Sunday, January 22, 2012

A few hours with a Diva, Princess Scooterpie

It had been nearly a year since I first discovered Dar: Princess Scooterpie . I was over in Victoria on the May weekend (2011) to attend the large scooter rally and I was keeping an eye out for her. I had come over on the morning ferry from Victoria with a group from and it seems that everyone had met her (from our group) except me. I was delayed at the hotel due to a minor bike issue and arrived at the meet up point a few minutes late and missed the morning ocean ride. Our paths never crossed again during that weekend as she never showed up at any of the later events. I was crushed . . . and very disappointed.

You can imagine how excited I have been during the past month anticipating this weekend when she would finally be in town to visit the Vancouver Motorcycle Show. I mean, I have never met a genuine, original scooter Diva before.

There is not much to add to what Dar: Princesss ScooterPie has already written HERE, and I also have some "fun" photos to post if there is enough interest but I suppose what happens at the MC show, stays at the MC show (she knows what I mean)

I also met Deb, the transplanted Kiwi, you could visit her BLOG HERE.

It was a fun day with new friends. I have a short video featuring the screen debut of Dar: Scarlett Vixen, Diva Princess Scooterpie . . .


  1. Oh Bob this is awesome! It was great spending the day with you! I had such a wonderful day! We will have to chat about the helmet radios again, I was in overload yesterday there was so much to take in. You are right "What happens at a motorcycle show, stays at the show."

  2. So does ths mean I need crocs? Can I wear purple ones?

  3. It was very generous of you to cut your Hawaii trip short to do a report on the motorcycle show. ;-)

  4. How could anyone find enough privacy at that big event to do something that should stay at the show? :)

    One of the reasons I stay with blogging is the new connections that are to be made. Always fun.

  5. Always great finally meeting a fellow blogger. You kind of feel you all ready know them.

  6. So Bob, what's up with the powersports biz in Canada? Have they given up, like in the U.S.? Is there anything halfway interesting for sale in the Great White North?

    Scootin' Old Skool

  7. Thanks for sharing your vacation Bob, and for reporting with Dar on the Vancouver motorcycle show. I thoroughly enjoyed reading those posts. The best picture though has to be the 'barefoot in the snow' shot. Now that's defiance!

  8. Great video Bob. I found it hard to tell when you are taking video and when you are taking still pictures. I think that is how you get such candid shots.

    Great that you and Dar got to meet. Blogs ........ making the world a little smaller, one blogger at a time.

  9. Dar:

    Finally, I also had the pleasure of meeting you. We had a great day, didn't we ? There was lots to see at the show, before we knew it, it was dark outside . . . time flies when you're having fun. Can't wait to get together again. Most likely during May at the rally, don't be a stranger this time. Yes, we all have crocs


    the plan was to get back in time for the motorcycle show. I needed one day to recoup and get aclimatized first


    Blogging has given me a chance to meet many other bloggers all over the country so I agree with you. Blogging even brought me to you.

    Even though there were lots of people around . . . I can't comment. I promised to "bite" my tongue and remain silent for now


    I have met a few bloggers during the past few years and it always seems like you have been friends for a long time


    a few dealers have already closed, and there are rumours of a few more to close this year. I think if we considered them more as transportation alternatives rather than weekend toys, things may change.


    I took selective photos of a few bikes, but DAR is doing such a good job of reporting, there is no need for me to duplicate. If I could go barefoot all the time, I would. During the summer I only wear shoes to work and I seldom bring shoes while on vacation


    The trick to taking stealth video is when no one knows you are recording. It is easier to take video, than stealth still photos where you have to deliberately point and click.