Sunday, September 18, 2011

A lazy Staycation week

My Staycation is over. One week of doing not much, riding close to home, taking photos and working on some new video techniques and different ways to mount my videocam on my bike. It is a rare week where I would not go out of town when I had time available. These past days were a test of what will be one day when I will not have to make work my primary goal. While I did not commute to work, I did manage to ride around in our urban traffic during off peak hours. I didn't mean to make this video so long but I wanted you to see a typical day riding along Broadway, with signal lights at every block and also part of another route I usually ride on the way home from work

Most of this video was filmed last Wednesday when I rode my V-strom to Steveston for fish & chips, where I also took this self portrait


don't be concerned, I did wear my helmet as it is compulsory to wear helmets in British Columbia, but there is no requirement to wear anything else


  1. Dear Bobscoot,

    Did you really do that entire drive shoeless? Oh my gosh weren't you worried about your little piggies getting ripped off? Dude shoes! Even pink crocs, but never naked piggies. Pleeeeeaaasssse wear shoes Mr Bobscoot.


  2. Bob,

    Dear god, man. You terrified me taking of like that without shoes. I tore the end of my toe off while bicycling once, and the horrific pain of that memory (which I didn't even know existed anymore) shot directly into view. I won't get on a machine without shoes, almost always my boots, I really prefer them. Barefoot? Holy crap, maybe in a swimming pool of safety foam.

    Keep safe man!

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

  3. "I did wear my helmet...there is no requirement to wear anything else"

    I think that you having too much free time is bad for your mental health. Parts of the video has a wavy character to it and I was wondering if that was the from software vibration reduction or just compression artifacts.

    Richard - My blog

  4. Oh, thats great, driving bikes without anything on your feet? I don't think if someone can do that. Your are great man,.
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