Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Encounter with "THE BIG GUY" at Urban Wasp

Urban Wasp, (aka: Vespa Vancouver) currently has a contest underway where the prize is a brand new SYM Mio scooter. I noticed the ad in a recent edition of the Vancouver Courier. Very simple rules, contest runs to mid August, unless the scooter has already been won. You cut out the ad and exchange it for a key. The top case on the SYM is full of scooter keys and they all look the same. You get to select ONE key from the box and put it into the ignition.

(Here is my KEY)

(It has to fit here)

(The key slides into the ignition)


The moment of truth, but the key doesn't turn. I don't want to force it too much, but if it was the correct key, then I would have instantly won the scooter


The SYM Mio is a retro styled scooter sort of like a Honda Metropolitan (Jazz) or Yamaha Vino.


Doesn't hurt to have another vehicle in the garage, but I was out of luck. You only get one chance for a key.

Today was a day to socialize at Urban Wasp as it was their open house. I had only planned to stay an hour or so, have a small snack and refreshment. A group of us had gathered by the front counter to talk when I heard a voice from behind ask "I'm Dave Dixon and I wondered if my scooter was ready"

I immediately turned around and said "Hi BIG GUY"

I also mentioned to others that "Hey, the small scooter BIG GUY is here"

Of course they don't have a clue what I am rambling on about. I am talking about DAVE who also has a blog titled Big Guy, Small Scooter ( <--- click link )

It's always nice when you have a chance to meet up with a fellow blogger. One more thing to check off my "to do list".

(The BIG GUY, aka: Dave with his Vespa LX50)

I knew his Baby was sick and he had made an appointment weeks ago for service. I didn't realize that today was the day he was going to be here.


Lucky thing nothing serious was wrong with his scooter. It just needed a minor check up and normal maintenance

(preparing for take off)


Dave is finally on his way back to Maple Ridge, BC


I moved further down the lane and caught this last glimpse of Dave before he rode out of sight


I was happy to have finally met Dave (The Big Guy) and hoping that he will be able to attend one of our summer rides.

I am also a little disappointed that I didn't come home with a Brand New SYM Mio, but my key didn't fit. They told me that I could keep the key . . . and I was wondering whether it would fit one of these in the back lot


I wonder if they would notice if one went missing . . . ?


  1. Dang, too bad the key didn't turn! One should always have a spare scoot...

  2. Of course you know that If that key had turned, you would have instantly incurred taxable income! At least that would be the case in the good old USA.
    Don't know whether that would be taxable in your country, but presume so. I bet you picked the wrong key so you wouldn't have to pay the tax. Good planning on your part!

    That's pretty cool to meet up with another blogger.

  3. Bob, you have to "push" and then "turn", I sure hope you kept that key.

  4. Dear Bobskoot:

    As always, it was a pleasure chatting with you on the phone last night, and I hope your Corvette trip comes off without a hitch. I have to take a run into Maryland today, and I was thinking of taking the Beemer.

    But it is hotter than hell outside today, nearly 90ºf, and thunderstorms (some violent) are predicted for this afternoon. Still, the idea is tempting.

    Too bad you didn't wn the scooter. Maybe next time. It's a pisser to ru into someone you know by reputation at a dealer's. I've had that happen to me a few times after the BMW MOA folks have published my articles in their "Owners News."

    One in North Carolina, I got swarmed by a bunch of Beemer pilots from Montreal who didn't recognized me, but recognized my bike from an article.

    This guy pointed and said, "There's Blue Balls!" (Blue Balls had a very rare and distinctive Sprint fairing on it.) Bregstein was with me and said, "Truer words were never spoken."

    Fondest regaerds,
    Jack "r" Toad
    Twisted Roads

  5. Very cool that you met up with a fellow blogger! I had a similar experience and have become good friends with D. Brent Miller at Sojourn Chronicles.

    Too bad about the key. Did anyone win it? Your pics of scooters remindes me that I have a bunch of scooter pics and should post some. They are too cute!

  6. Charlie6:
    I really tried to turn it but . . . nothing. And I already have a spare scoot

    cpa3485 Jim:
    Yes, it was good planning not to win, after all, what would I do with another scooter. Prizes are generally TAX FREE in Canada, including Lottery winnings.

    I did try to push it too. Nothing happened, but I still have the key

    Mr Jack rEEP:
    Jack, always good to hear from you, either here (or on the phone) . Take the Beemer and hope your knees hang in there

    I feel a lot of friendships happening on here between us bloggers, and it is always my intention of meeting some of you. I had an Uncle who used to live in
    "the windy city", but I never visited. Here's looking forward to . . . "one day" . . .

  7. Excellent post...thans for sharing...tto bad the key didn't fit though

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