Sunday, January 29, 2012

Lahaina, Maui: Front Street

Lahaina was once the whaling capital of the world. Today they are more interested in protecting these mammals with eco tours and this historic town is very active with many shops and restaurants


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I know that many of you have been here before so I thought that I would go up and down Front Street (the main street) and show you what it is like now. For instance, I know that Dar hasn't been here since 1989 but I am not sure if things have changed all that much . We stayed on Front Street at the Historic Pioneer Inn . We don't normally stay in the heart of the action, but it was refreshing to be able to see the people and the cars pass by as we sat on our lanai. Also the many Harley Davidsons which I am sure were rented from the local HD dealer down the street.

It was very busy the day we arrived as there was a large cruise ship anchored offshore. We were told that due to this economy, there is only one ship a week instead of 3 per week as it was in past years. We were happy to be able to leave our rental car parked and just walk up and down the street to look at all the stores.

The following video was recorded early one morning before all the stores were opened so there are not many people strolling along, but you will get an idea of what this town looks like. I would say that the main area is about a mile long and parking comes at a premium.


  1. It looks just like I remember. I was in the Crazy Shirts store that you caught on the righthand side of the video towards the end. Takes me back.

  2. Thank you for the video. Now, I guess, I don't need to go there...

  3. Dar:

    Thank goodness I managed to take a shot of that Crazy Shirts store, otherwise I would have to go back. I Know, I know, it's a small sacrifice . . .


    what do you mean ? you don't go there to sightsee. You go to have summer-like weather for a week or so. You decide: swimsuit or snowsuit ? With all the meetings you go to, how come none are in Hawai'i ?

  4. Sunshine, palm trees and ice free streets - that really hurt.