Wednesday, May 11, 2011

Do you still have your scooter ?

I have not thought about it much but the other day when I arrived at work, one of the girls asked if I still had my scooter and whether I would consider selling it. You see that gas prices have skyrocketed and it is a cheaper alternative to use as a commuting vehicle. I said it had been stored in the garage for a few years and I needed to get it started and the battery charged.


I thought nothing about it but after work I decided to go and visit a friend who is in the scooter business. The first thing he asked me was if I still had my scooter and how much I wanted for it. He knows that I take care of things. I told him it had been parked for a few years and probably needed a carb clean but I had already replaced the rear tire and new rear rim, and also I would probably need to charge the battery. It is one of those type of batteries which cannot be put on a battery tender. It requires continuous amperage.


He wanted to come by after work to see the scooter. I went home, dug the scooter out and started to work on the kick starter, just in case it would start on its own. I remember vaguely charging the battery last summer and starting the engine. I was going to insure it for use around town

Wouldn't you know, after a few kicks I decided to try the electric starter. It hesitated for a second and started a slow chug, THEN . . . it gasped to life and maintained a perfect fast idle. I let it warm up and then blipped the starter. It was smooth and worked perfect like it always has.

I then got out my air compressor and filled the tires to spec; 25 psi rear, and 22 psi for the front. I shut off the motor, then turned the key and it started again on the first kick, just like it was yesterday.


The scooter is like new with GIVI rear case and small windscreen. Even the original decals are intact, exactly like it came from the factory. I notice from the license tags that the insurance ran out at the end of 2008 .

The odometer has not yet reached 4,300 kms. The engine has barely been broken in. Mrs Skoot used this scooter for a couple of years and then I got hold of it and did some engine modifications and it was me that rode the last 2,500 kms . It is perfect for city use. It has no problems to maintain city speeds and you can park nearly everywhere in bike racks. I was actually thinking of insuring it again to use myself.


It probably has more utility for me than the meagre amount I would get from its sale.

Things have been going very slow for me these past few weeks. In the beginning I was hobbling around just trying to get to work. Even driving my car was painful as I had to manage the clutch pedal. My next vehicle may have to be an automatic. I was supposed to lay low and raise my foot and not do too much walking. I was taking Celebrex but sometimes it causes more problems than it cures. There are side affects which may or may not affect you, but it did to me. I had to get the swelling down on my foot so I had no choice but to take the pills. Use of Celebrex can cause stomach irritation and bleeding, which it did so I was anxious not to use it more than I had to. Even the instructions said that you had to weigh the benefits against the problems it would create so needless to say I probably stopped taking it too early. When my foot started to feel nearly better I stopped taking the pills. Then I proceed to mow the front lawn, and the next day I mowed the back lawn, then did the weeding, then cleaned my car, then did some gardening etc. The pain slowly came back until a few days later I was nearly crippled as I was in the beginning.

To make it short, I started to take the Celebrex again and now I have taken it more than a few days longer than I think I need to so today I am stopping again and hope the pain does not return. Last Sunday I stayed home all day with my foot elevated, which is rare. Since I have not ridden my bike for a week or so I have not posted much.

About a week ago when my foot still hurt, I thought it would be easier to ride my bike to work as moving the gear shifter seemed less painful than pushing the clutch


After work I decided to take the long way home and try to visit my riding buddy. I notice her Vespa double parked in her shared spot but my foot didn't feel like climbing up the long staircase

So I did what anyone else in my predicament would do, I found a nice spot in the sun to sit and wait, and wait, and wait . . . and still wait . . . and wait . . .


I don't know how long I waited but perhaps half an hour, or so. Everyone leaving the complex gave me the "eye" and stared at me as they drove past. Eventually I gathered my things and headed for home

I don't know what is happening but a couple of weeks ago I went for a little ride and stopped at the local dealer to look for another pair of riding boots


I just couldn't help myself and had to look at all the machinery parked on the main floor.


Lately I've been enamoured with the look of the R1200R, but I would get a small windscreen. I just love the look of those two jugs


I also love the R1200RT . I think that this bike feels lighter than my V-strom. It seems to have perfect balance. If I were going on a trip across the continent, then this would be the bike I would have


I just love the instrument cluster


Almost forgot, they didn't have a very good selection of riding shoes


  1. Out of curiosity, would the scooter be easier on your foot than either the car or the V-Strom? I wish I had a scooter these days with all the delays getting my bike on the road.

    At the local Yamaha dealer, they mentioned that they have been selling every scooter they've been able to get their hands on.

  2. Hi Bob!
    Same scenario in NZ with scooter sales, probably the same everywhere. I'd happily stick a scooter or Honda Cub in the shed - subject to Executive Permission of course. you certainly seem to find a way to get permission ;-).

    Take good care of yourself, my friend.

  3. There is always that passion for big bikes for long trips. Heavier bikes are harder to handle use more of everything- tires fuel and human energy to operate. I've crossed the country on 200cc, 650cc and 900cc and none of them felt too small or left me stranded. A V strom with all that luggage capacity would get a lot of people round the eorld twice on Suzuki's legendary reliability and no BMW final drives splintering along the way.
    A round the world trip with game foot would get you a ride report in advrider...

  4. It's not fun to be in pain all the time. I started ice last night after a week of heat did no good. I think I will be calling my Dr. to see if he will put me on a payment plan of paying what I can from my meager cleaning job, after I am able to go back.

  5. Are you keeping the scooter Bob? I'm glad I haven't sold mine... I think it's a keeper. I agree with Richard - a scooter is easier on your foot. Hope it gets better.

    It looks like only a matter of time before you get a beemer! :)

  6. RichardM:

    the scooter only has hand controls and it is very light, nearly like riding a bicycle. I had a 500cc Maxi-scoot before but the insurance was just too much to consider two machines at $1,000. each per year. I can insure this scooter for less than $200. for half a year. The ideal situation is what SonjaM did. A 200/250cc scooter and a proper bike would be perfect. For you a scooter sounds like a good commuting solution


    If someone buys this scooter I would get something a big larger, perhaps 150-200cc and insure it all year. Right now I insure the V-strom all year but I would only insure for the summer months as it would then be my highway bike. There is no problem to purchase any bike at any time. I just show up with it and park it under the carport and one day she may notice it. Just like the V-strom when she said something about it looking larger than she thought it was, and that was a week later.

    Mr Conchscooter:

    It's not about utility or common sense. I know my V-strom would run rings around the Beemer with less problems, and also lesser maintenance expenses. I also frequent and have posted a ride report on there, just like I put a comment on yours recently. I have never felt my age before but now I don't feel as invincible as I thought I was and I have always wanted a Beemer. If I don't get it soon, it may turn out to be a regret. Did I say I really like the R1200R, with windscreen, of course. The RT looks too bulky, like a miniVan. The "R" is like a flashy sports car

    Biker Baby:

    I feel so sorry for your predicament. I hope you get your back sorted out soon, and that someone will appreciate your admirable skills and offer you a job. Congratulations on passing your Tax exam

  7. Mike:

    I think the ideal situation is to have a 200cc scooter as all year transportation and a bike for the summer. This would save me considerable insurance expense. Where I went wrong was to purchase the Maxi-Scoot with high insurance costs. With hand controls, a scooter would be the best solution. I also just sold my Kymco 150cc. Thinking back, it would have been better to keep the 150cc and sell the Vino. Because of impending retirement, I would be looking for a used one

  8. Bob,

    I've been behind in my reading and only now heard about your foot. Hope you have a speedy recovery.

  9. Sooo, if you get rid of the scooter you'll be picking up an R1200R?

  10. Hey, you could have called, and I would have come down... It was good meeting you yesterday, and I am glad to see you getting back to 'normal' (with the foot...).

  11. Betcha ain't gonna sell that cute lil' sucker NOW, huh?

    Then again, if The Price is Right, ANYTHING can be 4Sale ;-)

  12. I can't remember if I've seen your scooter or not, so if I haven't said so before, it's very cute!

    It sucks when health gives you fits. You're right, often the side effects of meds is not worth the benefits. Sending more well wishes, prayers, good karma, good vibes, etc, your way and hope your better soon!

    Of course you had to look around the showroom floor. This is not something any biker can resist. Love the shot of the S1000rr. Nice crop with the bold colors. Though as bikes go I prefer the more sedate colors of the other bikes. (I know, hard to believe when I picked a glowing green kawi.)

  13. I left a comment last night - I guess it didn't take before blogger went down.

    Are you keeping the scooter? It has to be better for your foot. I hope your foot gets better.

    I like that shot of you on the bench. It's a nice composition and it's hard to see the camera.

    I think it's just a matter of time before you have a Beemer in the garage!

  14. Hi Uncle Bob,

    Glad your on the mend....You didnt say what the side effects were....Long hair and howling at the Moon by any chance lol....

    That old scooter of yours looks in perfect condition, well looked after!!......I have finally come over to the dark side and bought myself a pair of Crocs, black not pink though, one step at a time (If you pardon the pun)



  15. Dear Bobskoot:

    I have no idea how I missed this blog entry. You have my sympathy with regard to your chronic foor pain. I take 400 milligrams of Celebrex every day. I can go one or two days without it, and then the real pain sets in.

    When I pullinto the driveway after a good day's run, I cannot often get my left foot onto the peg. So I put both feet dow, trigger the garage door opener, and shift the bike back into first gear using my calf.

    As you are aware, I carry a step in my topcase to compensate for my gimpy hip getting on and off the bike.

    Cheer up and follow the doctor's instructions to the tee. You'll learn to adapt.

    Fondst regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  16. RichardM:

    I really like the R1200R, so who knows if a good, used one comes up for sale . . .


    That Thursday, I was 90% towards normal, sort of. But healing has gone backwards and I am back to barely driving and hobbling around


    If I sold that scooter, I would get something with a little larger engine. But it's not worth selling as it is worth more to me than what I would get for it


    I'm begining to think that things are not progressing forward. My foot has gotten worse and I am reluctant to take more pills due to the side effects

  17. Mike:

    It's sort of dejaVu, I replied to all the comments and then they were all gone. I decided to leave it for a few days, just in case the restoration overwrote the new comments.

    I don't have any plans to sell it anytime soon, but you never know.


    I don't believe it, but you are a CHICKEN, dont' tell me they don't have PINK in Bulgaria, it would have matched your old PINKIE. Don't tell anyone, but I also have a BLACK pair.

    Jack r:

    I think mine are only 50 MG and I stopped taking them last Wednesday night. The pain came back on Sunday so I started them again last night. Once the pain goes away I may take them every other day. You never mentioned side-effects.

    I know what you mean about shifting, hitting the lever down is easier than lifting up.

    I suppose this is what all elderly people do, get together and talk about their health and other pains. Happy riding when you are able.