Friday, May 27, 2011

Victoria Rally, Sunday: Day 3

Sunday morning started out with bright sunshine which quickly turned to overcast skies . This was day 3 of the Capital City Scooter Rally. Quite a few other scooterists are also staying here


Most of these scooters were ridden from either Seattle (Westenders Scooter Club) or Bellingham (SOB's: Scooters of Bellingham) . As with previous years we have breakfast at Pagliacci's, it's a tradition.


Of course, this morning I have no starting issues and my V-strom comes alive with a quick push of the starter button. I am thinking that yesterday when I was trying to jump start the Aprillia Mojito many things went through my mind such as reversing the polarity, or shorting out the ECM but it was probably just a simple side-stand down and in gear sort of safety interlock situation. I remember vaguely that I pulled in the clutch lever and pushed the button as normal and nothing happened, but the gauges did their usual start up sweep. As I was getting ready to ride over for breakfast I had to click my gear lever to neutral and push my bike forward to attach my right sidecase.

I always look forward to ordering my usual plate of traditional Eggs Benedict. It comes out perfect with lots of hollandaise sauce to smear over my potatos.


A few of us from came to Victoria early Friday morning and here we are enjoying a meal together


Soon we have had too many cups of coffee and are ready for the next event and I notice another photo op looking at my bike through the window


Outside we have dozens of scooters parked next to each other. Unlike money hungry Vancouver where you are obligated to feed the parking meters 7 days a week until 10pm, here in Victoria parking is free on Sundays so we thought we had nothing to worry about, UNTIL . . . someone came rushing into the restaurant to say that a parking enforcement person was going to be issuing parking tickets to the scooters. It seems that there is a parking bylaw which states that you are only allowed to have a maximum 2 scooters/motorcycles PER Parking Meter. I mean, what a stupid rule, and for what purpose. The two bikes closest to the meter are exempt and the others will get a ticket. Needless to say the scooters got moved right away and we headed down to the Causeway, which is the parking area across the street from the Empress Hotel, in the inner harbour.

(Orin: scootin ol' skool)

Orin is already there waiting for us . It was my plan to head back to Vancouver to be with Mrs Skoot as this is the Victoria Day long weekend here in Canada and I have to share some of myself with family time.

I am not the only one photographing. This is Tess, from Seattle . I was somehow attracted to her equipment


White lenses are for serious photographers . She is working on a project and the photos will make it to her website, presently under construction

Can you spot the "Black Jewel" within the flock of Italian beauties ?


It was a great weekend, rides, meals and friends. I am also on and I have been over on the Island before to ride with Ian on the Port Renfrew Loop. He managed to come for breakfast Sunday and kept me company on my ride back to the Ferry. He lives enroute so we stopped at his place for a beverage when he discovered that there was a 2pm ferry which I could just make, if I rushed. He gave me cryptic instructions, turn left, go through two lights and then turn right, etc.

I don't want to tell him that I messed up. I went two lights and turned left and found my GPS indicating that I was travelling West, when I should have been going East. I ate up valuable time and ended back at West Saanich Road nearly where I started but 15-20 minutes later. I continued North to MacTavish Road as I knew it intersected with Hwy 17 which goes North to the ferry terminal. I left Ian's place at 1:05p and now it was 1:25p and due to construction, MacTavish Road was closed and I had to detour around the Victoria International Airport. All the while I was watching the minutes tick by and I knew I would miss the ferry. Usually you will not be loaded onto the ferry if you arrive within 10 minutes of boarding. I arrived around 1:38p and the lady in the booth told me I would make it on. Bikes get priority loading. I parked my bike at the head of the line at 1:40p and we loaded at 1:48p . I know that I am saying WE but I was riding alone.

With no one to keep me company I headed to the upper deck and found a nice spot out of the wind to sit in the sun, when to my delight a beauty sat down beside me. I struggled to get a photo of her but ended up with this


It's hard to think that just a few days ago I could hardly walk and was thinking of just staying home this weekend. It is not easy to wear my riding boots and move my foot up and down to shift. I also tried not to walk too much and wear my sandals as much as possible. I do have a bit of swelling and my boot feels too small and tight, at times. I can't wait to get back to normal.

It was nice to remove my boot and enjoy the scenery and leave the driving to the Captain


The wind blowing through your toes, feels so good


  1. Dare I say it? That Tess has a nice couple of.....cameras!

  2. Bob

    Ref the "beauty" shot, how on earth did you achieve this without looking like a complete dirty old man?

    Good stuff as always and we have decide to have eggs benedict for breakfast tommorow!


  3. Dear Bobskoot:

    I was wondering how you must have appeared to be making an adjustment on the side of the camera, when you snatched this picture of the lady on the ferry.

    You are one step away from advancing toi the "up-skirt" shots at the supermarket. Nevertheless, you are far ahead of Michael Beattie for shots that take some degree of balls.

    As per our concersation the other day, Celebrex treats the symptom, not the cause. I hinestly thing you will get some relief elevating that foot at the end of the day and icing it.

    I am amazed that 30 Celebrex are $57 in Canada. They are $154 for 30 in the US.

    Fondest regaerds,
    Twisted Roads

  4. Bobskoot, I too wonder how you managed that nicely angled shot without getting caught....or did you?

    That shot of your breakfast is going to do bad things to Scooter in the Stick's blood pressure I'm afraid, but it looked delicious!

    All those scooters brought back memories of dozens and dozens of scooter riders in the cramped streets of Italian cities, all fashionably dressed, the girls in tight short skirts and the inevitable cigarette, whirling madly in and amongst the cagers, no one apparently bothering to follow traffic laws or limits.....


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  5. Nikos:
    Regarding your quesion, you will have already noticed the interesting angle the photo was taken from. could I suggest that Bob had already been decked by the lady in question and his camera accidentally went of whilst he was groggily regaining his feet?

  6. I'm glad you made it to the rally! So fun to see all those scooters in one place!

  7. Nice scooters!! Love seeing what you are up too.

  8. Ken: Yes, Tess does have nice lenses, they are like eye magnets. I wished we could have conversed more but I had to return home, and she lives in Seattle

    Nikos: It was a challenge, but I persevered and got the shot. I am a sucker for Eggs Benedict, esp when there is lots of Hollandaise sauce.

    Jack: I also got re-imbursement from our medical provider for $44. (co-pay), so the pills only cost me NET $13.00 .

    For those UP shots you suggested, I would need a shoeCAM, then get arrested if someone spotted me, let Michael try it first

    Charlie6: Short, tight mini-skirts . . . I love them. Can't wait for summer and hotter weather . At least Steve has photos of those sugar laced confections which will refresh his memory of what he is missing. Yesterday I was at the supermarket, and hungry. I looked at the salad but came home with blueberry danish instead. Maybe later I will buy a large bag of salted chips.

  9. Geoff: I presume that you have tried this technique before ? If I had the right camera I could take photos of anything without anyone knowing. P&S cameras are more difficult due to shutter/focus lag

    BlueKat: It's always great to be away on unfamiliar roads, plus to meet familiar people once a year. Many had come from out of town, Seattle, Bellingham, Calgary. I would guess only 100 bikes this year, when it is usually around 150+

    Heels/Pam: Victoria is very scooter friendly due to aging population and slower traffic. Not as aggressive drivers as in the big city. Some of the vintage scooters were very nice

  10. Humm, admiring Tess's equipment, snapping furtive pictures of young ladies, you sure you not overdoing the pain medicine? ;-)
    You do know they make lens that take photos at 90 degrees exactly for this purpose, don't you? Let me know if you need help finding the lens ;-)

  11. The eggs benedict looked perfect. The day sounded great. And I hope Tess wasn't down wind when you aired your toes out! ;)

    -Steel Cupcake