Friday, May 20, 2011

Cruzin over water

There is something better than being sick . A day away from the office at the start of a long holiday weekend. Filled with anticipation I was up until the early hours of the night packing my bike. Soon the alarm did its intended purpose . . .


I was on the road at 5:30am and headed south . It only took about half an hour and after paying my fees I was parked at the head of the line waiting for BC Ferries to commence loading.

(BC Ferries, Tsawwassen Terminal, headed for Victoria, BC)

After a quick breakfast of bacon, eggs, waffle, sausage and coffee we headed to the upper deck just in time to see another ferry in Active Pass. We are headed towards Swartz Bay (Victoria)


Active Pass is a narrow channel in the Gulf Island where the currents are strong and care must be made to "read the water" As I look at the little whirlpools and ripples I am trying to make sense of what this all means. Dangerous, I am sure .


The decks of the ferry are very slippery when wet, due to the oil build-up. We are lucky it is dry but you must still take care. There are explicit instructions for parking your bike. You must be 45 degrees, do NOT use your centre stand. You lower your side stand and block the other side with the dunnage supplied


The first ferry leaves for Vancouver Island at 7am, but loads at 6:45am. To ensure you get aboard I like to arrive by 6:15am, and you can see other bikers had the same idea


One thing I know when you are travelling with limited storage space is that you have to continually stop for supplies


I went for a scenic ride to look for some photo opps

(The Wee in front of the Empress Hotel, Victoria Harbour)

I also took the scenic drive along the water on Dallas Road and thought you wanted to see Mile Zero of the Trans-Canada Highway. This is the beginning of the road . I have also been to the end of the road on the East at Cape Spears, Newfoundland, a few years ago

(Mile Zero, Trans-Canada Highway, Victoria, BC)

I also stopped at another viewpoint for a view of the Olympic Peninsula in the background


I am here for the Capital City Scooter Rally and rubbed shoulders at the meet and greet tonight. It is nice to see old friends many of whom have travelled from Seattle, Calgary and Edmonton, Alberta and Vancouver. Even Orin from scootin` old skool is here from Bellingham, WA

Tomorrow is another big day with rides, gatherings and meals. But for now I am safely tucked away in my room with a view of my bike outside my door



  1. Bob

    Beautiful island - I went there some years ago to visit a paper mill - oh well can't win them all!


  2. Glad that you managed to go to the rally. That looks like a great ferry ride, very scenic. The last time I was in Victoria was 1972 and I remember enjoying the ferry ride then too. Who knows what happened to the slides I shot back then. How's the foot doing?


  3. Bobskoot, good on you for doing this pictures for the start as well.

    No ferries here in landlocked Colorado, guess I'll have to start actual planning of such roads which include them.


    Redleg's Rides

    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  4. Tea at the Empress is on the list.

  5. Nice photos and it's interesting to see how the ferry system works with motorcycles. Glad you got to go and enjoy the weekend!

    I wonder why they call it "Mile Zero" if you guys use kilometers?? :)

  6. Beautiful pics. I love ferry rides, especially in BC. I wonder how they secure the bike if you don't have a side stand (our scooters come with a center stand only...). Hope your foot is doing ok, and the weather keeps up. Enjoy your trip and be safe.

  7. Oh, what a wonderful ride! Love the colors of the water and scrub along the shoreline. And hey, necessities are necessities... nothing you can do about it.

  8. Nice pictures. I guess I will be taking the Trans-Canada Highway when I go to Alaska as my plan is to cross into Canada at Niagara Falls and then head west. Maybe 2012 otherwise 2013. I plan on going through Banff and Jasper NP.