Friday, May 11, 2012

Unshoes: Wokova Feather Minimalist sandals

For about a year or so I have been trying to find an alternative to walking BF . Last year I purchased a pair of Teva Zilch the most minimal sandals that Teva made. The were fine for short durations, like during a weekend but for a recent holiday to Hawai'i they started to rub and cause a blister. I started checking what else would be available and came across Unshoes . I did check into other huarache type sandals and nearly settled on Invisible Shoes but there was a problem with their finicky lacing system.

The Unshoes: Wokova Feather came highly rated and receive stunning reviews. As a matter of fact they compare very well as compared to their competition .

I decided to order both the Wokova and Feather sandals and last week I received this package delivered to my office


I was so excited that these finally arrived. There was a delay at the factory and after an exchange of emails from Terral Fox, the founder of Unshoes, he decided to forward these to me by Express Mail.


It was great that these minimalist sandals came with minimalist packaging. Simple with a paper band around each pair. These sandals are basically two pieces of Vibram soles cut to the shape of your feet and held to your foot by 3 anchor points for each side. Each sandal is custom made to your own feet. If you go to all the links above you will find that you have to prepare a tracing of each foot and send it to Unshoes, from which they will "make" a custom pair of sandals for you. This process can take from 4-6 weeks depending upon how busy they are

There is lots of information from the above links describing their form and performance, so no need for me to re-invent the wheel. The difference between the Wokovas and the Feather is the sole thickness, the Feather being the thinnest to give you the sensation of feeling the contours of the ground


Here you can see the difference in sole thickness, the Feathers are the top ones. When you wear the Feather it is like you are not wearing anything, they are so light. Most customers would wear these for (barefoot) running. Going barefoot is not necessarily accepted by modern society, and as I like to go BF as much as possible I needed a more friendly solution which would give me the same BF feeling but appear that I was wearing normal sandals. These unshoes have Zero Drop and many people who are not used to walking BF would have to "build up" certain foot muscles which do not get to be used while wearing normal closed shoes.

I couldn't wait and as soon as I had a chance to rip open the package, I just had to try them on

at the office

You can see how thin the Feathers are. The strapping system allows you to easily put them on or off

Unshoes: Wokova Feather

During the past few days I have been alternating between the Wokova and the Feathers but so far I love the Feathers and even the Runners like them

wearing the Feathers

If they had a shifter Pad I would even wear them while riding . . .


The first thing I did when I got home was to ditch my riding boots and put on my new Unshoes

I know some of you like to wear minimalist shoes. These are very comfortable and I am loving them very much. I have been walking around BF for so long that I find it hard to keep my feet clean. These are going to help a lot

Getting the straps adjusted to the "correct" tension doesn't take long but first you have to put them through the paces, which is what I did at the first opportunity. I like them a bit on the loose side . . .


  1. Bob

    My best shoes ever were hand made by an aged cobbler on the Greek island of Patmos. He had never seen feet so large and I wore these "Jesus sandles" for years and years. In effect they were the same design as Unshoes(tm)but in leather.


    1. Nikos:

      Boy are you lucky. I've heard that BIG feet means, "other" bigger appendages . . . I remember in the 70's we had those buffalo, hippy type huaraches, I had a pair but threw them out decades ago. They were ahead of their time, just like you with those sandals you had back then

  2. Very interesting. What were your neighbors thinking while you jogged around the front yard? :)

    1. Lori:

      No problems with neighbours here, wouldn't bother me anyway as I do my own thing. I wear or don't wear what I want

  3. Great video of you putting the sandals through their paces. But I wanted to sing the song from the movie Flashdance as you were jogging on the spot. "he's a maniac, maniac, on the floor."

    Those sandals look like they will suit you perfectly and you can get away with wearing them in restaurants and stores that have a "no shirt, no shoes, no service" policy.

    I have never been able to wear flip flops, thongs, or sandals that have the material between the toes. It feels too weird.

    1. Trobairitz:

      I liked Flashdance, I could stare at Jennifer Beale for hours. You have to flex yourself and stretch in order to get the "right" strap tension. Too tight they bind, too loose they may flop off. I wore them all day today and no one paid any attention. It felt great.

      You should try these type of sandals. They are more form fitting and before long you will be converted.

  4. I was thinking the same thing as Beemer Girl...Maybe looked like you lost something, up until the point you started marching in place. It probably looked like you were doing a rain dance at that point.
    Glad you found something you like. I like to be BF too, but only in the house. I have a deathly allergy to bees. After being stung on the toe from walking through the grass, I always wear them outdoors.

    1. BB:

      I was just twisting & flexing for correct strap tension. Once adjusted you can put them on or off without touching the "connector" strap

      If I have to wear shoes they might as well be minimalist type. I always bring a pair of socks when we visit, but BF is the best. I don't like bees either, but it's been a while since I got stung

  5. OMG i LOVE them!!! hmmm now decisions on which ones...

    1. Ms M:

      I think you would like them, very liberating. They are better for you than wearing high heels. Each sandal is custom made for you. You have to do a "tracing of each foot" and send it in with your order. Walking with Zero Drop strengthens your calf muscles. I am tired from today, but tomorrow I think I will feel great

  6. Hilarious. Like Brandy scenes from a certain bad 80' movie sprung to mind. You should send the vid back to Terral as a promo.

    1. SonjaM:

      I actually sent Terral a link already. Most videos emphasize the running aspect. mine was just a goofy, flexing video

  7. What caught my attention was the semi-permanent trailer in front of the house. I think you are being watched...

    1. Richard:

      I think it would make a good Clubhouse, or perhaps a Doghouse. At least it's close to home and I can keep an eye on things

  8. Velllly interesting! Now I've got to check those out too!

    I've been spending summer in a $2.00 pair of red Croc "knock-offs" from Wally World. Feels almost like being barefoot!


    1. Deb:

      I like to remove my riding boots when I get to my destination. These sandals are so thin that I put them in the "pocket" at the rear of my JR riding jacket, so it was easy to put them on.

      I had a pair of "knock-offs" too but they don't feel as good as an original pair of PINK Crocs© . I seem to sweat a lot in riding boots, and also in the Crocs© so I prefer the open air lifestyle & when possible BF