Monday, October 26, 2009

Fall & Boobies for Jack "r"

I got the idea from Charlie6 (Redleg's Rides) (<-- click link) . You know Jack Riepe (Twisted Roads) (<-- click link) who has a lifetime affinity for anything to do with the female form. I think that it's rubbing off on all of us. During my travels around town whenever I notice anything, of the Jack "r" variety I find myself instinctively searching for my camera to record the event. So it was the other day when we went downtown to Denman Street and while window shopping I noticed this:


I don't know what it is but I am beginning to get drawn to these things. I'm thinking to myself, what is this Jack "r" designed T-shirt doing hanging in this window. Then I noticed another Jack inspired sign


and NO, they don't have any brass poles for sale either. Ever since this particular hamburger franchise arrived in Vancouver a few years ago I have wanted to sample one


I don't know how many calories are in there but a 6 oz patty with all the trimmings, fries and unlimited soda (pop) refills.


I thought that it was JUST OKay, nothing spectacular. I like the patties scorched on the outside edge (Carmelized) with heaps of carmelized onions, with tomato & lettuce. They did include some carmelized onions for me but they were diced not the long strands that I am used to. We used to frequent Red Robin but the last few times the burgers arrived luke warm so I think that they have gone downhill a bit too.


We haven't been going out as frequently as we used to eating more at home for the past while. It just more convenient than having to fight for parking but with the cold weather appearing and the rainy season just over the horizon we thought that we would treat ourselves for a change.


I don't know if the economy is this bad or not but this was Saturday night. During the summer these sidewalks are crowded with people walking about and cars driving up and down the streets with their radios blaring. Maybe it was the cold air and having to bundle up more to keep warm. We entered the restaurant and found that we were the only customers


After we ordered and sat at our table a couple of other customers followed us in. We didn't feel like walking around much but did manage to look into a few windows at their halloween displays. Here is one where Chuck Pefley (One A Day - Mostly Seattle) (<-- click link) had a meal when he was recently in Vancouver.


You can definitely feel the coldness of fall. It is much colder, condensation in the morning and fog on the way to work last week. I leave home in the dark before sunrise but unable to view because of the cloud cover.


so far it has not been cold enough to don my heated vest, but I did turn on my heated grips while on the Lougheed highway to make sure they are working. I wore my riding pants over my work slacks and my JR jacket had the liner installed. The OEM hand grips keeps a lot of the cold air off your hands (gloves). I'm thinking to myself that if I lived somewhere warm I would be in shorts and perhaps wearing my beloved pink crocs, the same ones that Mr Conchscooter, Key West Diary (<-- click link) has down in KW.

You have to watch the roads very carefully during the fall. In the morning the roads are wet with condensation, and the roads are clogged with lots of fallen leaves which makes for a very slick surface and lack of traction


Our variety of trees don't turn the bright red as they do in PA or other areas of the country. Our trees are mostly evergreen and leaves turn yellow then fall to the ground leaving a tree skeleton until the warm weather arrives next spring.

In most of the established areas of Vancouver we find many tree lined streets, sort of like this.


If you encounter a car going the opposite direction you will surely have to navigate the edges of the roadway and ride over these leaves which are very slippery . They actually don't look bad now because they are still dry. As soon as they get wet the leaves will turn into a slippery mush which will result in lack of traction, and this is not good for 2 wheeled machines .


I am a summer person and when I am not at work I am generally in T-shirts, shorts and sandals (or amphibious shoes that don't require socks). I don't mind saying that Winter is not my time of year. All of my activities and hobbies are more suited for more elevated temperatures complete with sunshine, without the need to wear boots, sweaters, heavy jackets nor gloves to keep warm. I find that I am in a losing battle with nature

(now where did I put my winter shoes?)


  1. Bob we've been riding in similar conditions. Quite cold in the AM, damp, foggy. I've been donning my heated gear lately.

    I love the Centra picture! And, the one with the woman stepping into the street. I used to be a summer person (still my preferred time of the year) but I've learned to really enjoy the brutal winters we can have in Chicago by getting out every day, xcountry skiing, and winter photography. And, dreams and planning time for summer rides.

    Nice post!

  2. Foot jewellery (jewelry)? You should be enjoying the change of season.
    Perhaps Canada and the US could do a swap. Canada gets Florida and Alaska gets the Yukon and Quebec gets Maine. They don't speak proper English up there anyway so they could just as easily learn French. And Canadians could come to Florida and not feel like outsiders.And we would get national health care. Everyone wins.

  3. We have a new burger joint here. It is called "Smashburger". It looks a lutle similar to your Fatburger place. Apparently their secret is in smashing the burger down hard on the grill as it cooks. Well, Duh!
    I guess it is not bad, but laced with clerks with missing teeth, nose rings and an inability to understand the operation of technical devices like cash registers. Do not ever ask them the difference between a credit or debit transaction.
    Have experienced leaves in the streets here as well recently.
    Great pictures!

  4. great post. im a summer person as well. the t-shirts, well, im afraid the ones i would prefer would be slightly different...LOL! ;)

  5. Dear Bob:

    Did you look carefully at the shirt size? It is for a newborn. But I like the way that kid thinks.

    I like fall very much as the cold doesn't bother me and I have a heated seat. But could do without the rain for another few weeks.

    I am getting ready for a ride in the rain tonight, over layers of wet leaves mashed into the ground. I spent some time adjusting my headlight last night, and I'm curious to see how well it works.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  6. Sharon:

    During winter we still get out and about but you have to wear many more layers. And condensation is not good for your camera. But you are right, it is a time to gather your thoughts and plan for next season

    Mr Conchscooter:

    I'm playing with you. I am not a jewelry person either. I really like your idea of swapping states and provinces. Now if only we could get our Prime Minister and your President to agree to it. It's a win win situation for all.


    I can't imagine that a Smashburger would have any flavor as you would have squished all the juice out of it and leave you with a dry flat sandwich


    You're tempting us. Please post pictures of your "slightly different" T-shirts. thank you

    Jack "r":

    You're a kid at heart. It's the T-shirt you should have had 50 years ago.

    take it easy in the rain and watch out for the wet leaves. They are as slick as ice. We need you back to write another day

  7. Bob,
    Same weather here - poor Ian has to ride his daily 80 mile (return) commute to work with his heated grips and full warm weather kit on. Of course, he could always take the car............

    Fatburger looks like my kind of food place! Pity we only have the "big 2" burger "joints" over here!

  8., hmmm, ummm, i'll see what i can do... ;)

  9. Bev & Ian:

    Look at it this way. Ian is leaving the car for you. Isn't that nice. He is suffering in the cold and fog and abandoning the comfort of the car and in return you should have a nice hot meal ready when he returns to you. Maybe even a "treat" . . .

    Ms M:

    Thank you for the Peek-a-boo, I visited several times today to have a peek. and it also inspired Kathy to enjoy an uninhibited walk with her dog

  10. good posting bobskoot!

    but you have to use the riepe "codeword" for the subject at hand....mcguffies!

  11. I'm sure the "boobies" t-shirt refers to an endangered bird, right? :)