Wednesday, December 25, 2013

Friends: BRW and Scooter for Fun

Christmas is about Family & Friends.   As I think about my recent travels this summer I can't help but feel blessed to meet so many of my blogging friends.   I was not able to edit any videos during my trip but I started to work on them when I got home last August and many have been uploaded to Youtube months ago but my plan is to start linking them to stories now that Winter is here.

Rather than just post up the video without explanation, I'll try to reveal the events with many, never seen before images

We left Hartford, CT early in the morning and headed towards Portland, ME.  I remember it was a very hot day and we made a few coffee stops along the way as V*star Lady needs her caffeine and she was getting ansi with no Tim Hortons to be seen

I chuckle when I see this particular photo.  I am sure V*star Lady will crack a little smile too and our fearless leader David (the one in front), was to eventually receive a severe tongue lashing from V*star . . .   It wasn't my fault,  I was only following.    I wouldn't call it lane splitting but it made for a heated discussion later

The main highway was so busy and nearly stopped so we took the first exit and continued North on Hwy 1

Where David lead us to his favourite beach.  He has stayed in this area before.   It is very busy here and parking is at a premium, if you can find any

Did I mention that it was very hot.  We were all wearing our full ATGATT so the decision was to stop for an ice cream to cool down.  V*star found a spot with shade under a tree.   We were not far  from our destination for the night

After a few wrong turns, getting into the wrong lane and doing a couple of illegal maneuvers, we finally arrived to see Mike, author of Scooter for Fun .    David got the tongue lashing earlier so now it was my turn to feel the wrath of V*star Lady as I was the one leading this time.  I can still hear David's wicked laughing in our Sena intercoms.   Somehow I don't think Karen was laughing . . .  She is a serious, no nonsense kind of rider

I want to give Mike a big thank you for inviting all of us into his home and feeding us.   Here we are after we had all stripped out of our riding clothes and what do I see in front of me.

It's a very familiar Vespa.  He was part of  our  welcoming committee

Meet Thomas, author of Scooter by the Sea .   Not only does he Vespa, he is also a very capable Chef.  Here he's preparing part of our meal .   It's a shame he couldn't stay for dinner but he came back the next day for our group ride

Here's  BRW: Beautiful Red-headed Wife  (Rebecca) preparing her specialty.  It was to be my first home-made Lobster Roll .   I had heard so much about Maine Lobsters and I don't believe that now,  I'm on the verge of having one all to myself

I had so many firsts on this trip.  My first time to Maine and my first lobster roll, ever.   It's all good.  If anyone were to mention lobster roll to me today.  I will always think of this special time, standing in BRW's kitchen, watching her make these Lobster Rolls.   When I was first planning my trip a year ago, I asked if there was a possibility of getting some Lobsters and I can't thank them enough for going out of their way to get them for us.   They made this trip special, full of memories . . .

Sorry, I can't contain myself.   Here are the lobster rolls.   I wished I could have another one right now

I had another request before our arrival, I asked Mike if I could meet his BFF, so meet Tina.   She also rides her own scooter and enjoys photography

The next day all of them came back and we had a group ride to show us some of the local sights, which included the Portland Head Lighthouse.   We had a great time together, all of us friends like we had known each other for years.     To all of you:   Mike, Rebecca, Kevin & Tina and Thomas,  a very sincere Thank You for making all of us feel at home

Here we are

    Portland Head Light,  Portland Maine                                              July 21,  2013


  1. Time has flown so quickly ... thank you for rewinding for a nano second.

    1. Karen:

      As I look back on this past summer I am wishing I could go back in time just to experience it again. It's only been 5 months but feels like it was years ago.

  2. Mmmm, I've only had lobster rolls a couple of times. Not much chance of finding one around here.

    Enjoying the videos!

    1. Richard:

      For the first few days I was having Lobster rolls everywhere we went. I even had a Lobster dinner, and in Bar Harbor, ME I had a most delicious Lobster Bisque, with lots of Lobster meat. We missed the most famous Lobster Diner in North Rustico. I saw it on TV recently. I sort of got Lobstered Out, but will have then again "next trip"

  3. Bob,
    As usual I love your photos! I don't always comment but I rarely miss an article. You have a great knack for bringing the story to life in great detail.
    I'm a little scared of V*Star Lady now. . .

    1. Tina:

      I have more time now to reflect and inject more thoughts. I also visit and lurk more than I comment. Don't be afraid of V*star Lady. You both ride the same bike so that makes you related. Karen has traveled back and forth across the Continent more than once, and she rides Solo. She is more self sufficient than me. Her blog is on my sidebar . . .

      I'll be expecting my Christmas Smooooooch when you hit Blaine, WA, some day

  4. Good times Bob. I bet you are longing for that warmer weather now.

    1. Trobairitz:

      Yes, fond memories of a trip that I wished would never end. While it seemed daunting to be alone, at the time, I am thinking that I would like to do it again. There are different dynamics being alone vs being with others (where there are compromises). It took a couple of weeks to get into a rhythm and plan for a home each night. It wasn't easy at first but you just need to devise a plan . . .

      Warmer weather would be great right now. It's been fairly nice right now and I even thought of riding my bike

  5. Thanks for the visit back to your trip East. That TW200 Yamaha didn't escape my eye......

    Loved the lobsters, I almost had too many of them while I was in the Maritimes, barely one since then.

    1. Coop:

      I actually stopped ordering Lobsters after the first few days. They are reasonably priced in the stores, not so much in the restaurants. The also serve Lobster rolls at McDonalds and Subway in CharolotteTown. I tried the one at Subway. Not bad for the price.

      Next time when I go back I'm going to order them again. Too expensive here in Vancouver. They have to be air freighted in