Saturday, May 14, 2011

Hi Paolo, Hi Sonja:

Well, after my lonely, forlorn escapade last week waiting for my beloved riding buddy to get off work, I left unsatisfied with the purpose I had intended. That day I decided to commute by bike as I thought that it would be easier but the long staircase up to see Sonja was too big of a challange. I could go up but the coming down would have been the problem. She works such long hours and between actually going to the office, going home for conference calls and travelling out of town and picking up Mr SonjaM at the airport every week is taking its toll.


I didn't think it was important enough to challenge myself upstairs to disrupt her work for idle chatter which would only have resulted in her to extend her hours

SonjaM must have psychic powers as out of the blue she sent me an email for a get-together after work for a beverage. I arrived first at the appointed time and there was no sign of SonjaM so I fiddled with my camera in the warm sun


This is very unusual for she is always early and I am the one who makes the grand appearance. I don't have the flexibility to leave earlier as I usually close down the office and set the alarm system . If you have never heard the sounds of a modern Vespa then you will not know how silent the engine is. Out of the blue, and without warning she nearly runs me down and makes a perfect arc to park in front of me


As compared to a regular sized motorcycle, the Vespa is very manueverable with its smaller diameter wheels. It was nice to grab a table in the sun and discuss plans for this riding season.


Yes, we do have some plans in the works but I fear that she is more challenged than me when it comes to vacation time. I only have to worry about my foot. This is the longest it has taken to heal. I notice your good wishes from HERE, and I thank you for your kind thoughts. I always thought that I was in good health. It is only because I injured my foot about 15 years ago when I had a mishap which tore my achilles tendon. They never heal correctly and sometimes there is scarring. I have stressed it before and then, recently stressed it again.

I am rationalizing that highway riding is different than city riding where there is constant shifting of gears and having to put your foot down at stops. Once you are rolling foot action would be at a minimum. It's just that I have to make sure that I can handle the weight of the bike.

I also have to change the way I mount my V-strom. I notice that I have to pivot my foot as I change angles while mounting. I now use my right leg to hold my weight before I change the pivot angle.

It's the second time that V-strom and Paola have met, unbeknownst to Paola's master. It's hard to belive how fast time flies as we were there for nearly 2 hours catching up on this and that.

To put things into perspective, I have been at my present company for over 12 years and have never taken a sick day. Prior to that with my previous employer for over 10 years I never took a sick day either. So in 22 years this is not to say I haven't been sick, but not sick enough to miss work. I thought that I was invincible and certainly have not yet adapted to this feeling of getting older, nor the notion that I will be a senior citizen in 2 months. I certainly have never felt this way before and when I go to motorcycle events it never occurs to anyone that I am as far advanced in age as I really am. Looks can be deceiving and I am fast coming to the conclusion that I should take things easier.


A few years ago I decided that I wanted to do more long distance riding, thus the reason that I wanted some sort of adventure touring bike with hard cases to carry my electronic stuff. The V-strom is well suited for this task and I am looking forward to putting on more "miles and smiles" (I wonder where I heard this before?)

Thank you again for your kind wishes


  1. Bob,
    just do what Mrs Scoot advises and you'll be better in no time at all. There's a bit of self-interest here as I'm looking forward to your accounts of extensive summer riding!

    Take care...

  2. Ya know Bob, when we meet in Montana this should see if mounting a vstrom attached to a sidecar is easier on that achilles tendon. ; )


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  3. Nice you guys were able to meet and hope you feeling better. You going to Montana?

  4. That sounds like fun Bob - Montana in the summer! Charlie6 has a good point... a sidecar rig might be the ticket!

  5. I am glad that we could finally meet up. Now that summer's coming we should do that more often, it gives me a good reason to stop working for a while ;-)

  6. "I have been at my present company for over 12 years and have never taken a sick day. Prior to that with my previous employer for over 10 years I never took a sick day either. So in 22 years this is not to say I haven't been sick, but not sick enough to miss work."

    Glad ya clarified that a bit, cuz I was gonna say: what are ya, SUPERMAN or somethin'? ;-)

    Damn, I like MY job...but u must REALLY LOVE yers!

  7. Bob, I'm glad you have not been sick enough to miss work but they not going to give you a medal for it. I had friends that worked for companies for a long time and when it came time to layoffs they were gone too just like any other even though they never took sick days. I admit I have taken "supposedly" sick days to enjoy a day of riding :-)
    Being sick of work also counts ;-)

  8. I used to be like you, going years without taking a sick day. But not anymore. I don't think "sick of work" counts no matter how much we would like it to.


  9. Eh, I think mental health is important. Sick of work moves in degrees. When it's really bad you stop caring about quality.

    Anyway, I hope your foot heals well. If you keep having troubles with it, invest in one of those fancy dual-clutch rigs put out. Instant shifting by hand. I'm not really into it, but necessity is necessity.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  10. As Brady says: mental health days are important too. But you must enjoy your job more than I did mine. Hence the change. :) But I will still be willing to play hooky in the future.

    So glad that you and Sonja and Paola were all able to meet up. Does the Wee have a name??

    Catching up and adventure planning are always exciting and gets the blood flowing. That foot will be back to working order in no time!

    Wonder if the kickstand could be moved to the right side? Unorthodox, but it might work.

    Heal quickly!


  11. Bob,

    Hope your foot heals quickly and doesn't cause to much thinking about having to reorder your life. I can say a Vespa like the one SonjaM arrived on is far easier on the feet than any motorcycle I've ridden to date. Just saying...

    You are right about the Vespa being silent. I can even sneak up on my dog at times if he's sleeping soundly enough. And he is waiting right at the door.

    Sounds like the get together with SonjaM was fun despite the foot!

    Steve Williams
    Scooter in the Sticks
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  12. along the lines of lori's comment, maybe a center kickstand instead of a side mount?

    funny, i was just mulling over potential long distance trips with a friend. we were laughing over needing 2 sidecars to fill with 2 aussie shepards and a certain large young black cat :)

    sorry to hear that foot is still bothersome bob. get well, be well, and ride lots, soon!

  13. Dear Bobskoot:

    As I have said before, the steay increase in gas prices is going to spawn a new class of scooter riders in the US. Didn't you have a blue scooter at one time? I thought you did sell it?

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  14. Geoff:

    I'm stubborn and can't keep still, when I'm supposed to sit and watch the clouds float by


    I am sure a Hack will solve a lot of problems, but then I will have to learn how to ride all over again


    Yes, plans are in the works. I only have to make sure I can ride


    weather patterns aren't in our favour. The last time I was there in Late June there was still around 3 ft of snow up top. So far we are at least a month behind schedule, weather-wise

  15. SonjaM:

    I sometimes think your boss thinks you should be working every working second. Taking a break is refreshing


    Okay, I get the message. The next time I don't feel well I'll reach for the phone, instead of the keys


    There have only been a couple of times over all these years where I should have stayed home, but didn't. But I can take a sick day if I am not sick


    I agree with you, should abuse the system like the "girls"

  16. Brady:

    I don't really like those mechanical things, just more problems when they go wrong. Too many switches and solenoids, better to have auto transmission (NOT CVT)


    I often thought about a right side kickstand for those times where the road slants the wrong way. Planning is a diversion to keep you occupied and give you thoughts of freedom & anticipation.

    A long time ago I posted up a name for my V-strom, but I never really used it, it was "Suzie" .(Like Suzuki only more feminine)

    I'm trying to heal up and take it easy but somehow on Sunday it started deteriorating, and now I am back to barely hobbling around. I should have phoned in sick


    A scooter right now would certainly solve my problems. They are so much easier to handle with those hand controls. Actually my bike is quiet too. On the highway you can only hear the wind

    Ms M:

    I didn't know you had two bikes, so perhaps you could add a Hack to the collection. I do have a centre stand but it is hard to "lift" up and worrysome to bring down in case it lands the wrong way. Hope all is well with you.

  17. Jack:

    You have a way of nearly, always being right. Scooter sales seem to be picking up again. They are consider toys in North America, while in Europe they are considered transportation. I have had a few scooters, but no blue ones. You are thinking of my Suzuki SV650n which was blue, and which I should have never sold. Hope you managed to get out for a ride.

  18. Necessity, mother of invention, all that jazz. Start the research. Or get a vintage BAE with the shift on the right? ;)

    Suzie...sounds good.

    Planning is a good diversion! sometimes... LOL