Tuesday, June 9, 2009

Fox, Oregon

Again we left mid morning from Pendleton, OR and took I-84 to exit 209 and then south on Hwy 395 bound for John Day area. Another beautiful day, sunny and warm. Later it was to get up to the low 80's (F) .


I must tell you that this highway is a motorcyclist's dream. Lots of twisties and smooth pavement, except for a few construction areas where they are rebuilding bridges. It is nearly 120 miles of pure delight, with little traffic.


There is something for everyone. Forests, twisties, rolling hills, barren fields, hoodoos, to name a few. This is not a well travelled road so traffic is light. Before long we come to the forgotten community of Fox (Oregon)


It is a town which has seen better times and is mostly deserted but I am sure that a few people hang on to their life here with nothing to do

(Fox General Store - deserted, Fox, OR)

The town is a blip on the map which exists in the past


Here is a former gas station, notice the old style gas pump


Even the newer gas station has seen better days. With all the old cars scattered about, it is a place where time has stopped


Off to the West you can see a working farm


Just south of town you will find abandoned homes in clusters scattered about the landscape. It's almost like the former owners just gave up on their land


Here is a stately mansion which looks like it is in process of being restored


Of course, it's hard to know the circumstances, but how easy is it to just walk away from your home and land


another view of the right side


Further south we notice lots more abandoned homes, some with trucks and perhaps with furniture inside. It's almost as if the residents just went to work one day, and didn't bother to come back home.

(highway 395 through the land that time forgot)


  1. cool posting! I like towns like you pictured.....Colorado is full of such where gold and silver booms created them and when the booms ran out, caused the towns to wither away....leaving empty shells and untold stories behind.

  2. looks like something out of an old cowboys movie...great shots...it's sad when people have to abandon their homes and lands and probably what once was their dreams

  3. Fox, Oregon--really interesting. I imagine that it must have been rather quiet there too, which would add, for me, to the isolation that these photo conveyed. What is not said about this place is what is so powerful to me. You're right, it's like people went to work one day and then it just all vanished. Captivating photos!

  4. Charlie6 & Baron:

    I also love to find "ghost" towns, or places past and forgotten. I actually stopped at a few more places and it didn't feel right to poke around, nor to try to see of the doors were unlocked. One house was overgrown and you could hardly see it, and the curtains were drawn. At another house, there was an old truck just parked there, and farm machinery was scattered all over the fields, as if abandoned and left to rot.


    It's sort of sad to see towns like this decay. There are some residents here but I always wonder what they do for their livelihood. I can't imagine that they would commute to a larger centre since this place is nearly in the middle of no where.

    On my travels I stop a lot to "smell the roses" and have no hesitation taking all the side roads that appear interesting. You just never know what you will find around the next corner.

  5. Your photos make me chomp at the bit to head west. 395 looks like a great road to spend the day riding. I would love to do some IR photography of Fox. Thanks for sharing. GAW

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  7. I love your pictures! My husband and I drive thru Fox every year on our way to visit where my dad's ashes are spread. We stop every time! We have some of the same pictures of the abandoned houses, the store, and also of the old gas pump. Neat little old town, and a beautiful drive indeed!