Thursday, March 1, 2012

Snow, Snow go away

Wednesday is garbage day. The Garbage truck comes early so I have to make sure I empty all our receptacles and stuff the discards into our garbage bins, and Surprise . . . it was snowing. Most often the pickup happens before 6:50am.


They have come earlier several times, and I don't want to miss our pickup, so as I wipe the sleep out of my eyes and spring to life commando-style I have to grab my robe and bring out the garbage before I wash up and dress for work. I also bring in our morning paper at the same time


and got a chance to put my footprints in the freshly fallen snow. The sky was clear this morning and I wanted a sunrise photo, but I was too early. For those that don't know, Vancouver is surrounded by mountains on the North, and by water on the South & West. The cloud cover was hovering below the mountain level

Downtown Vancouver, predawn 1March2012


  1. Last year I took pictures around February 27, and we had 3 inches of snow... methinks it doesn't seem too unusual this time of the year for the weather to dump some of the white stuff. But I agree with you and shout out: Be gone, snow! I want to ride.

  2. It's been fairly mild today, in fact the breeze felt warm. Bob don't your feet hurt from the cold snow? Good grief you need the Unshoes!

  3. We still have around two more months of snow. But the long sunny days of Spring have arrived. Great x-country skiing weather. (Which translates into terrible motorcycling weather).

  4. We woke to snow this morning as well. I have a few pics from my commute (taken safely and warmly from inside the car). It was really quite pretty, still clinging to the trees, yet the roads were mostly clear, so not too bad. Hurry up Spring!

  5. Hope the snow didn't stick there. Melted pretty quick here and was sunny all day.

    FYI - 'springing to life commando style' brings a whole other level of visual I don't need. Please tell me you never go commando when out in public, lol.

  6. SonjaM:

    I think this is the last blast of Winter. If we can make it a couple of more weeks, then we will be on our way to Spring. Daylight savings time is just around the corner


    I don't know if you peeked at my video "Hawai'ian Shoes", near the end I went for a walk in QE Park, by a small pond. I must have walked in the snow for "almost" half an hour and my feet were frozen, numb & had no feeling left. That's when I went home. I love to walk in snow. If you don't do it soon, you will be out of luck until next Winter


    I don't know if I could endure where you are. It would be too cold for me, it's no wonder you are always flying somewhere else


    I have wanted to ride but I don't take chances. I have 4 snow tires mounted on my Honda and I love to drive in snow, but I like warmer weather better


    we had more snow in our area than most. It was really bad on the morning commute, even when I got home it was still white in our back yard. Our lane is very private, only one home opposite, so it is easy to take out the garbage "au naturelle", as that's the way I am when I wake up.

  7. I love that you take your camera with you when you take out the trash. And it makes me smile to think of the conversations that start after seeing your footprints (shoeless!) in the snow.

  8. Snow, snow, snow. Take it now instead of in June. :) Love the skyline photo!