Monday, September 19, 2011

Blackie Spit, Crescent Beach, BC

This blog entry is a slight deviation from my usual posts. I wanted to try something different. As you know I have been doing video for a few years but mainly post still photos with narrative. I know a few of you don't like to look at videos so I try to keep them short.

I also have a love/hate relationship with the GoProHD camera due to its clunky interface, lack of remote control and your ability to see what it is doing whilst riding my V-strom, as the LCD display is "on the front", where you can't see it. Also you have to guess a bit as to where to aim it.

BUT, since it looks like a toy, many people don't know what it is or what it is doing so I have been doing some testing and find that I can "film" video without them knowing. Lots of people stare at my contraption but no one has asked any questions, yet.

For those that edit video will know how much time it takes to compile all your clips and arranged them into a logical sequence, with transitions and titles. While this video is only around 5 minutes, I have spent nearly 3 hours today, and over 2 hours on it yesterday. Uploading to youtube took nearly an hour. Excuse the narration as I am doing it "on the fly" without a script, to save time. I seem to be fumbling with the microphone and audio, and I don't stutter in person.


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  2. I looked at one of your videos this afternoon with you walking in the sand. I thought that this was the same video. I was wondering about the rig used to hold the Go-Pro and you show the shadow of the setup on this video. I like the effect with the camera inches above the ground. Is the narration mixed in during post or recorded live?

    I used to edit video using Premiere then switched to Final Cut Pro. Now, it is someone else's project. I like the video.


  3. Bob:
    Simply great to hear your voice at long last. The Canadian accent is as different from the "typical" American accent as the Kiwi one is from the Aussie accent.

  4. I bought my hub a go pro last Christmas and for fathers day I bought the little monitor for it. He used it when we were on holidays. He had some issues with it and I am not sure if he fixed those. One day I am going to steels for Lucy or Vixen.

  5. Far owt, eh? (misspelling intended to convey the odd pronunciations Canuks have of the work owt.) hehe

    I wasn't sure at first about the narration, but it was actually quite fun and interesting to see a "day in the life of" type of thing. It is a microcosm of an area instead of the blasting down roads that the motorbikes provide. I really enjoyed it.

  6. RichardM:

    Richard, I have not yet put in a link to that other video yet. It was taken somewhere else . . .

    I now like the GoProHD when used in this configuration. It is more suitable for Vlogging, or for incognito video in public places. The narration is done later at home with second sound track, not overlayed, but in addition to


    I had a gut feel that this was going to happen. I can't wait to make fun of your NZ accent. AND I DON'T HAVE AN ACCENT. can I stop shouting now ?


    I also purchased one of those LCD screens, but there were problems with the first shipments every one was saying from the GoPro forums due to overheating in the closed case, so I returned mine and never bothered to get another. There is no need to use it for "aiming", and I can play the video back on my Laptop. If you wish a player, purchase the Kodak ZS3, the GoPro video plays back without problem and you also have a 2nd waterproof camera for not much more than the LCD screen

    Steel Cupcake:

    NO, NOT ANOTHER . . . I DO NOT HAVE AN ACCENT . you are the one with the accent. You have a GoProHD . . . I'm waiting . . . for your video

  7. Dear Bobskoot:

    What a delight to encounter a Canadian accent, with a touch of westside Vancouver! Of course, I would need you to say the word "about," or "aboot," as it is spoken north of the discount line. It would be really great if you had a segment where you went into a shoe store and asked the shopkeeper "What's it all aboot?", only to have him hand you a shoe and reply, "Size 46."

    I have not made any videos in a while, though that is going to change. For me, the process is greatly simplified with iMovie in this Apple. But it is the least intuitive of Apple programs, and needs to be done on a regular basis to get through the tough spots.

    It was on your recommendation that I did not get a "Go Pro" camera.

    Fondest regards,

  8. What accent? I didn't hear any accent!
    Am just considering a go pro myself as I can't ride one handed while working the video camera in the other - would love to hear more thoughts on the go pro (PS, am thinking gopro cheapro - not hd pro). Was already disappointed to find there was no remote shutter release.