Saturday, August 3, 2013

New Brunswick to Quebec

Needless to say I am getting behind.   I am currently being hosted in Montreal and whilst visiting I thought it rude to be posting instead of visiting so my attention has been to relax a few days before I start my trek home  Yesterday I had a long day being toured around the city and we didn't get home until nearly midnight

A few days ago after leaving Shedic we ended up at the old Garrison in Fredericton, NB

as it happened we were just in time for their daily presentation

It seemed like a very hot day to be wearing their heavy uniform, as we were sweltering under the shade of the trees

This is the site of the old fort and there are many buildings currently undergoing restoration

across the street you will notice the architecture of this area a hundred years ago

and before you ask, yes,  my Pink Crocs arrived safely too

We also stopped in Historic Quebec City

I remember being here before around 1973 but did not visit the Old Town

today it is a place bustling with tourists, coffe shops and many places to buy souveniers

as you walk around you feel like you are in a different country

narrow streets and every inch of space is being utilized

I would presume that most of these apartments have been updated inside but the outside looks more or less like it did

I think you would like it here,   I had my first Beavertail and fruit smoothie here, oh and a few bites of poutine

for now I am relaxing in Montreal and my host has tried to cram a lifetime of sightseeing into a mere 8 hours.   I have no idea where we went but I like it here and it has been nice to wake up naturally instead of the alarm clock.   Tomorrow  westward to Perth, ON  for lunch and perhaps a tempting ride into Prince Edward County on Monday


  1. It is just like being in France! Oops! I mean, Montreal!

    Looks like a lot of fun was had by you and your wonderful guest!

    Bon Jour!

  2. The old town looks like a great place to wander around with the narrow streets and stairs. Is it full if small shops or just "touristy" shops?

    Are you thinking of heading back through Canada or dropping back into the U.S. before heading west?

  3. Bob mon vieux fruit

    Montréal est une ville magnifique gâté seulement par l'attitude linguistic des indigènes!

  4. I liked the picture of the castle overlooking the old town....very nice


  5. I am glad your host is giving you the whirlwind tour. Do you think he may be just paying you back for his whirlwind tour?

    Thanks for all the architecture picture. So lovely over there.

  6. Thanks for the memories, Bob. Last time I was there it didn't seem so crowded... The architecture always remind me a bit of Northern France.