Sunday, March 4, 2012

RAM mounts

I have been asked a question as to how I mount my Panasonic Lumix TS3 (or GoProHD Hero) to my Suzuki V-strom motorcycle

vslady 4mar2012

I use RAM mounts from (or for Canada). I also have a mini Gecko suction mount which can attach itself to the side bodywork, gas tank or windscreen, as well as a RAM C-mount on my Givi Crash Bars.

There is a tripod mount on virtually every camera. I used a RAM ball mount to 1/4-20nc adapter.


Here the way it attaches to my handlebars


There are 3 RAM accessories used. The U-bolt mount onto the handlebar. You can purchase the two most common sizes; 1-1/8" dia or 2" dia depending on your bike. Then I have used the longer Ball mount extension, then comes the Adapter mentioned above which screws into your camera. I wrapped black electrician's tape on the handlebar end to make things look cleaner.


I have another RAM ball mounted to my Madstad windshield bracket which I used originally but there was too much vibration, as the fairing is mounted directly to the frame. I swapped places with my Garmin GPS as there is more damping by using the handlebars. The wrist strap is tethered to my left mirror


Obviously you would want your camera to be operated with your left hand, as your right is twisting the throttle. I have no problems turning the camera ON, and hitting the record button with my gloves ON

front view of Lumix TS3, mounted on V-strom DL650

If you need any help with part numbers, from the GPScity website, just send me a note.

Disclaimer: I am not affiliated with GPScity in any way. I make nothing from recommending them. I have placed several orders with them and in all instances they have shipped promptly and gave good service. All orders received by them before NOON are shipped the same day.

I had some problems using the Lumix straight out of the package in "default" modes so my first video was sort of marginal. Part of the problem was because I used the windshield mount. My second video was recorded with the Lumix mounted on the handlebars. I will link the test video with comments shortly


  1. Hi Bob, RAM mounts are wonderful. I have one RAM ball mounted on a mirror stem, and another mounted on the rear grab rail. In a twist (literally) that I will be trying out when I start riding this spring, I will use the tripod head removed from my SLIK monopod, screw the RAM ball adapter into that, then mount my new GoPro camera on the SLIK monopod head. I am betting that by carefully adjusting the tension on the monopod head, I'll be able to pan the GoPro with my left hand and get some panorama video from the saddle without risking life and limb. Time will tell.

    1. David:

      I don't believe that you have done something that I had been thinking about. I even asked a friend to make me a mount for my swivel so I could "aim" it whilst riding. I was actually thinking of mounting it behind me on a long pole to be able to rotate 360° . On YouTube someone had made an electronic controller, with rheostat on the handlebars. I wonder how your video editing is coming along ? (thinking out loud . . .)

  2. Bob,

    Since I don't know a damned thing about cameras or mounts I figured I'd comment here on Seattle, since either you can't comment on that one, or I'm too slow to know what's going on.


    I only made it to seattle once, this last summer, and it was pretty damned phenomenal. I really want to go back, Ballard is where we stayed, and I really enjoyed. The market looks amazing at night, too. Looks like a Japanese billboard in some ways. Neat.

    Behind Bars - Motorcycles and Life

    1. Brady:

      No, it's not your eyes. I disabled comments because it was a sticky post for videos and I didn't want the comments "lost".

      I wished you had mentioned that you were riding to Seattle. It would have been so close for me to ride down, Only 150 miles. Did you go to the Locks ? Kansas is too far away for a day trip from here. Oh well, perhaps there will be a next time

  3. I like the design of the RAM mounts though I have never been tempted to attach a camera and take video. Then I'd just have to edit the video. Have you replaced your HD Hero camera with the Lumix for on-bike video?

    1. Richard:

      taking video is safer than snapping photos one-handed with your left hand. You have to frame your image, hit shutter half to AF, then click, all with only one hand on the bars. Editing gets faster with practice. All cameras are compromises. I have videos using both. Video and impressions appearing soon. I wanted to have two cameras running for different POV's