Sunday, October 18, 2009

Sunday at the Market

(Granville Island Market, Vancouver, BC)

Last week we went to a place where they were selling fish and shrimps directly "off" the docks. Today we had brunch at a waterfront restaurant and strolled the market looking at all the varieties of food available . For those that have never visited Vancouver will not know that Vancouver is on a peninsula surrounded my water on 3 sides. Most often you will need to travel over a bridge to arrive into the downtown area. Granville Island, is of course an island, in False Creek nearly directly beneath the Granville Street Bridge


False Creek is actually an inlet and we have a passenger ferry system which can transport you along many stops as far east as Science World. The most populace areas of the city are located in Kitsilano and the West End, and they are just a short ferry ride over to the other side.


There is a very large public market and public pier on the Island. Whilst it is not summer there are fewer people out exploring, but many are enjoying a day without rain or enjoying some food and beverage from a multitude of fast food vendors scattered around the area. You have a choice of foods from around the world; greek, oriental, japanese, thai to name a few, or the good old standby of burger and fries.


These docks are for those who arrive by water. Rather empty this time of year. If you look through the bridge you will see the former site of Expo 1986, which is now bustling with new development and condominiums. There is a walking & bicycle path around the whole inlet which will take you from the West End (and English Bay) to nearly the University of British Columbia campus on the far Western region of the city.


Last week we were able to purchase directly off the pier. Today the fish are laid out in rows of ice tempting you to make a purchase.


There are several fish vendors in the market. Actually there are vendors for nearly every possible combination of foods. You will be able to find food from anywhere around the world. Or even organic vegetables if that is your desire

(Organic tomatoes)

(deli food)

(eat dessert first)

I think it would be a good idea to eat first before you wander the isles as there is just too many things to buy. Everything looks delicious


Then there is the bakery


and if you wander over to the other side you will see this


and here is a place which only sells pies. You can buy a piece to have now, or a whole pie to take home. They also sell completely finished pies ready for the oven so you could take it home and bring home the freshly baked oven smells of fine home baking.


There are several bakeries to choose from, each specializing in their own signature dishes


This is a one stop shopping destination. Vegetables, fruits, baked goods, herbs, you name it and you will surely find what you are looking for. Granville island is a collection of buildings, clothes, outdoor wear, handicrafts, brewery, Arts club, it's hard to imagine what they don't sell here.


If you are not of the adventurous sort, and you only want carrots or potatoes, they have those too


Granville Island, an oasis in the middle of False Creek. An Island like no other. Be sure to visit when you come to Vancouver


  1. There is Key West's Achilles Heel in a few lovely pictures. Shopping is limited. Which, one thing taken with another, may not be all bad if pie shops and patisseries are the shops in question. After a week of sunbathing you'd miss all those varities of organic tomatoes.

  2. Are those tomatoes as tasty as they look? could almost be in Greece (or Asia Minor!)

  3. Nice pictures Bob. In Portland we have Saturday Market which is nice but not on the scale of Granville Island Market or Pike Place in Seattle. San Fransisco has Pier 39. My wife and I like walking around these markets. Granville looks really nice.

    Thanks for the glimpse - Mike

  4. Nicely portrayed, Bob. A very good thing I ate before peeking at your yummy pictures! But, perhaps it's time for me to walk across Pike Place and find some tempting little sweet morsel as an effective antidote to your photos -:)

  5. Dear Bob,
    following our conversation on the suject of insurance i thought you might like this one to remind you how lucky you are in cold rainy BC:

    Bill Caudle, 39, enlisted in the Army so that he could get health insurance help pay for his wife's ovarian cancer treatment, reports Mark Johnson of the Milwaukee Journal Sentinel. Bill was laid off from his job at a plastics company in March, where he had worked for 20 years, and searched for a new job for a few months before signing up so that his wife and high school sweetheart, Michelle, would be guaranteed chemotherapy. On their own, the Caudles' insurance cost them $1,370 each month, which they could not afford on Michelle's part-time salary at a fast food restaurant.

    The four-year commitment means Bill will miss all of his youngest daughter's four years of high school. Chelsea, the daughter, cried when her mother told her. Bill left for processing and basic training October 6. The next day, once he was officially processed, his Army health coverage started.

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  6. I have been to this market, and it is wonderful! There are many cool places to visit under the bridges!

  7. Our son has been to Vancouver and raved about it. We have farmers markets around here in the summertime where farmers will bring in fruit and vegetables and sell direct to the public. It is fresher than getting it at the store. Looks like a wonderful market there.

  8. Dear Bobskoot:

    My hot squeeze (who posted above) has traveled throughout BC and traipsed through Vancouver on a regular basis. I can only admit to being there four or five times, but never found the pie maket -- otherwise I might still be there.

    It is my understanding that the Chinatown section of Vancouver has become rather dangerous, and is not the kind of place people wander around in. Is that true?

    Fondest regards,
    Jsck • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  9. What a cool place! And you live close to this wonderland? If not for being far away from the expected grandson, I believe I'd have to consider a move!

  10. Great pictures Bobskoot. I haven't been to Granville Island in years. Looks like it has changed some. As always, thank you for the colorful pictures and narrative.

  11. Mr Conchscooter:

    For you, living there is different. You may want more choice, but if I am visiting KW, I'm not going shopping


    They had many varieties of tomatos, more on the other side and all looked picture perfect


    Granville Island is as big as Pike Place and more spread out. there are many buildings with craft stores and buskers on the weekends


    Well, you've got lots to choose from too. Too many choices, have to try them all in rotation

    Mr Conchscooter:

    I feel sorry for your lack of medical care, but our system has flaws too but we only go bankrupt if we don't arrange for coverage before we cross your border


    I can't wait for you and Jack to visit again, one day and I'll chauffeur you both around. Congrats on Sophie. Now you can put your D700 to good use


    We also have farmers' markets in other parts of town. You should visit the next time you come to the coast. Vancouver, WA is only 5 hours away along I-5

    Jack "r"

    see my blog post today. Vancouver's historic Chinatown is safe, but ONE block away you will take your life in your own hands. The Police station is also one block away but on the corner is where all the drug deals are going down.
    Let me know the next time Leslie has a book signing in Vancouver and we will make her welcome


    Actually, the Granville Island Market is only about 10-15 minutes from home and they are bike friendly. In the summer, car parking is at a premium but you could easily fit a bike somewhere


    If you haven't been here in a while, then it's time ! Hope to see you soon, but probably in July 2010 for sure.
    The Market is one of Vancouver's success stories. It seems to be very busy all year around. They are now open 7 days a week, before they closed on Mondays and opened shorter hours.