Thursday, January 12, 2012

Lahaina, Hawai'i

The day started with temperatures hovering around -2C as we made our way down to YVR. Our Plane was waiting


and before we were allowed to take off we had to de-ice the wings


After a thorough spraying we headed west towards our intended destination 6 air hours away on a tiny speck of land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean


I told the rental agent that I wasn't fussy. But I needed a car with a trunk and he complied by bringing over a white one for use to use while we were here


It was a very pleasant 79F and I quickly changed into my warm weather attire and tried to blend in with the locals. Here I am at our hotel right in the heart of Lahaina. A street filled with tourists, noise, and lots of traffic


It has a feel of an historic place, lots of old buildings, narrow streets, hundreds of restaurants and souvenier shops


A scooter or small motorcycle would be nice to have here as parking is hard to find


It's as if summer has arrived in the blink of an eye


Right now, shorts and T-shirts are my friend and it feels good to be able to escape the ice and frost for a week or so

PS: sorry about the aspect ratio of the photos. I am blending shots from two cameras and I am too tired to fix them tonight. Tomorrow may be a long day if we try to tackle the Hana Road


  1. Wow, Maui! Looking forward to the picture. I've never been there before but have heard how beautiful it is. No wonder you were so concerned about weight in your last post. Swim suit season ;-}

  2. Have a great break, must be excellent to escape the cold weather. ou do know you are only 6 hours from NZ?

  3. Awesome. I love Lahaina. We prefer our accommodation outside of the touristy areas though. Enjoy your week of. You picked the right time, they have forecasted some of the rare white stuff for the weekend.

  4. Very nice! First I get an earful from you about how I'm dodging work and the Canadian winter with my modest little Florida getaway. And here I see you and Mrs. Skoot (BTW Bob, does she think of herself as "Mrs. Skoot", or is that just an undeserved indignity foisted on your very patient better half by the blogosphere?)all lah-de-dah and lounging about in the world's pre-eminent island paradise! Sheesh! How patriotic is that?

  5. Bob & Mrs Skoot you couldn't have picked a better time to go for a winter vacay! They are calling for snow here on the Island. I spent a week of my honeymoon in Lahaina loved it. Enjoy!

  6. Ah yes. I woke up to similarly degrees temps this morning. Actually got to drive to work through flurries of the white stuff. Nothing that was going to stick though. I much prefer the shots of the shorts and tank top to the frayed jeans.

    Have a great time in Hawaii! Drink, sit in the sand, take great photos for us!

  7. Jealous. 79 degrees there and we woke to 23 degrees this morning.

    Have a great vacation. Having never been to the Islands, I must live vicariously through you.

  8. Snow is the forecast and sub zero temperatures for the next few days. You picked the best of times to be away. Glad the weather is cooperating for you. Enjoy!

  9. Hi Uncle Bob,

    Here's wishing you and Mrs.Bob a pleasant holiday in Hawaii....I dont understand the squashed photo thing because you take 2 photos at the same time then blend them together, talk about making work for yourself lol, looking forward to the explanation!!



  10. Could there be a better spot to be lost in? I think not! Enjoy.

  11. Richard:

    I am not a swimsuit person, I just know I will gain more weight while on a trip. Not much to do except to drive & eat


    I am exactly in the middle between NZ and Vancouver. I checked the distances using Google maps. It's 6 hours either way


    We also like to stay away from the big cities. How was I to know that you were going to get snow this week? We made our plans months ago


    go ahead, I can take it. Too bad you have snow and I have warm sunshine. I would rather have T-shirts and shorts, than winter jackets and boots. You don't even need shoes over here. right now it's still around 23C and lots of people just walking around enjoying the evening, and its nearly 11pm


    That means you have to come back and see what you missed ? This is the first time we have been to Maui. Yesterday we went down the Western coast and it was nearly all sand beaches the whole way

    Steel Cupcake:

    We've been driving everywhere. We have nearly circumnavigated the whole island. You won't believe the roads we have been on. It was probably the most challenging road I have ever been on. Sort of like IRT:India or Andes version


    unless someone sends more $$ soon, we will be back to to the white stuff next week. We met some locals at the local Zippys, and she said she had never seen snow.


    too bad about the snow, but we are glad you have it and not us. I think a person could get used to living here, in Paradise

    Uncle Dave:

    I am using two cameras which are shooting in different aspect ratios, but I am using a bulk image reducer, so 4:3 is different than 16:9 . . .

    VS Lady:

    We went to the ends of the earth yesterday. Hard to imagine since we are on such a small island. You'll see after I edit the video