Friday, October 30, 2009

Happy Birthday to Mr Conchscooter

To Michael, Key West Diary (<-- link) a special day in your life has arrived. The idea for Key West Diary started many years ago in Italy on October 31, 1957 . I want to wish you a very happy Birthday and may your journey never end, and may it never rain upon your road while you ride your Bonneville through all the back alleys and lanes of Key West.


It really looks like a barbaric way to gobble your food down but perhaps that's the way they do it down in Florida's most southernmost community, perhaps that's the way he was taught back in the old country.

A big thank you also goes to Layne (Mrs Conchscooter), who likes to keep a low profile. We don't get to see many glimpses of her but she is the brains of the household.

(Mrs Conchscooter)

Mr Conch, I want to thank you for all the endless hours of enjoyment you bring to all of us in this internet family by riding down all the streets, roads, highways, alleys and lanes in daylight and during the dark of night showing us the highlights of your world while you ride your Triumph Bonneville, or your wife's Vespa, your bicycle, your Nissan and photographing all those "Keys" along the way . . .


and also while walking about wearing your . . .

(pair of Pink Crocs)

of which I recently obtained a pair and found that they do indead make the wearer possess some sort of supernatural power. The Pink colo(u)r is soothing on the nerves and relieves headaches.

Not to mention that you are also a tour guide extraordinaire giving reviews of restaurants, bars, beaches, motorcycle repair places and coffee bars to mention a few. Even tho you will deny this to your last breath, but that's not what I hear from the Italian Embassy who have your name on file to help those "lost" Italian tourists. If I recall correctly, you have come to the aid of Italian tourists on two occasions.

We also thank you for your expertise in performing Technical maintenance procedures on your Bonneville, such as performing vital change of fluids.

(recent oil change tutorial)

You have also achieved recognition by the Iron Butt Association on your recent goal of riding 1,000. miles within a 24 hour period before you attain the youthful age of 52.

(Getting ready to start the torturous IRA mileage feat of endurance)

With little sleep and only time for a granola bar or two and fuel stops you attained your goal

conch_gas st_crop_1024
(approx half way point of Iron Butt, fuel stop)

While we have not yet met, we have chatted on the phone and I only wish you the best things in life. I am sorry that we live so far apart for I believe that we have the same ideals even though we live in different countries and on opposite sides of the continent. I am very glad that somehow our paths crossed and soon we will be able to meet face to face.

In the meantime have a very HAPPY BIRTHDAY, and I am sorry that your Boss did not give you the day off, but I know that Fantasy Fest brings problems to the city and they needed the best man for the job to be on shift on Halloween night.

Continue to ride safe and snap lots of pictures and make us envious, especially when we are socked in with ice and snow.

(The Conchmobile on the open road @ 5,500 RPM by the Tach)

Again, this is your day. Have a Very HAPPY BIRTHDAY from your friend in Vancouver, BC Canada

Love you, (like a brother)


  1. That's a fun post! I love Key West.

    No, you didn't miss anything....the 50cc is a cheapie little scooter we bought off Craigslist a little while ago to use as a practice vehicle. We really can only ride around our neighborhood, it's not super reliable, or fast enough to get out on a 'real' street.

    I haven't gotten my jacket yet, either, just a helmet. Gotta be safe, even if I am only going 25mph. :) The jacket's going to have to wait a little bit...scooter money first.

  2. what a fabulous post of celebration bob!! happy birthday mr conchscooter!!

  3. Dear Bobskoot:

    What a delightful tribute to a pioneer in electronic social editorializing... To an innovator in regional chronicling...To a leader in a movement advocating a chicken in every pot (albeit on the hoof in his neighborhood)... To the character who plays a major supporting role in Wind In The Willows.

    I must confess I wiped away a tear as I read this fitting testimony to a man, who against all odds, confronted naked women on my behalf. I put him right up there with Jonas Salk (who beat polio) and Adolphus Murphy (who epitomized the law that determined the course of my marriages).

    And now, I must go and have a drink to his honor, despite the fact it is 8:16am. It is the very least I can do.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad

  4. Very sweet of you and I am flattered you even figured out my birthday. As you have discovered mine is actually a diary, I take the pictures with a minimum number of pixels, throw them into the computer, stick them on the screen and move on. Like i keep telling people my photography isn't art, it's just a diary.
    You must have worked like a dog to get them organized and enlarged.
    Thank you.


    There is a cousin of yours skootin around Guildford, Surrey, England - I saw him a few years ago! What a coincidence!
    many happy returns!