Tuesday, January 31, 2012

Arrival in Paradise

It was a very long day. We woke up to near freezing temperatures and made our way to a speck of land in the middle of the Pacific Ocean. Time-wise it wasn't too bad. We left home at 8am and by the time we landed, checked out our rental car, drove the 16 miles to Lahaina, registered at the hotel, unloaded our luggage, parked our car, and made our way down the street


we found ourselves walking down the "strip", Front Street where all the stores and restaurants are located. Lahaina is compact with a small town feel. The major industry seems to be catered to tourism and you hear the greeting sounds of "Aloha" everywhere, and when you leave the store with or without purchasing something they bid you a sincere "Mahalo" . All the salespeople are so polite


There are Official and "unofficial" tourist booths everywhere which offer discount prices to the major attractions if you register for a "2 or 3 hour seminar". So if you have half a day to waste you could enjoy a full Luau with entertainment for $19.95, instead of having to pay the regular price of $99.95 . I think if you enlarge the following photo to 100% you can see some of the day specials


We didn't have much time to spare as we don't normally take long vacations. It was now close to dinner time and we hadn't eaten anything since the Tim Horton's at the airport in Vancouver early in the morning. We wanted to eat somewhere with a water view and were walking up and down the street looking at the menus.


We eventually settled on this place which advertised they won the award for the best burgers on Maui. Being a non drinker I order my usual soda, Coke (or facsimilie) and Mrs Skoot had some tropical concoction with exotic fruit juices with minimal alcohol. (I did take a small slurp)

From our vantage point at our table, at the water's edge it was with great effort that I grabbed my camera and aimed it at the feeble sunset being displayed before our eyes.


While we were waiting for our meals and chatting about this and that we tried to be artistic and were playing with our cameras, and starting to unwind a bit in this warm, tropical paradise. I notice that the other customers were probably tourists like ourselves and on the table next to us were a young couple from Alberta.


Our meals finally arrived. A couple of simple meals; a burger for me and Ahi Tuna salad for Mrs Skoot and a couple of beverages. That's all you get for $53. after tips and exchange

(Our $53. dinner in Lahaina, Maui)

It was so warm, unlike the freezing temperatures back home only a few hours away. It was T-shirt & Shorts weather, even as we walked around and browsed the stores

Other restaurants more geared towards the younger set with loud modern music had lines of people waiting to get in


There seemed to always be a constant stream of cars going up and down the "strip" . We've returned home nearly 2 weeks ago and it is like a dream, a distant memory which didn't happen, except through photos and video


  1. So nice to revisit Maui, especially with the continuous rainfalls we are getting here. You did have to show off the drool worthy food, didn't you? I am on a diet, man... please be considerate ;-)

  2. Wow $53 for a burger and salad. That is steep. I think that is worse than Vegas when we were there.

    Glad you had such a great time though. One day we'll hop the pond and see Hawaii.

  3. JUst a not Bob to say I enjoyed reading your blogs about your rip, even though I dint comment on all ove rthem. Next time dont get off the plane and come a bit further and I will show you some Kiwi hospitality

  4. Dear Bobskoot:

    I had to laugh at the tab for a burger and a salad, with one real drink. Hawaii is one of the most expensive destinations in the United States. It is so expensive, that a staggering majority of US citizens couldn't afford to vacation there.

    I have been to Hawaii once in my life. I was asked to present a concept at a board meeting, and flew out there (from New York) for dinner.

    I did not get to see as much of the place as you have. It's nice to see the pineapple state has a small town appeal to it.

    Fondest regards,
    Twisted Roads

  5. SonjaM:

    Most people go to Maui for the sand beaches but last time we went to Kona. This time we decided to visit another Island, originally to Molokai, but changed to Maui at the last minute. We only paid a high price for this one meal, other meals were where the locals go.


    the prices add up fast. $18. each, plus $7.50 fruit drink, $4. for soda, state tax and generous tip, plus small Cdn exchange conversion. If you want to tag along, plan for January, 2014. We have a dinner reservation in Kona.


    I was tempted to just continue on, after all, we were half way there. Or you could meet us halfway in Kona, HI --> January 2014 for dinner. I am envious of the good, year round weather, sort of like where you live.


    Prices are to be expected in a tourist area of a popular town. Other than our gourmet meal at the upscale Hilton, we ate were the locals ate with more moderate prices. We didn't know there was a Zippys in Maui, it is sort of like a fast food McD but serving Hawai'ian type fare (NO burgers on the menu)

    I know you don't like planes, so your trip must have been an exception . . .

    wouldn't it be great to have a Bloggers Meeting in Hawai'i and just rent scooters while we are there. You see lots of scooters, not so many motorcycles as there is only one major road, and the island is small.

  6. Nice video of the touristy section of town. I have never been to Maui just to Honolulu for meetings and to the big island for a couple of weeks work up on the volcanos.

    Hmmm, January 2014 I may be attending a meeting at the University of Hawaii Manoa campus. What week were you going to be in Kona?

  7. Richard:

    Probably from January 14-23rd, 2014. Dinner will most likely be on January 18th more expensive than what we are accustomed to paying. We like local places at local prices. We may visit another Island (but NOT Oahu).

  8. Wife has been there. I hope one day we both go. You and your bride enjoy.

  9. Be-yoo-tee-ful Sunset view! :)
    I guess the view and ambiance sort of makes up for the tab.