Thursday, September 15, 2011

Liquid sunshine

Summer had a late start and recently we have had a few weeks of very warm temperatures. Our great weather is now coming to an end due to forecast for rain, the first rain this month. Since the skies were overcast and grey I got a late start and decided to go down to False Creek, ending up half way across the Cambie Street Bridge


It had been raining and this is the first time that I have had to wear a hat and waterproof shell since Spring.

I am nearing the end of my one week staycation. The idea of staying close to home was my idea as I recently came to a major crossroads in my life. It is rare that I would take time away from work and not travel somewhere. I was taking this opportunity to find out what retirement would feel like, if I were retired


Soon I change locations and head farther East towards the Olympic Athlete's Village. There are not many people out today, they are probably at work


Lately I have been carrying my Canon T2i dSLR and take more time in my quest to make better photos. Less point and shoot and more "take your time" and check your settings and focus before hitting the shutter button type photos. Since I lacked a suitable subject to practice on I had no choice but to use myself as the Model .


The temperatures have moderated a bit, you can feel the coolness in the air and so far the rain has been light and was more like a fine mist (drizzle).

I decide to head over to the pedestrian bridge


and use the Stadium in the background


The new roof is nearly completed . It gets tiring taking all these photos


so I take a short rest on one of the built-in recliners . By now my stomach is asking for nourishment when I noticed this vendor. Their actual storefront, across the street is not yet open, so they set up this street cart. I ordered an excellent chicken/bacon sandwich and beverage to wash it down


The sandwich was very tasty


I savoured every bite but soon it was gone and I moved on to the large bird statue


I also managed to climb this square rock pedestal to pose with this First Nations artwork


It was now late afternoon and the sun was trying to peer out from behind the clouds, I hopped into the car

(try it, you may like it)

and headed south back to the railway tracks I discovered the other day. I am not the only one who loves "rails" .
but instead of sitting on them, I tried my balancing act. It is harder than you think . . .



  1. My Dad is 83 and is still working. He tried retiring, but ended up being too busy. So, now he works and travels around Michigan and tells me he is happy.

    I'm doubting I will ever retire on purpose, but I love staycations more than traveling. So, the prospect of more of them is appealing. Then, I remember my Dad's experience . . .

  2. I have never considered staycation as an option... that was until I came to BC where you have the ocean in you frontyard and the mountains in your backyard. However, after a few days (or a long weekend) I am getting a bit antsy and want to go places. But maybe that's my gypsy blood...
    Another wonderful post. Thank you.

  3. Maybe it's the gloomy weather or all the grey concrete but these last series of posts and photographs have a bit of a melancholy nature to them. In most of the photographs it's just you, barefoot and alone...

    So what would retirement be like for you?

    Richard - My blog

  4. I like the bird statue photo. The scale allows for all kinds of entertaining mind exercises!

    By the way, did you remember to get a model release from your subject?

  5. It seems we are getting liquid sunshine here today too. At least it's still warm out. Taking Lucy out for some practice today.

    Staycations are great you get to turn the alarm off, sleep in your own comfy bed and chill.

  6. Keith:

    working keeps my mind busy and alert. This vacation was just a test for me to "do nothing"


    I am like you but most places within a 3 day weekend would just be duplication. I need to go farther away and a week is not enough


    I think this is just a premonition of what things may be, alone . . . I just wished we had a longer summer. I guess we shouldn't really complain, after all we could be where you are


    There are two bird statues, but I needed to leave that for next time


    I am glad you are bonding nicely with Lucy. I know you are going to enjoy a greatly enlarged radius

  7. Bob is it sunny over your way today? We are up early it's sunny & I am going riding again. I hope you have a good day!

  8. Dear Bobscoot:

    I can't imagine what it must ber like to get a paid vacation, or compensated time off. I haven't had any in 35 years. You might want to think about a fun way to take up your time. I see the Nation Peope have given the town "The Bird."

    I had lunch with a friend of mine today, who was absolutely dejected. You see, he spent the week layimg off dozens of people from his company. It's ome thing to serve out your time, and quite another to have your time at work suddenly end. Why not get a job as a motortcycle safety instructir or as a sales person in a camera store?

    Make the most of your compensated time.

    Fondest regards
    Twisted Roads

  9. Did you take more images as you approached the camera on the boardwalk? As I scrolled the page I could have sworn you were about to walk out of my monitor. :)

    I love the built in recliners! Need one for my back yard. Need to find a device that will hold my book for me, though.

    Looked like a good day. And happy that you practiced balancing on the low beams instead of the high beams.