Saturday, January 14, 2012

Lost in Maui, Hawai'i

We have been on the go continuously since we arrived last Thursday. There is no time to smell the roses. One of the main tasks was to drive the Road to Hana. It is a mere 50 miles but it took nearly 4 hours to get there, on a windy road with over 600 curves and 34 waterfalls. It is known as one of the most scenic roads in the world. There are few places to stop for photos and the road is very narrow in spots. Most of my "Photos" are in Video mode so I will have to edit my footage when I return home, and to think that I didn't even consider bringing my GoProHD until the final moment as a last minute decision.


One of the first things I did was to ditch my shoes and go Hawai'ian, and I think I blend right in with the locals . Compared to the weather at home it is relatively warm and it was nice to be able to sit on the edge of a cliff and watch the waves . There was also a pod of whales offshore but I only got to see the small puff of water from the blowhole before they disappeared


We found a remote beach at the end of the road and I made a few footprints in the sand. Feels good . . .


Much better than the snow at home


  1. Lost doesn't sound like such a bad thing, I like the footprints picture. Have fun! Looking forward to seeing the videos from the road.

  2. I went to visit a girlfriend that I've known since the age of 14.
    She was stationed in the Navy there while we were in our early 20's. We drove the road to Hanna and it was so beautiful. Did you stop at the black sands beach? I still have some of the sand in a glass Jeannie bottle. It's a nice conversation piece. People say that sand looks black. My answer...Sure is...and on from there.

  3. PS...That's one road I know you didn't ride, unless it's changed from 30 years ago. It was just dirt, no guard rails, and pretty much just left to nature with the occasional maintenance to keep it drivable. They used to require 4 wheel drive vehicles.

  4. We loved the road to Hana, too, we did the Northern and also the Southern route a few times because we loved to have real twisties for a change. Lots of tourists don't know how to handle the road though and just snail along, or had to give way to us European hooligans.

    Making footprints in the sand... one of my favorite pastimes, too. We have winter wonderland over here, pretty but completely unnecessary.

  5. Bob, thanks for sharing that, but I am jealous, jealous, jealous, jealous.

    Susan and I have been talking about a Hawaiian vacation for years. Maybe 2012 will be THE year.

    Keep the photos coming.


  6. Glad you are enjoying your tropical vacation. We are thinking of you as we look out upon the snow.

    You picked the perfect time for a getaway.

  7. But you've been to Hawaii before!!! You should have continued on south for another few hours and stopped off in Samoa or Rarotonga, ore even better, NZ :-)

  8. I loved the road to Hana, we rented a Mustang convertible & it was pretty amazing! I am so jealous of you & Mrs Skoot right now! Enjoy your vacay!

  9. Steel Cupcake:

    It is hard to take photos when you are on a road without a place to pull over. Thank goodness I brought my GoProHD, otherwise I wouldn't have any images at all


    You should come back here some day, the road is narrow and all the bridges are single lane, but the road is paved all the way. We missed the black sand beach, but we did go to the one over on the Big Island.


    We got stuck behind some "very cautious" drivers. They were very slow but wouldn't pull over for us to get by, very frustrating. I wouldn't mind making footprints all year around. I suppose it could be worse, I mean . . . we cold be living next door to RichardM


    too bad, we could have incorporated your plans with ours. We actually came over to Hawai'i two years ago, but this is the first time to Maui. So many Hawai'ian islands, and so little time . . .


    I hope the snow stops soon. It would be cold having to walk home from the airport in shorts & sandals. Actually, we had to bring our winter coats over here because we knew it was going below freezing on the day we return


    I did think of you. It is 4,400 miles to Hawai'i either from Auckland or Vancouver. I checked. Too bad you couldn't have met us here. We could have rented scooters and buzzed up and down Front Street


    We just rented an ordinary 4 door intermediate car. We see lots of Mustang convertibles over here, probably tourists like us. Tomorrow should be another warm day, forecast is 29C which is around mid 80's