Wednesday, June 10, 2009

R&R on the Oregon Coast

Continuing on our anticlockwise loop of WA and Oregon, we finally made it to Lincoln City, on the Oregon Coast. Here is our first glimpse of the ocean

(view: looking North)

(view: looking South)

We headed farther south and stopped at Depoe Bay


Just south of Depot Bay was this rugged coast line and in the background you can just make out the Sea Caves


(Depot Bay, Oregon)

It was our good fortune to see a whale spouting. Nearly missed him again. You never know where they are going to surface. We waited, and waited, but he didn't surface again


Here is a view from the balcony of our hotel which overlooks the sandy beach


Another view of the beach action. Soon we will be among them


(facilities include: Sauna, Spa and Pool)

We will stay here for a day or so before we head home. Tomorrow we will drive down Hwy 101 a bit and savour the scenery and experience the food from small town eateries.

. . . but for now, the SPA (ie: hot tub) beckons . . .



  1. Enjoy yourselves.

    Happy 40th Anniversary.

    I'm jealous.

  2. Pretty isn't it? But bloody cold eh? 20 years in Northern California makes one rather jaundiced about fog and icy ocean.

  3. Can't explain how much I miss all the green. (I was born in Eugene)Have fun & be careful.

    Ride on,

  4. Have fun...great photos and story as usual... I looked at them at least 3 times...wish I was there myself

  5. Robert:

    Thank you. Go ahead and get that SV250 and we can ride down here and explore Hwy 101


    No fog, water not too cold but waves were just pounding on the shore. Don't let the sun fool you, the wind was blowing with an icy chill.


    I like Oregon, there is lots to explore. Perhaps one day we will get to see Texas. Too many places to see and not enough time. Thank you for stopping by

    While we have been to Oregon (twice last year) we haven't been to the coast for a while. There is lots of scenic beauty around nearly every corner. If you want a quick getaway close to home take the West Side Road from Victoria to Port Renfrew. I was also told that the Port Renfrew road to Lake Cowichan is now fully paved and travels through the Carmannah. It would be a nice weekend trip on the bikes

  6. Beautiful pictures--you've conveye the R&R well! I'm really liking what you're doing with your photography. I think we established before that you use both a G10 and D80, right?

  7. Sharon:

    I'm really liking the G10 but I also carry my D80 since sometimes I need the speed of faster sequences, plus the zoom range is longer.

    I also carry another smaller P&S for those times I need more incognito pixs. My favourite diversion tactic is to drape my D80 around my neck to appear that I am not taking a photo, when actually I have one in the palm of my hand clicking like crazy.

    Of course not all photos are masterpieces. A lot are just snapshots to retain as memories, or used as an image recorder to remember details later such as signs, and location markers. I only post a few of the many that are actually recorded.