centre line poses Sir, never seen them done with such style before.....I think you may be getting a phone call from VOGUE magazine any day!!



  13. Love the pictures. You have way too much time for these things. Perhaps you need another hobby.

  14. You are a brave man Bobskoot. Great shots. I love the one with one Croc on and one Croc off. And of course your last pic too.

  15. I love the pink crocs!! :D

    I'd have to say... the last pic you submitted is the winner. Love that pose! Good luck!

  16. On the first photo - Great angle of view, and of course a pink croc! Talk about a busy city, but it looks like this one is a ghost town! Love the final photo - a great finish! :)

  17. I was not at all suprised to see the pink crocs. Great pics!


  18. Hmmm....toe shot, Vette, or Bob? The Vette Bob, the Vette! LOL

  19. Great pictures Bob and very creative too. The athletic centerline picture is a lot of fun and well done to your human shutter release for her part! Congratulations on your equal 4th place. Gary

  20. VstarLady: thank you for visiting. It was fun trying to find a suitable location

    Mr Conchscooter: I may look athletic but after this episode I needed to be hauled away on a stretcher

    SonjaM: Traffic was the reason I woke up with the sun. I was trying to get to the roads first. I barely excaped Granville Street. those cars are coming faster than they look

    Geoff: Those are the only truly waterproof shoes I have. The crocs trap in the water

  21. Charlie6: When I went out by myself I couldn't set up the way I wanted. I needed that Human shutter release. Although I had radio remotes, I couldn't put the camera and tripod in a safe place

    Steve: Coming from you I feel honoured for the compliment. I liked your matching yellow jacket too. I know this was planned. Also must have taken you a few tries to get your scooter between your boots.

    ToadMama: Your photo was symbolic too, with the trade centre in the background. If your camera was around your neck, then what camera did you use ?

    Ms M: I was so looking forward to your human form, but all we got was 5 left hands and 2 feet. I need the connecting part in the middle . . .

  22. GeorgeF: I also like your CTS-V, yours is a 4 door 'vette. I liked your imaginary centre lines

    MotorOz: Thank you very much, but yours was so much more symbolic

    Eve: We are so thankful that you are Okay and suffered no loss. I did smile when I realized that you had to run back and forth using that self timer, and also all those other shots that didn't make the cut and then those where Daisy got in the way

    RichardM: I'm so sorry you didn't manage to get your photo taken. I imagine that your centreline was still under a sheet of ice. Hope you get your bike running soon

  23. Hey Dave: I had to use that "hey" word. What's the matter ? Don't they have centre lines in Bulgaria ? Glad you made it back on your square wheels

    Jimbo/cpa3484.99999: Happy to see you out and about. Can't wait for August for you to get back to riding. No time for any new hobbies. I'm having trouble just keeping up with what I have now

    Trobairitz: I see that you were the one behind the camera, you probably masterminded the whole idea. It was a great photo of the miniature Tiger

    Lady R: Thankyou. I took my Crocs on vacation to Hawai'i last year. After a while you forget that they are Pink. I also have a pink shirt but finding a pair of pink shorts is a challenge.

  24. Bluekat: I woke up early to try and beat the traffic. I was in luck as there was a marathon and I found a closed street. Hope you are feeling better

    Allen: I needed something colourful and eyecatching, what better than to use my Pink crocs. Your Hi-Viz hat is rather eye-catching too

    Ken: Being associated with other photographers has made me less camera shy, as they are always taking photos of each other, or asking you to pose all the time with different backdrops. I did send you an eMail recently c/o Kaybi but I suppose you didn't get it

    Gary: It was a fun project. It was hard coming up with a suitable location as I live in the heart of the city and empty roads are hard to find with lots of boulevards and cement dividers. It is great to be able to find other blogs and make it easier for us to find each other. For that we thank you for all your efforts in getting us all together.

  25. Great images!!! The first one is great with the sun almost in line with your centerline. And the missing croc was most intriguing. :)

    Agree with conchscooter on the atleticism in that last photo. But I do hope you did not injure anything in the taking of that image. :) Again...missing a croc!!

  26. Beemergirl: you are very observant, but in the last photo I had non-matching sandals: Tevas on the left and Crocs on the right.

    You were the only one who noticed that I was shooting directly into the sun. I was surprised that the lens had no flare. Not bad for a Sigma UWA 10-20mm EF-s mount.

  27. ;) Oh, I saw the cheating TEVA in that last image. ;) Cause you were wearing them when you washed the 'vette. LOL

  28. Oh, and there is just a tiny bit of lens flare on the divider, lower right. But sometimes I think that adds to the image. :)

  29. Godd job bob. He never even acknowledged mine!

  30. Oh crap. I am in trouble.

    Mr Conchscooter took pictures for the ABCD competition and I missed them. He quite rightly posted a comment on my blog saying they would be there and having just looked at Key West Diary, they are.

    How in the name of everything did I miss that????

    I hang my head in shame.

    Sorry Conchscooter, it was a bad mistake on my part.

  31. Dear Bobskoot:

    I am so sorry I am so late to join this party. That last photograph was a pisser. I also liked the one where you were one croc on and one croc not, atop the concrete median.

    How is your foot feeling? I have a suspicion that you are still in some pain. I hope you get t the bottom of it, and them beyond it.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  32. Really liked the first photo. Could be construed as a bit of wishful thinking, though. :)

  33. So Bob you said on Jack's blog I was going to run out of words. Not so far.
    Here however I see nothing new for eleven days.
    Whazzup? Has the well run dry?
    The scribbler down south.
    Five a day and having fun biting off more than you can chew!