Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Lunch in Steveston

Our summer weather is slowly retreating. I had plans to ride somewhere with a view but with the heavy overcast sky I knew there would be no view, other than clouds and mist so instead of leaving at the break of dawn, I left closer to noon and ended up in Steveston for the best Fish & Chips in the City


Ask anyone and Pajo's is the first thing that comes out of your mouth. Pajo's has a few locations around the area but this is the original location, on a barge floating in Steveston harbour. It is seasonal and closed during the cold winter months. On weekends it is very busy, today not so much.


Even the Steveston boardwalk is devoid of people. Today you could have your choice of where to sit . Soon my small order of Cod & Chips are ready


to bring to my table. Notice that your order is presented in a paper funnel which fits precisely into these round circles cut into the tables . If I were younger I would have ordered the Larger portion, but nowadays I find that I prefer to eat less.

Here it is . . .


You are able to order 3 types of fish: Cod, Salmon or Halibut . Even though I ordered the small portion, there were more fries than I wanted to eat, so rather than throw them away in the garbage, I decided to feed the seagulls

I decided that today I was going to concentrate on photography and stick closer to home. On the way here (to Steveston) I usually pass through Finn Slough. I notice that this deteriorating foot bridge is calling to me


the wood is rotting and the structure feels less secure than before. You have to watch your step and stick close to the middle. I decide to snap a Gary France inspired Centre-Line photo, even though there is no centre line


Earlier I passed by another Marina where I thought I could set up for another photo of my bike


and another for your viewing pleasure



This is a panorama of Finn Slough, produced from 4 stitched images.
I am having trouble figuring out clickable thumbnails

(Canon G10: panorama assist mode, left to right)

after you click on the thumbnail, you have to click on the photo again


  1. I like the shot of the foot bridge and the panorama. The G10 seems to do a great job stitching the photos together. Does the foot bridge actually get regular traffic?

    And nice shot of the fish & chips. Atlantic cod is my favorite though it is getting harder and harder to find. But isn't there supposed to be gravy on the fries?

    It looks like you are getting a quiet week but not much sun to work on your tan. I think I heard the term staycation when you spend your vacation near home. Hope you enjoy the rest of your week.


  2. The weather is a bit gloomy it seems....hope your mood is a bit less. Nice shot of the pano.


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    Colorado Motorcycle Travel Examiner

  3. I like the new pace of your blog, you seem to enjoy this new way of life. Steveston is lovely rain or shine. It has a lovely atmosphere (and good food, too). I like it when it is less crowded.

  4. Fish and chips are one of my faces, it looks yummy. It was a gloomy day here too, the sun broke through late in the afternoon. The crow gave up trying to get chips, poohawks are so greedy. When my daughter was 2 we were at the park feeding the ducks & one of the nasty little suckers tried to steal the bread and bit her. He raked her finger open, he got to feel the wrath of a Snicklefritz gone berserk.

    Like the centerline pics, at least the way you are doing it is sane, you won't get run over by some crazy cager.

  5. Should have been 'faves' darn autocorrect

  6. RichardM:

    The Canon's have Pano mode which helps to align the images with a ghost overlap, either left to right, right to left, or vertical. It was stitched using Autostitch then CS for cropping and levels.

    our summer was too short, my tan starts to fade after a couple of months


    weather has turned, rain all next week. Gloomy, dark, overcast and chilly. Need to go somewhere warmer


    I've been more relective lately, more leisurely and just enjoying the day without the stress of traffic and having to be somewhere


    We had drizzle in the morning and by noon it was clearing and the sun came out. The birds were so tame. I had extra fries to feed the birds, one right out of my fingers (Look at video)

  7. I saw the chips going flying and thought "fling! fling!" We make the sound effects when giving treats to Bella.

    Great picture of Finn Slough. Really emphasizes the grim and grit.