Sunday, June 7, 2009

Snoqualmie Falls / North Bend, WA

We left Vancouver early Sunday morning and 4 hours later we were greeted with this sight


We were travelling along North Bend road and spotted this new casino, so naturally we had to stop to check it out and use the facilities. Just down the hill from the Casino we saw a sign that beckoned us to make a turn


It has been several years since we were here.


Today there is a lot of mist from the falls and you could hear and feel the power of the water from the observation platform


It was actually a little chilly and I was glad to have brought my fleece pullover. While the deck is constructed of concrete and felt quite solid, it was actually cantelivered over the cliff. Of course you are not made aware of this precarious position unless you viewed the platform from the side.


I was careful to take a few quick photos so as not to saturate my delicate electronic camera. Electrons are not fond of getting wet


There are a lot of restored and unrestored railway cars and engines on display on the main track


It is an interesting place to spend some time walking around and enjoying this antique machinery.


Farther down the street, in the main business area we came across a landmark which was made famous from the TV series "Twin Peaks". Naturally since it was lunch time, we stopped in to have a meal, and pie.


A few hours later eastbound on I-90 we crossed the Columbia River and stopped at an overlook at Vantage, WA


I don't remember the correct name, but it is something like Iron Horse monument, and as you looked up you saw the wild horses


After nearly 8 hours on the road we arrive at our first stop on the outskirts of the Palouse, at Ritzville, WA. We like to stop here and savour the ammenities before heading south tomorrow towards Palouse Falls.


Ritzville is known for their metal sculptures and they can be found throughout the town. We decided to pose for a few pixs before dinner


And this photographer is "frozen" in time as he was using the same pose last year


And . . . if you need some groceries, I hear that they have a Pretty Good Grocery store in Ritzville


Here is a photo for my colleague down in Key West, FL (Conchscooter)
. It would appear that 911 dispatchers are not required to work the night shift in this part of the country



  1. Dear Mr. Bobskoot:

    I returned from my four-day bike ride exhausted and in some degree of pain, which got much worse the next day. Quite frankly, I got biked out. Worse, I found a series of disasters at the office that gave me a migrane that lasted through the end of the week. I checked your blog for the first time in 10 days last night, and have discovered you suddenly became prolific.

    Please forgive me for not keeping up with each topic. I will go back and make the appropriate remarks. I actually read each of the new posts last night, but was too tired to type a word.

    Your most recent rambles through Washington provided subject matter of high interest. I'm glad you take so many pictures with skill. And I'm even gladder you dson't go through these small towns. posing like tourists.

    Twisted Roads

  2. Very cool pictures. Especially the waterfall. Nothing like that here in Kansas. Two reasons: First, there are no mountains, and second there is not that much water. Thanks for the reminder of scenic places.

  3. I really liked the pic of the wild horses on the hill, perhaps next time you could pose your "steed" in the foreground?

  4. Bob, got your message, and e-mails have been sent. Great post, and you did North Bend and Snoqualmie proud with your lovely pictures and descriptions!

  5. Oddly enough I have introduced my wife to Twin Peaks over the past few weeks via netflix (a DVD rental-by mail service in the US) and I recognize the falls as well. The kid in twin peaks rides a road king, not a bonneville, oh well.

  6. Bob,
    Truly beautiful shots...did you get to meet Lance in North Bend?

  7. Mr Jack r:

    In the hotel at night, there is time for rambling. At least your knees held out until you returned home, and I hope that the office disasters can be remedied

    cpa3485 Jim:

    Sometimes there is beauty in rolling hills and farmland. Being from BC we do not have any wheat fields in the Fraser Valley. Often times you have to go away to appreciate the scenic beauty of what you already have, but didn't notice


    Sorry, no bike this trip but I have an idea for a facsimilie that I may put into action.


    Thank you for your kind words, but you can only do so much with an hours allotment of time. It's a shame you took a nap at exactly the same time that I was in the Twin Peaks Restaurant


    It was either co-incidence, or great minds think alike


    NO, not yet but we shall see how we plan the return trip