Saturday, September 10, 2011

Meet Wayne, the Meanderer

Photography has been my passion and hobby for more years than my memory can remember. I ride, I drive, I walk, I cycle, I also meander on the streets of Vancouver and have done so for decades. Maybe not so much walking these days but you will seldom, if ever, find me without a camera of some sort. I am always learning new techniques and visit many photo forums and a couple of years ago I stumbled across another fellow Vancouverite who happens to also take photos and travels on the streets of Vancouver. One thing I noticed from his posts is that we are always following in each other's footsteps missing each other by mere days. It's a wonder that we have not bumped into each other, by chance. For months I have been trying to catch up with him but he is an elusive "fish".

Today was the Big Day . . .


Here is my first glimpse of Wayne, the meander who is author of THIS BLOG I arrived early this morning to pick him up and drive him to my usual breakfast spot for breakfast


As I don't carry passengers on my bike, I decided to use my dusty 'Vette . Wayne told me that he feels more comfortable behind a camera, rather than in front so I rushed to snap a blurry grabshot before he noticed


Every Saturday morning for over a decade I have been meeting "the guys" for breakfast at this Kitsilano eatery on 4th Avenue

(Bill, David, Gord & Wayne)

Today we also had another visitor, David from Toronto . Over breakfast we often talk about this and that and today was no different . We like to solve the world's problems before we leave . No food pOrn today


Mine was the plate on the left, my usual sausages with eggs, and Wayne had the French Toast w/syrup. It was delicious as you will surmise.


We also had lots of their excellent coffee blend . Soon enough it was time to leave and we ended up talking more camera talk. I demonstrated how to operate a 4x5 field camera, and ended up taking our photo using my radio remote control shutter release

(L-R: Wayne & Myself)

In a couple of weeks Wayne is off to Boston and we will get together again when he gets back and perhaps walk about snapping photos together.

We soon parted ways and I transported Wayne downtown and I managed to grab another image of him, with my iPhone4, before he exited the car



Our Company would prefer that we do not carry our vacation days over to the next year, which is based upon your aniversary date of hire, mine being mid-October. Prior to last year it was calculated on the calendar year which ended December 31st and I often took extra days off during the Christmas week. Not that you needed to know all of this detail, so next week I am off on Vacation. No plans, nothing set in stone, sort of a "go with the flow" sort of random non-planning. I look forward to shedding my work attire and dressing down


I worked so hard on my sandal tan and now that I am breaking in a new pair, the straps go the opposite way ruining the strap pattern. This new pair (Teva: Zilch) is a minimal design which is foldable for travelling. They are so flexible you can roll them up and when they are on they are so light it feels like you are barefoot. My commuter car has a manual transmission, and with these sandals on you can really feel the clutch engage.

I am not sure if they are better than the Vibram FiveFingers , perhaps Steel Cupcake can give a review of her pair.

It's not often I take time off from work and not go anywhere. Maybe I'll just work on my sandal tan



  1. That was funny. You had me going for a moment, I thought you'd found something useful. But eighty dollars?

  2. Looks like the weather cooperated perfectly for a topless day with the 'vette. Glad you were finally able to connect with the Meanderer.

    I would have been more impressed with the foot fetish pics if you had actually painted your toenails for real, instead of photoshop. :(

    I hadn't head of Teva Zilchs. Sound interesting. And that you for reminding me. The Five Fingers are on my list of posts. Works seems to be interfering with pleasure.

    Have a great vacation!!

  3. Love the sandal tan! I've been working on mine too! Unfortunately i dont tan well, i just end up looking like the tops of my feet are dirty. Today it was all about getting the housework & grocery shopping done. The reward was a motorcycle session with my hub.

    I love the food pics, I am such a foodie! I have some great pictures of pies my daughter the cooking goddess made, tonight she made lemon meringue and I made a peach pie.

    I like your new sandals, they look very light.

  4. Looks like a great day with old friends and new. Love the new sandals Bobskoot!

  5. Nice pictures on Wayne's blog. And nice that you have a regular group to get together with every Saturday morning. You need to write a post on your 4x5 view camera. Back in HS, I played around quite a bit with one though I didn't have access to an enlarger that could hold the film.

    Today would be a good "sandal day" up here. Sunny and temperatures all the way into the 60's (°F)! Fortunately, I am allowed to carry as much as 6 weeks of vacation into the next year so I rarely run into the "use it or lose it" issue. It sounds like a good opportunity for another motorcycle trip. Unplanned, of course...

  6. Mr Conchscooter: You know better than that. it's Eighty plus Ten Dollars shipping.

    Steel Cupcake: It took months to arrange this meeting. Wayne is very elusive but I think we are alike. I'm hoping that we can spend a day walking around with our cameras, one day soon. I tried real nail polish once, but it was a struggle to remove it. I can't wait for your FiveFingers review.

    Dar: Hmmm, Lemon Meringue pie is my favourite. (Hint) My new sandals are so light you hardly know they are on. You should post some foot pOrn to show off your tan. Having a m/c expands your riding radius and allows you to travel to more places with less stress worrying about the car behind.

    Chuck: Hope you are well and enjoying your time away from the Blog and concentrating on "beads". I was going to ride down to Seattle this week but only if I know you are going to be at the Market. Finally I got to meet Wayne, and he is nearly my neighbour

    Trobairitz: I always like to meet new people. I like those sandals, wearing them feels like you are barefoot, without the dirty feet

    RichardM: I would be glad to show you how to work with one. I like the 4x5 process, it slows you down and brings you back to the basics of photography without any automation. And the results are spectacular. I still have my Omega D2 4x5 enlarger. If you process B&W you can still develop using the "taco" method in a double reel SS tank

    I wear sandals and shorts down to 10°c. You will nearly always find me in Sandals, esp on vacations. It is one of my few pleasures