Tuesday, May 31, 2011

Live to Eat

Everything revolves around eating, or having a meal with friends. Even a ride will start or end with a meal. I love food and don't know when to stop. A few years ago we stopped going to buffets (All you can eat) because I always have one plate too much. It's not as bad now as it was in the past where I would often pile my plate with food and go back 5 or 6 times. Then there was that dessert table filled with whipped cream confections. Most often I could barely roll out the door when the meal was over. Things are better now, I have moderated a bit with the food intake.

Saturday started with breakfast with "the guys" . We have been meeting for over a decade for bacon & eggs at a local cafe every Saturday morning.


Paul, our insurance guy, has started to join us. He rides a Concours. I know bacon and fried stuff isn't really nutritious for you but I like the salty taste. Ever since I read about Steve and his change of diet, I have been feeling a little guilty. I mean, we try to eat healthier food, less red meat, more salads, less fried stuff, chips, french fries, pop more fish, vinegrette dressing and so it goes. An endless list of bland tasting food when you could have a bacon and cheese hamburger with fries and pop

On Saturday I usually visit my friend in the afternoon and have a hamburger combo which has recently been changed to a Chicken Wrap with Apple Juice or just water. I miss the fries with ketchup and salt. Today I missed lunch and thought that it would be nice to have dinner at the Richmond Night Market (summernightmarket.com) I like to have the DimSum at the food area where there are many different types of food.


The market starts around 7pm and goes to around 1am, Friday to Sunday nights, plus holidays. I love the smells of all the food but now I am more selective


We arrived around 7:20p and it didn't seem too busy, but by the time we went down the 2nd isle we could hardly move due to the huge crowds.


If you ever come to Vancouver, it would be an excuse for me to come here again for a meal. There are also vendor stalls and live entertainment. This year one of the sponsors is Pacific Motorsports, a Triumph & BMW dealer and they had bikes on display on the main stage


I ordered a Sui-Mei/shrimp dumpling combo from here. She is getting my order ready. I share my meal with Mrs Skoot and I also had half of a home made meat lasagne. I wasn't full but it felt good to leave a little hungry. I feel so uncomfortable when I am full to the gunnels.

Before Christmas I was able to keep my weight under control, sort of. I use my digital scale every morning and check my weight and self correct daily. There was a lot of eating during Christmas with dinners and going out and my weight skyrocketed and I was unable to get it down. So I gave up on the scale. It is nearly June and I have not weighed myself for months. I was afraid to see those little LCD numbers climb too high.

I have been trying very hard during the past few weeks to limit my intake and select more wholesome items. I even brought salad to work for lunch today


Imagine my surprise today when I finally had the nerve to step on my scale. It went in the right direction


You can hardly notice that I lost 5 lbs


  1. Nailed it! Great post.


  2. Good God Almighty.
    I can die with no regrets now.
    I have seen it all.

  3. Bob

    It would have been more interesting if you had worn that lettuce leaf.

    in any case - well done!

    Best wishes from steak and kidney pudding land. N

  4. Great post Bobskoot. We all love food and the socializing it brings while dining with good friends.

    Please tell me it was Mrs. Skoot that took the last picture.... You sir are a brave man to have that floating around the interweb. :-)

    Somehow I don't think any fellow bloggers are brave enough to follow suit.

  5. so does that mean you wear five lbs of clothes? ;) hehehe love this!!! and congratulations bob, food moderation and weight loss is challenging!!!

  6. Bobskoot, next time...warn a guy before that last photo! : )

    I've been fortunate to have had a high metabolism through my youth and it still is pretty high though after more than 15 years of home-cooked food, Martha has managed to grow my gut a little bit.

    I'll say to you what I said to Steve:

    Eat right, exercise, die anyways....

    Everything in moderation is my plan. (Except for riding of course, there I plan to go into excess if possible)


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  7. I guess one has to have a lot of experience blogging to throw in the full Monty. I'm not there yet ;)

  8. You are a brave man indeed to post that pic! Nice post!

  9. Nice, your bike is hanging around with good company, I'm referring to the Connie of course :-)

  10. Well, I find that it is liberating to step out of your shell and surprise with the unexpected.

    Doug: I really am trying to eat less, but I find that it is impossible

    Mr Conch: Can't wait to get to Higgs Beach, where no one will recognize me

    Nikos: Are you saying to try a lettuce leaf next time ? There probably isn't a leaf, large enough. You first . . .

    Trobairitz: Nothing to show except wrinkles and a few misplaced bulges

    Ms M: have you forgotten about your "silhouettes" ? I managed to save them

    Charlie6: With luck perhaps I will get a chance to sample some of Martha's home-cooked delicacies, soon . I went many years at the same weight level, then one day, it just took off and never stopped

    David: Thanks for stopping by. Hope you are giving your LX150 a good workout. We use Olive Oil a lot for salads, but I have never tried Spanish foods. I love Mexican, esp enchiladas

    Ken: There are a few 'Stromers heading to Boise for the rally from Victoria area. I will be in MT the week before and was considering heading south.

    George: I presume you are waiting for your S10 for your Alaska trip. If you head to Niagara to cross into Canada it is only interesting around the great lakes into Winnipeg. After that nothing . . . until you get to the Rockies. Better to use northern USA route to MT then North to Alberta and up to Jasper

  11. Oh god I know. I'm not worried about my weight yet, but my grandfather died relatively young of a massive heart attack. It's tricky when you stay thin and your arteries are choked painfully thin. You don't even know it.

    Also, I'm glad to see you call it pop. In Virginia you get a funny look every time that word is said. I know better and use soda, unless I've had too much to drink, in which case it is as it should be: pop.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  12. Brady: We have always called it POP, but I notice many use the term Soda, so I am mixed up. You won't worry about your weight until the day it starts to go up, without any reason, and you can't get it down again. Then there are those temptations like ice cream, chocolate, and rich foods that we should eat in moderation, but don't

  13. Dear Bobskoot:

    I am compelled to apologize for missing so many of your blog posts recently. I have started work on a new book about motorcycling — a companion piece for my cigar book — and I am gettiing lost in rewrites and exhausted by working far into the night.

    Where did this recent preoccupation with food come from?

    Bob, you may have taken notice of the fact that I have been whipping M. Beattie of Key West fame to include more skin shots. You'll notice that nowhere did I suggest the skin should be his. Still, if you insist on standing around in the all-together, I suggest you chaange the name of this blog to Bobskoot — None of the gear... None of the time.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  14. I can't believe you missed the really big opportunity. An Adam in the Garden of Eden photo with a pink croc instead of a fig leaf. Not that we wanted to see that, mind you. It just somehow seemed fitting.

  15. ROFLMAO!!! Thank You!!! Wonderful market shots, wonderful marketing shots.