Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Kerrisdale to Fairview Slope, Vancouver BC

I have been playing around with video, lately. You are probably tired of hearing my non-accent Canadian voice. It takes me hours to produce these and it is simpler to just post a few photos with some words dotted in-between. A photo is just a photo, a video conveys sounds, action and I like to give you a glimpse into daily life. If there is something you wish to see, something you are curious about in our area, just forward your requests. If it is within my power to perform your task, I will undertake it as a project. I love projects. It gives meaning to my life and gives me a purpose, and it will give me satisfaction to know that my life has meaning and that someone out there will appreciate it.


  1. I enjoy the variety of videos. The ones with the camera mounted to the bike are especially appreciated during our long winters. You have shown that Vancouver is an interesting location to an outsider like myself where my time in the city can be counted in days on one hand. Plus you include other more exotic locations such as China.

    Thank you for putting in the effort to make and post the videos.


  2. Bob

    You are a natural presenter with such clear diction! Vancouver looks sensational in the sun.

    How do you edit and voice over?


  3. Dear Bob:

    Thank you for your kind offer. I would like you to be on the platform when the luxury train from Montreal (VIA Rail) pulls into the station. I'd like to see several slow traversing shots, that end with streamlined lounge, at the back.

    Failing in that, I'd love to see a video titled, "The BMW 'R' Bike Rider Changes His Mind, And Gets A 'K' Anything."

    I think Nikos is right... Your slightly softened western Vancouver accent, which changes "aboot" to "aboowt" is almost musical.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Road

  4. Bob, you've a fine steady hand sir.

    As to the pledge on the go pro case lens, it should work well....it works great on plastic windshields of motorcycles as well, really cleans them up and makes them look clear. I also use it on the outside of my helmet's visor, helps water bead up and roll off.


  5. RichardM: thank you for your kind words. most of the time is used to render and upload, during this time my laptop is basically not usuable as I can't shut down the window. so I try to do it while having dinner or do something else. Yesterday I uploaded a 4 min video in 1080pHD and it took 38 minutes, plus 15 minutes to render, not counting the couple of hours. Editing doesn't take that long but first I have to look at all the clips to determining the story I want to tell, then there's the narration problem which takes time to come up with the dialogue, which I often take a few "takes"

    Nikos: I use an editing package, Premiere Elements and it has an option for adding commentary. It also has a mixer to play around with the soundtrack

    Jack r: why don't you send me an MP3 soundtrack where you are saying something wise, and I'll attach it to an appropriate video sequence. for then everyone can hear your unique accent for Joi-sy

    Charlie6: I read about that pledge trick on one of the forums somewhere. I keep forgetting to buy a can of it. The camera stabilizes itself as it is like a pendulum at the bottom of a monopod, upside down. I just let the weight of the whole contraption move on its own in an arc as I change perspective(s). I like using it this way as I can see the LCD status. Plus I have been changing modes more often and getting used to the clunky non-intuitive interface. I have ideas for more video, but I need another GoProHD and a way to sync them to start and stop in unison

  6. Bob I really enjoy your videos as well. You could easily become a YouTube sensation. Check out Ms. Tran's Community Channel. She earns something like $100K for her twice weekly videos. That kind of change could take you all over world on two wheels making footstep videos. And we could tag along for a virtual ride.

    You are proof that you don't need to jump out of a plane, or surf through a curling wave to make compelling videos with a GoPro camera.

  7. Bob, I think I recently read about a 'topless' coffee shop in Vancouver, maybe you could get some nice sky/cloud shots from inside the shop....

  8. Another unique video. I love the view from the private office building. I could sit at a table out there and just "pretend" to work for hours.