Friday, March 2, 2012

Kiwi - Deb

Now that the FuzzyGalore's 29in29 Challenge is over I thought I would make a minor change . Instead of a long post with many photos, I would make simpler posts, like what they do on photography blogs, a single photo (or two), and a few words. I do spend more time than I should producing my content and this will allow me to post more frequently.

I have figured out how to leave a sticky post, at the top, and these are for my videos, so that they can have a few more days of exposure, as I spend hours editing and uploading them.


Transplanted Kiwi Adventure Deb:

It seems like EONs ago (back in January) that we had our Vancouver Motorcycle Show and it was my pleasure to meet Kiwi - Deb . She had travelled from Victoria for the day with Dar and a few other friends to scout out motorcycle accessories, jackets, gloves and most importantly sit on a few bikes, as she is contemplating moving up to a larger machine . I don't know why the manufacturers produce bikes so high off the ground. I mean if you are height challenged you don't have much to choose from. And so it was with disappointment that Deb tried so many bikes and hardly any made the "cut".


Deb really liked this Ducati Monster, and guess what ? It had been factory lowered, and it fit. I mean it physically fit but the price tag didn't

She got to pose for us papparazzis. I told her that I would snap a photo for her but it slipped my mind . . . until now


better late than never I always say


  1. Thanks for the photos Bobskoot. I love love love the Ducati! Its my dream bike and maybe one day I will win the lottery and get one just like my dad. :) It was great meeting you at the motorcycle show and maybe this summer we can all get together for a ride. Stay safe out there.

  2. A star is born!!! It was a hoot going to the motorcycle show. Deb & I are both vertically challenged and Bob you are right, there is very little out there for us who have a big attitude, but short in height. Loved the Monster too, it was a nice bike is in my top 3. Deb and I both loved the Gladius as well. My current love Scarlet is fitting the bill, but a girl can always dream for a Triumph Bonneville SE.

    We should plan a get together and good ride. Hmmm Scooter rally time is coming, maybe we should just meet up and skip the rally and go riding.

  3. Great pictures Bob. I am glad Kiwi Deb liked the Monster. When I sat on one in Seattle year before last it was the most comfortable out of all of them. It has quite a bit more forward lean that the Gladius though.

    Check out and play with the different bikes. You can change your inseam height to your own and it is cool to see the ergonomic differences in knee angle and forward lean that you don't realize when sitting on a bike.

    It is always fun hanging out with you at the shows. It is the highlight of our year.

  4. Riding on piers and boardwalks can be pretty hectic with the number of people walking and riding bikes.

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  5. Great feature on Kiwi Deb and her search for the perfect ride.

  6. Deb:

    It was great to meet you too. I know we will be riding together soon, most likely May during the rally in Victoria. Maybe you will have your bike by then


    As for the rally, I don't go to many of the events, but I like to attend the dinner (Ross Bay Pub) on Sat night, and then the breakfast at Paggliacci's on Sunday. Other than that, we can be on our own. I also want you to meet Carol & Andrew (and their group)


    I never thought of myself as the "highlight" of the year. Now I'm getting a swollen head. Can't wait for summer to arrive. Need to know more about your multi-day trips


    unfortunately we don't ride on piers or boardwalks. we don't even ride on sidewalks, so perhaps we don't need your lights. I can't imagine people would be so irresponsible.

    VS Lady:

    It's always nice to meet other bloggers. we have so much in common. It's also nice to have most of the bikes in one place so we can try them out

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