Tuesday, May 1, 2012

Helmetless with sandals

We got a late start because I spent all morning washing our cars. Then we settled in for a homemade brunch. As you know, Sunday is usually a non-riding day, so with a clean 'Vette where should be go but to the motorcycle swap & show and shine. I find it refreshing to feel the wind in your hair (or rather what's left) and not have to wear cumbersome motorcycle boots


By the time we arrive there is not much going on. We had been seeing groups of bikers riding towards us as we navigated our way towards Tsawwassen. Having a modern bike like a V-strom I am not in need of any parts but I always like to look over the bikes for sale


There are also many bikes on proud display by their owners


This Triumph sidecar rig was also here last year


Here's another BMW R1150R


There are all kinds of stuff for sale, like this older Beemer home-made hack rig. I am not sure it is really roadworthy but it has been around the world and held together with wood planks, wood pegs and wire


Here was a pristine, vintage BSA


More MotoGuzzi's all parked together

Then I saw it !! The most beautiful Ducati . . . and it was for sale, for a cool $5,000.


I heard the owner talking about it. It seems that this was a Special Superbike from 1994. It was originally ordered by a local in 1994 and picked it up at the factory in Italy, to be used for touring around Europe. The original owner put 21,000 kms on it then had it shipped back to Vancouver. The second (current) owner purchased this bike 12 years ago and has only put on 2,000 kms during all this time only using it 2 times a year to local show & shines. I was really tempted to buy it


A couple of Beemers

The following photo is a teaser. This bike won first place in a biker build competition. I am not sure which one as I was evesdropping as the owner was talking to other people and I was not close enough to catch the whole conversation. He had a whole book of photos documenting the complete build from start to completion. The bike is a masterpiece of ingenuity. I gather that this man was a machinist as he had to machine and make all the parts himself. He even made the wheels and his son is a master motorcycle mechanic and knows how to string spoked wheels. It is a replica of a 1930's bike. I snapped many photos and it deserves a post of its own, if anyone is interested . . .



  1. Bob

    Re the teaser - is it steam powered? I see copper pipes and a vacuum gauge?


    1. Nikos:

      I notice you have a keen eye for detail. I think a person from your generation should know lots about steam power

  2. California Bikes This cruiser also has a forward pedaling desigen, meaning the pedals are shifted four inches forward to allow for better leg extension and more open and comfortable seating position.

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    1. Helena:

      I shall look into this as soon as an electric option is available. In the meantime, thank you for presenting this option

  3. I agree Bob, some days it is nice to walk around in shorts and sandals without all the gear on and enjoy the warm weather.

    Great pics, looking forward to the full post on the competition bike in your las photo.

    1. Trobairitz:

      shorts & sandals will win everytime as compared to full riding gear and riding boots. The time has arrived for me to live in sandals until the Fall and wear shoes only for work. I drove barefoot for the first time this season.

      I have quite a few photos of that bike, and it is amazing what he has done to make all the parts for it

  4. There is a time and place for everything - balance! Glad to see you didn't choose to be helmetless and sandaled on the bike. Besides, the Vette needs some lovin' too! (look, she's all red - she must be blushing)

    1. VS Lady:

      I tried helmetless a long time ago. In BC there has always been a helmet law, but not always in WA state. In WA there was a rule that as long as you had eye protection (Goggles, windscreen, glasses, etc) and you left your headlights ON, you were permitted to ride without a helmet. This was back as far as the early 1980's. So the first thing we did when we crossed the US/CDN border, we removed our helmets. It felt so unsafe that after about a mile or so, we stopped to put our helmets back on

      Oh, and also when I had my scooter I would always ride in shorts and sandals, after all, it's only a scooter . . . right ?

      I have nearly always had convertibles. It's nice to have the wind in your hair, not having to wear a helmet, and you can also drive with barefeet (wearing shorts)

  5. How fortunate to walk around those old classics! Nice photos!

    1. Pam:

      I used to be a car guy. I had a muscle car convertible and used to always go to car shows. I like anything old & antique but I don't think I would buy another one. I would rather have something I can use and get parts for, but I do like to look at old technology.

  6. Neat experience...enjoyed the tour!

    1. Deb:

      I am not sure if you have bike shows or open houses where you are, but you should try to go to one. Lots of people bring their old bikes to show them off. Most of the older bikes, being older technology and having smaller engines, don't travel very fast . . . they go scooter speed.

  7. come back to visit soon! my tio recently moved back to my area, (he's in santa cruz now, which you'd love), and has a ducati ss! :) stock the SS is VERY tall at 33". tio shaved its padding and had a custom red/black skin added to the seat. with our 29" inseam im told the duc now fits comfy (33" was beyond tippy toes) for us...

    im loving barefoot currently too... its as if we didnt get a spring here, its either cold/rainy or 80's+.

    1. Ms M:

      We were in Santa Cruz last June on our way to see VD in Salinas. It seems like an upscale community. It's a shame those Ducs are too tall, actually most bikes are too tall. I wonder why they don't make the lower for people like us, you know, vertically challenged.

      Good on the barefoot thing. I just ordered another pair of barefoot shoes, they have been shipped . . .


      A little cool isn't so bad. Actually I like to walk in the rain. It's refreshing, but riding, not so much.

    2. i agree on the rain. and ooooooh unshoes! great stuff! thx for the link bob! btw happy cinco de mayo! xoxo

  8. Enjoying the pretty bikes nd the pretty 'vette. ;). Nice and chillaxing day. Glad you had a good time.

    1. Steel CupCake:

      I like to look at antique machinery, cars, bikes, just about anything. Old technology is amazing. The way they did things in the old days is sometimes ingenious. Sunday's are relaxing and we also do errands and food shopping on the way home