Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Slightly new look

As you have probably noticed, I have been doing a little updating to my blog. I have cleaned up my blog list and added some new (blog) sites. I have also taken advantage of new functionality and added a feature photo to my header. Excuse the size, I have been working on "a system" to resize so that the photo takes the whole width of your computer screen but I haven't discovered the sweet spot in size dimensions yet. Also I haven't figured out how to change the font colour as not all of my photos have blue sky (or a blank area) in the upper left corner. I may have to add text to my resized photo in order for it to be read/seen.

It was always my intention to show you sights of the Pacific Northwest taken on my travels throughout British Columbia, Washington & Oregon. Unless you have "clicked to enlarge" any of my photos you may not have been aware that I also increased my upload size. Previous images were only uploaded at 800x600 resolution as that was the maximum displayed image size by blogger. Last week I increased this to 1600x1200 so that any image clicked will now enlarge to full screen. And since all of my photos are inserted using HTML coding individually, they will all enlarge, unlike some other sites where they might or might not enlarge. I mainly use Webshots for my picture hosting and all albums are set to public so you are free to download any image you like. If you would like a larger file for enlarging, just ask. My email is on the sidebar.

When I first started this Blog I wasn't sure where it was headed and what sort of readership I was going to attract. I will tell you that I am truly integrated into our blog community and I have met many "friends" along the way. It is my sincere hope that I will eventually be able to meet some of you in person. This was originally a project for myself to improve my writing skills and also to showcase nature's scenic beauty in our part of the continent. Only recently have I been able to let loose with more personal information and post my likeness.

If you are ever in my area, Vancouver, BC let me know. If I am free I can show you around and even feed you. I have never done a post without pictures, so here is one I may have posted before

(Aerial view of Vancouver, BC: taken through the plane's window while banking for landing)


  1. I really like the new look. And that photo at the top of the blog is outstanding!
    It would be fantastic to get to meet you in person someday.

  2. Nice Bob. I like the new look too and your comments about what your goal was in the beginning and how things have evolved.

    I'd be interested to know how you got your title picture displayed like that. Whenever I try to get my title picture larger it gets distorted. Is there a "Blogspot trick" with the tag setting?

  3. Looks good. Will you be rotating the header images? 648X284px was the magic numbers for me. GAW

  4. It's always fun to tweak things, isn't it? I really like the new header photo. It has been a privilege to have you as a blog neighbor!

  5. it looks great bob. but i have always enjoyed everything here so...

  6. That photo at the top is fab! I wish I had used blogger instead of wp, seems to be more you can "mess about with" on your page.

  7. cpa3485:

    I keep looking at my map of the USA and wonder what route I would have to take to see everyone. Of course that would be when I win the Lottery and retire. Thank you for the compliment. Not all photos are masterpieces and I started this blog to highlight scenery on the Wet Coast. There is no where else to post a larger picture except on the header, which I intend to rotate every so often


    I've been on this for two nights now trying to figure out my work flow etc. I have noticed that most users set their screen resolution for either 1200 or 1024. I want the feature photo to take the complete width of the screen, so tonight I have settled on 1024 x "whatever it is" (for the height). I don't want the photo to be dominating so I am taking photos with the idea of cropping to a landscape/pano orientation.
    The "trick" in the blogger gadget box is to don't check the "fit to size" box, and because I have to input the text manually on my photo editor I also check "instead of title . . .". If you check "fit to size" it will expand your photo to "their" dimensions with will distort your image unless your photo is in the same aspect ratio, which is suspect it is NOT.
    I am still testing, but tonight I have changed the photo


    Thank you, Yes, I do intend to rotate the images from time to time. After some thought and testing I have settled on 1024 for the width as I wish my crop to extend full width.
    You should post up more infrared images, they are beautiful and thank you for stopping by


    Thank you. I wanted to showcase more scenery on my blog. That sunset was taken down in your roaming grounds. Lincoln City behind the Chinook Winds Casino. I just happened to be there around sunset and caught the "magic" light after filling up at the buffet. I'm still trying to find a Tank, but there aren't many Tanks up here

    Ms M:

    thank you, appreciate your kind words.


    Thank you. I think all these functions have only been available recently. Of course, being new to all this stuff I had a huge learning curve with HTML coding etc.
    You can still open a blogger account and start posting "forward" and see how it goes. Your first post can link to WP, and the last entry on WP can forward to Blogger. Not ideal but many have done it. I also feel that there is more support since if you need help, more of us are on Blogger and perhaps chirp in with the answers, especially if you Pout. I really like your recent POUT picture

  8. Looking good, Bob. It all takes time, doesn't it? Thanks for the tips, too.

    In haste .....

  9. Chuck:

    Don't you recognize the Window ?

    Hint: "Where did you lose your Cap?"

    You have a photo a day, now I have a (dif) photo, once in a while

  10. I like the look and I hope you don't get it into your head to use a black background as those give me a headache.

  11. Dear Bobskoot:

    I don't know how I missed this post of yours this week, as I seem to recall checking every day. Your changes to your blog site greatly compilment the text, which has always been interesting, straightforward, and at times endearing.

    The header shot looks great! Equally sophisticated was the aerial shot of Vancouver. Your efforts are an inspiration to the rest of us, who have learned to accept certain aspects of life as a template.

    Fondst regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  12. Bob,

    I like the new clean look too. Keep the photos coming! :)

    Everyday Riding