Sunday, June 14, 2009

Home, safe & sane

I stole this title from Sharon (has a nice ring, doesn't it) . We travelled nearly 3,000 kms on our 6 day adventure, some roads familiar and some new. The weather was mostly good, some minor rain and we ran into some thunderstorms while approaching Bend, OR and when we arrived in town we noticed a lot of snow on the ground. On the news they had a surprise Hail Storm which we had just missed but we had heavy rains from Pineville. We missed one turn due to highway construction and did not notice the sign for Pendleton so continued onward towards the Gorge and found a gem of an alternate route Hwy 37. Upon our return I have had a flurry of activity which included retrieval of my scooter which was waiting for a new rear tire so things are not yet back to normal.

The balance of todays entry will be some photos taken during the past couple of days, in no particular order.

(Oregon Coast, just south of Cannon Beach)

(Bridge at Newport, Oregon)

(Battered California Sea Lion look, Jack "r" on the right)

(Harley Riders from Kansas, north of Florence, OR)

These bikers started at the Canadian Border and plan to head to Mexico

(Cannon Beach)

(another view: Cannon Beach)

(Seaside, Oregon)

(window front, Seaside, OR - for Jack "r" without skin)

(Beach: Lincoln City, OR)

(Patterns: Lincoln City, OR)

(Lincoln City just north of "D" street)

(Seagulls enjoying being on the beach at Lincoln City)

(just south of Oceanside, OR)

(Spotted: Pole Dancer for Jack "r")

(Sunset at Lincoln City, Oregon)

It's good to be away, and it's also good to be back at home.


  1. yes we have Harley's in Kansas and they do get around. But we have all types of bikes and scooters here as well.
    Looks like you had a marvelous trip. Have really enjoyed the pictures. The pole dancer pic is very special and I am sure someone will like ur very much!

  2. Yes, coming home always feels good.

    Snow on the ground? That just isn't right!

    I love the pics--the image of the seagulls with stay with me. Love that reflelction.

  3. Welcome back home! Lincoln, Seaside and Cannon Beaches are such wonderful places. I've gotta get down to the Oregon coast real soon. I don't know if it's the favorable topography, but I have always thought the Oregon beaches had one up on Washington's.

  4. Dear Bobskoot:

    I am so jealous. I had no idea the Oregon coast was so beautiful. I went to one of the few, if not the only, remaing examples of undisturbed dunes in the State of New Jersey last week, at Island Beach State Park.

    While there are public beaches here, the dunes are screened off and there is considerable wldlife living among them. But by the same token, four-wheel drive vehicles are issued a limited number of beach passes, and fisherman use them to get their gear down to Barbnegat inlet.

    I am often critical of New Jersey, because the place is a major shithouse... But they do manage Island Beach State Park very nicely, considering the millions pf people who hit New Jersey beaches every year.

    Great pictures, Bob. I really am envious.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack "r" (Toad)
    Twisted Roads

  5. This was a roller coaster ride for me . Nice pictures and all but those bloody stupid bikini t shirts are seen in key west. now i have to worry that statues of riepe pole dancing will be up next.
    gee thanks.
    I wonder how long it will take for your oregon sun tan to wear off? Oh you probably don't have a sun tan because you never got out of the car in 2,000 US kilometers because you can't pump your own gas in the Beaver State.

  6. Addendum, that Kansas license plate has the initials WY on it which stands for Wyandotte County, Kansas City, Kansas area. There are 105 counties in Kansas, not sure why so many, but that's the way it is. If a driver does something goofy on the road and we notice that they have diffferent initials on their license plates, we just assume they are from out of town and blame it on them that way.

  7. Was that a sea lion sleeping or did you get a photo of me taking one of my daily naps. Great photos.

  8. cpa3485 Jim:

    We didn't have a defined plan on this trip and just went with the flow. It's always nice to get away from work. And that pole dancer was for Mr Jack "r"


    On the way into Bend, OR we encountered a Huge Thunderstorm. We didn't know at the time but it was hailing in Bend. We saw lots of ice on the ground. When on vacation I usually only bring shorts and sandals and it was also a little cool in Sisters, Oregon as it is in the mountains. I was thinking to myself that perhaps I should have packed jeans and shoes.

    I also liked that image of the Seagulls. for your info, it was taken with the G10


    I also have the same opinion, Oregon has the best beaches, and also the best roads, that's why we like to come down here. The last virgin (unspoiled) beach in the continental USA is at Rialto Beach on the Olympic Peninsula. The last time we went there we stayed at Clallam Bay. Sorry we missed you this trip, but there will be a next time

    Mr Jack "r"IEPE:

    BC is the most beautiful place on the west coast, then Oregon comes second. If you were to look at a map, Hwy 101 nearly follows the coast line throughout its entire length, so there is virtually a beach around every curve and there are a lot of small towns to explore as you are passing through. You have to get your bike out here.

    Mr Conchscooter:

    I only included "those" pictures for the benefit of "you know who" from West Chester, PA. Mrs Skoot has a hip problem so on vacations we go in the car but I have started to take M/C trips by myself during the past few years. I will be riding to Kelowna next month and have planned a couple of weekend trips. (like the one to Victoria recently in May)

    When on the bike, I like to pump my own gas. We have a few cities where they only have full service

    cpa3485 Jim:

    BC Drivers like to think they are better than the average Joe. BC Lic Plates are White with Blue lettering. The standard joke around here is that they give the bad drivers lic plates which are White with RED lettering (which are Alberta plates)


    Very interesting concept you have by leaving cameras around. If they are film cameras then you must spend a lot of $$ getting them developed. and also lots of cameras end up "walking away".

    The Seal pictures was meant for Jack "r"IEPE, but I suppose I took a pix of you by accident.

    Thank you for stopping by

  9. I am often up in the area for business. You put in a picture of Seaside's circular drive by the beach. Next to the condo's or whatever they are. I often go for breakfast at the Pig and Pancake down the street.

    Then I ride to the circular drive, park the bike next to the small wall, and make my phone calls while sitting on the bike and watching the ocean. I never realized what a habit it was until I saw your photo!

    Glad you had a great trip. Except for the hail, of course. I guess a young man got hit by lightning in LaPine, which is farther South of Bend on 97. He survived the hit, thank goodness.