Sunday, May 13, 2012

For Trobairitz









My biggest challenge of the day was trying to decide which shoes, or lack of, to wear for the day. I had been riding for the past while but today we are getting summer heat and I couldn't bear to be all bundled up in riding clothes, when I could be free in T-shirt, shorts, sandals or BF

It was early as I headed out for breakfast in Steveston


I was also looking for a new pair of riding pants and the last time I arrived at the dealer on my bike it was too much effort removing everything to try them on. Today things would be different, I was in the mood to try everything on

I pull into the Dealer's parking lot and mingle with the other parked bikes


Recently there was discussion about the kick stand on the Triumph Bonneville so it was also on my "Honey Do" list . I know that Trobairitz had been going through agony trying to decide whether to sell or keep her dream bike

It was my mission today to actually see the kickstand of a Triumph Bonneville. I do not know if there are any changes from the current model to her previous model


I notice that the kickstand has a "helper" tab, and that my jeans do not snag the foot peg


I am actually positioned behind the foot peg. It feels a bit funny sitting on bikes in the showroom wearing shorts and sandals, but the salesman recognized me and he knows I ride. He also asked me questions about my 'Vette


Notice that when the kickstand is tucked away under the muffler, the "tab" is still visible


At a stop, my leg is behind the foot peg, so it is not in the way (for me)


It actually doesn't seem too hard to access the kickstand

While I was there I also sat on a Triumph Street Triple, to check out the sidestand


Without the "tab" it was a bit more difficult, but still easily reached


The foot peg also seems out of the way, while stopped


It was a great day for a ride, and it felt great not to wear a helmet


  1. But what about the riding pants? The saga of new items continues on and your readership needs to know if new riding pants were added to the shelf.

    So you tried the bikes on for size, but how was fit and finish?

    1. Lori:

      the riding pants saga continues . . . waiting for suspense to build up. As for bikes, I don't really look at the fit & finish too closely, at first. I just sit and see how it feels, and get a feeling for balance and weight

  2. i have a kickstand tab on bob, its a must for me, these short legs require it. and since ive changed bob a few times, heel/toe to forwards and back to heel/toe, i noticed that EVERYTHING is in the way of the kickstand and its tab when running heel/toe floorboards. for me, its much easier to use kickstand (with tab) with forwards. i guess this doesnt help this convo since your bikes have mid or rear sets, but just thought i'd throw it out for info.

    ive been in a convertible state of mind too. we didnt have a spring here (well not yet anyway). seems we went straight from rainy winter to summer.

    im with beemergirl...what about the pants bob?

    1. Ms M:

      I've never ridden a bike with floorboards, they look like they would get in the way at stops. Plus the legs in front stance, I would imagine it would be good for summer "air conditioning" with all that air coming in there and cooling you off from the inside. No wonder you don't like to stop, all those vibrations . . . added to that air, must feel great.

      We've hardly used the 'Vette, seems senseless to have it parked all the time. This year we plan to use it more, plus you don't need pants in a convertible, unless you drive beside a bus

  3. Ahhh Bobskoot. You're so good to me.

    Try putting the kickstand down with bulky riding pants on, that makes a difference. Accessing the kickstand was easy for me, it was sliding it forward using the 'tab' that was the problem. I think maybe it was just me. Although didn't Sonja mention she thought it awkward too after her test ride? Maybe it's a girl thing. Troubadour doesn't have trouble with it, but his feet are bigger.

    Did you find any riding pants? I too have to be in the right mood to try stuff on or I just get frustrated.

    Oh and I have sandals on today. Hooray for almost bare feet. They weather is finally warm enough my toes won't freeze.

    1. Maybe it's a girls thing, maybe an actual pants thing... My pant got caught in the 'little helper', while I was putting the kickstand down.

      When Jennie let me drive her convertible I really understood for the first time what fun it is to travel in light clothing, and still feel the wind in your hair. Unfortunately there are no convertibles around that would fit Roland's size, and the few that fit are way out of our price range...

    2. Trobairitz:

      It felt funny sitting on the bikes with shorts on, that's why I said it didn't catch my pants. My V-strom has the Side Stand Tab otherwise you couldn't use it, but the Tiger 800 Doesn't (don't ask me how I know) +1 for the sandals, sometimes it just feels more free to wear summer clothes, instead of full riding gear. You just need to BF more to build endurance

    3. Sonja:

      In some respects having a convertible is better. No helmet, no riding gear you have a radio, a trunk to carry things, if it rains no problem either. Plus you can wear T-shirts, shorts and sandals.

      Next to a M/C there is nothing better than a convertible for travelling, riding through the twisties with the top down and exploring new places. We have taken our prev 'Vette into CA, and over to Montana. You actually get a better sense of freedom of feeling the wind through your hair, which you can't with a helmet on

    4. sorry to chime in on this thread, but i too think it may be a girl/pants thing? maybe? i wear straight leg jeans and the SCARIEST of all scary things happened to me while riding one day; the little tab on the kickstand got caught between my pantleg and shoe when i was shifting position. argh it was...(ummm censored) bueno....

      and ps, my boss is a thin 6'4", and co-worker is a 300+ lb 7', they both have and love honda s2000 convertibles. they fit very comfortably.

      sorry again to bust in ;) peace

    5. Ms M:

      I had a similar thing happen with the laces on my riding boots. They got tangled on the foot peg and I couldn't move my leg, in rush hour too. Shifting was a problem.

      That's why I wanted my new boots to be the laceless type

      as for convertibles, many of the newer cars may look small but larger people can fit into them without problems. It's because you sit low and your legs are spread forward into the compartment

  4. You know, now I'm thinking I need to go sit on my bike and check out the sidestand position. I've never had a problem, but I am tall. Since I have never had a problem, I've never given the position of the sidestand much thought. In all of those pics, it sure looks like it's in an awkward position. Now I have to go check mine out to see what is "normal."

    1. Kathy:

      I've been on an F650GS and I don't think there is any sidestand issue. We'll wait for you to snap a few photos and blog about it soon

  5. There are four reasons I put. 25,000 kilometers a year on my Bonnville. 1) i wear some of the gear most of the time. If you dress like a knight in armor to simply ride down the street you end up driving all the time. 2 I live in a mild climate. Snow and ice kill my desire to ride. 3 my motorcycle is easy to use, and while the Bonneville is frequently criticized for being bland it does everything well enough and nothing superlatively, and the side stand is easy to use. 4 I like riding, that simple no ifs ands buts or excuses. I'd rather be on two wheels anytime rather than in four, rain, shine or in most weather above freezing. Being comfortable has become a paralyzing affliction of the 21 st century. Adventure, true adventure and comfort are at loggerheads.
    The main reason I don't ride is when my wife and or my dog come with me. I see you standing in shorts and sandals next to a car and I wonder why those huge vast bags on your Suzuki aren't enticement enough to bring walking gear to wear after you arrived. After a glorious sunny ride.

    1. Mr Conchscooter:

      Our weather is more conducive to riding with full riding gear. I worry that I have nowhere to secure my jacket, riding pants and boots when I get to my destination. I would love to change into my walking gear. With all the armour, my jacket completely fills one side case. My helmet is in the top case, then there is the question where to leave my boots. Riding without gear is a non-option, unlike you daredevils down in sunny, rainproof FLA.

      I have to set an example to our newer riders, all of whom usually wear full riding gear when we do our group rides.

      I worry that I am in the middle of nowhere and if someone steals my helmet, I would be unable to ride my bike home, especially whilst out of town. Perhaps I should look into a "CARGO" lock