Thursday, October 15, 2009

Fish, Shrimp & Water

Fall is definitely in the air. Nearly bearable in the sun but chilly in the shade. This time of year you find yourself bundled in fleece and jackets to keep yourself warm(er). It was Sunday (family day), a time to go out in the car, have brunch somewhere and spend the afternoon either buying supplies, heading out for a ride, run a few errands, or visit friends . We hadn't been to Steveston in a while and when we arrived on the pier we noticed that the water levels were very high.


It was much busier than the last time we were here. This is a government wharf and there were lots of fishing boats docked with their owners attempting to sell their catch


There were many varieties of fish local to our BC waters caught on our northern coast . We came late in the day in the early afternoon and many types were already sold out


These were caught off the coast near the Queen Charlotte Islands using individual hooks


Here is a shrimp boat. Prices are dependant upon size of their catch.


There is quite the controvery up here regarding Farmed fish vs Wild fish. We have many fish farms dotting our coast and it is said that they generate unhealthy fish which spreads disease and bacteria to other species. Wild fish are the most popular


Fish aren't inexpensive. I remember not that long ago that prices were around half of what they are now. It has to do with the rapid depletion of the supply and the limited fishing season as dictated by the government.


I am sure that this is a tough way to make a living. Having to endure the elements in unsafe ocean waters, catching few fish and having to barter each sale.


Steveston is home to a large fishing fleet but most of the boats have been tied up for years, unable to fish. Fishing in our local waters around Vancouver are closed. These particular boats here today are from the North near Prince Rupert and fish the areas around the Queen Charlottes (Islands). I think that they have more Open fishing days allotted.


Of course where there are sellers, there are also looky-loos , either that or there is some serious negotiation happening


Not all boats are there to sell fish like this one which is a work of wooden art


Whether you are here to buy fish or shrimp or just have a nice meal on the boardwalk I would recommend a visit to Steveston one day when you have a few hours to spare. There are many restaurants here with enough to satisfy every palate. There is an old historic cannery turned into a museum, an old shipyard being refurbished and a collection of japanese buildings which used to house the cannery workers. There are also gift stores on the main street. During the warmer summer weather there are also buskers playing music.

(we had our meal at the one on the left)


  1. Nice coverage of what looks like a fun day out. Too bad I missed this little town last month. Guess I'll have to head north again ... when it's warmer and drier -:)


  2. Dear Bobskoot:
    I would love to be close by a port when the fishing boats came in and sold their catch right off the deck. There is nothing like trhat here. In factr, I'd love to be closer to the shore, which is being pounded by a N'or Easter' as we speak.

    Great post...

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad

  3. Nice report and photos on Steveston, Bobskoot. I love that wooden boat. You're right, wooden boats are a work of art. I like thumbing through Wooden Boat Magazine, you see great workmanship.


  4. Interestingly, I spent the weekend at the coast, too. We haunted the docks at Newport.

    I like the experience of these open markets. Like you, I was somewhat taken aback by the prices. These days I try to do business with people moreso than stores.

  5. How many hours do you suppose I'd need to spare? Ten days there and ten back= 480?

  6. Chuck:

    if you need warmer and drier then we are talking about next year. One of the best rides is Hwy 6 from Vernon to Nakusp, then east to Kaslo and zig zag across Kootenay Lake south to Creston. It is a favourite loop of motorcyclists

    Jack "r":

    As I recall this is one of the only places you can purchase directly "off the boat". there is another pier near Granville Island but you are lucky if there is ONE boat docked, but in the public market there are a few fish stalls with fresh harvest


    Yes, that boat looked like mahogany decks and probably restored to original condition. It was as new


    You probably visited the Historic Cannery Row in Newport where you can also purchase fresh fish, not off the boat but from brokers. OR you could go to one of those small restaurants and have a fresh seafood meal.

    Mr Conchscooter:

    I'm guessing that's 4 iron-butts each way, or one humungous RED butt. Or take the easy way, Fly here and you can ride my scooter. It's sitting here ready to go and whispering your name. Whimpering actually . . .

  7. it looks beautiful there bob. maybe i'll ride to the marina today, hmmm, thank you.

  8. Wow! Those are some amazing and interesting pictures. I love open markets like this one. Really nice post!

    Thanks also for the comments on my blog. I appreciate the information. Can't wait to get my Buddy and join all of you fun-having scooter riders!