Saturday, March 3, 2012

Am I a City Boy ?

Recently, someone called me a City Boy. I suppose that's true as I do live in a large city with never-ending traffic


Today is not even a business day. It was around noon (Saturday) and I was heading towards home southbound on Cambie Street. Part of the problem is that our city fathers decided to calm traffic by installing signal lights at nearly every block for about a mile, and they are not syncronized so you miss every one.

I would imagine that if I lived in the Cape Code of WI in Door County, I would not be able to find a fast food chain restaurant to satisfy my churning stomach. I was on the hunt for a signature sandwich instead of my usual greasy burger.


Being a City Boy, I did not leave the City Limits. I was in South Vancouver and I rode my bike north to Burrard Inlet through boring urban traffic. The water forms Vancouver's Northern boundry. Nothing much to report, just your normal hectic, slow, fast, discourteous, cellphone talking, texting, tailgating & aggressive drivers. You get used to it and just let them go. Today I was on a mission, but when I got there I stopped to enjoy the scene and snap a few photos


I am near the Ocean Fisheries pier and you will notice the docked fishing boats in the background and also the cranes for our VanTerm, container facilities. I seem to come here often. Since the Olympics, many of our docks are "off limits" and are not accessible. I imagine even photographing in the dock area is not allowed due to security issues.

I mentioned that I was on a mission. I wanted another actionCam to supplement my GoProHD Hero1. I was looking at the new Hero2 but then I noticed the Panasonic Lumix TS3 on sale, so I bought one to use as a GoProHD replacement. I am still testing and will have an opinion shortly. The Lumix TS3 is waterproof (to 40 ft), shockproof & freezeproof. I thought it would be good for motorcycle use, especially since it has a LCD screen to view your recordings.

Here is what it looks like . . .



  1. Bob

    LOL you need to learn to paint them neatly! nice color BTW, I tend to go more for the blue reds.....

    So how does the lumix stack up to the GoPro? I keep thinking I need to upgrade my little Canon, but the reality is I am barely scratching the surface of whatI can do with the camera. I seriously need technical lessons with all of these electronic gadgets I have. I get the camera stuck in modes and it is infuriating because sometimes I miss on pictures because I have it in the wrong setting. I could leave it on auto, but then I feel like I am not learning how to use the camera. I hear that the Lumix has great picture quality. Have fun with your new toy! BTW love the jacket, it looks really sharp.

  2. Your toes look like two little cherries ripe for picking.

    What about the other 8, you could have a whole rainbow.......

  3. I think you need to try O.P.I.'s "Redy to Runaway Love" myself. It would so match your camera!

    Here's your link...

    Let me know how it turns out for ya! ;}

  4. Nice toes! I will be interested to see how you mount the lumix to the bike. I've been looking at action cameras and really can't make up my mind.

  5. I like the boats and the dock scene more than your toes. I have my own to admire, thank you.

    I don't understand why there is a security issue there after the Olympics.

  6. I suppose foot feshitism is pretty harmless!

  7. Dar:

    It was harder than I thought. I need toe nail painting lessons.

    I had always purchased Canon, years and years of Canon P&S cameras, but a couple of years ago I switched to Lumix because of the Zeiss lenses, and the AVCHD video mode. Only Sony & Panasonic have AVCHD

    there is no perfect camera, all are compromises for what they do. I'll try to explain all of this stuff, shortly.


    I checked the prices for nail polish today and those little bottles were at least $4.99 each plus HST. So if you want a rainbow, send me $55. and I'll do it

    Lady Di:

    yikes ! for $7.99 I need someone to come here and apply it for me

    VS Lady:

    your wish is my command, see the next post . . .

    depends on your budget. All cameras have pros & cons. Also depends on how you are going to use it. wait for my test videos, coming shortly


    I can't see toes through your boots.

    ever since the Olympics they had secured most of our waterfront and closed access. They have boats patrolling the harbour, and all the piers. Even though the Olympics is a faint memory, the security remains. I was going to snap a few photos but there are warning signs posted all over the place regarding restricted photography.


    I suppose I am at the age where things don't matter to me and I like to do what I like to do, and I wear what I like to wear, whether in style or not. Life is too short to worry about what other people think. Enjoy yourself and enjoy the years you have left without regrets or that you didn't do something you wanted to do. I have always wanted to run barefoot in a field of mud, and ride a motorcycle across the country, or wear shoes, or not . . .

  8. But I wanna see the picture the Lumix took at the same time. Hehe

    1. Steel Cupcake:

      I never thought to turn the camera on. If I get enough requests, perhaps I will turn it on next time and see what happens