Thursday, April 8, 2010

A Bonnie Day

Mother nature can't make up her mind. Spring has sprung, we are on daylight savings time and for a few weeks we had a taste of summer

(flowering bamboo)

Flowers are sprouting everywhere, tulips and other brightly coloured flowers the names of which I do not know as I am name challenged when it comes to names of any growing plant. For the past week we have been drenched with torrential rains and a few wind storms with gusts of up to 95 kms/hr as was this morning as overheard on the radio. Last week during my daily commute we had wind gusts of around 45 kms/hr and I thought it was going to blow me over as I was meandering my way home on the crowded streets of Kingsway. We even got snow dusting the tops of our local mountains

(Fraser River looking East towards New Westminster, BC)

It was a lazy day as I noticed this beautiful Triumph Bonneville parked on the sidewalk


I've noticed this Bonnie here before. It belongs to one of the mechanics


This bike appears as new but isn't as it has over 20K on the odometer, and has a minimalist instrument cluster which does not include a tachometer.


For a brief moment I was imagining being astride the bike in the rider's seat navigating myself through the Keys on the Great Ocean Highway and wondering what gear I was in since the noise of the engine gave no clue as to its actual engine speed.


It was obvious by the cleanliness of this bike that the owner was proud of his possession and was taking great care to ensure its longevity.

I couldn't help but notice this lady standing by the side of the road wearing this very short mini-skirt. I quickly whipped out my trusty camera to snap a pix but she must have had an eye in the back of her head and saw me.

(but I took the photo anyway)

While were were having an early dinner I was fiddling with my camera trying to be creative when I noticed this red Mini


and was wondering how I could make use of the red colour and the lettering on the restaurant window

and came up with this steaming cup of coffee


across the street I noticed this parkade which was a good place to park if you had a miniature VW


Lucky thing I have my camera, 'cause you never know what you're going to stumble across


  1. Nice set of photos! I've gotten so I can't go anywhere without the camera. I might not use it, but I hate to miss an opportunity.

    The girl in the mini...yeah, you're busted! :)
    I like the expression you captured on her face.
    I love the other mini...the red through the coffee cup window. Great photo that tells a story.

  2. You got so busted!

    Why on Earth did you have to post those pretty pics from the Bonnie? Now I am once again on the fence between the Brit bike and the Beemer...

    Btw, thanks for the heads-up that Spring's around the corner, I guess now it's a good time to go home. Looking forward to meet you again. SonjaM

  3. Bob - this is too spooky. Outside, sitting on the drive to my house next to each other is a mini and a VW Beetle. Both of the cars you photographed. One is mine and the other is my wife's. How weird is that?

  4. My Bonneville doesn't look anywhere near as nice as that one, but mine has nearly 60k Canadian miles on it and a hard open air life in salt air. Whoever owns that one needs proper fork gaiters and knee pads on the tank.

  5. Tachometers are over-rated. Women with nice legs are not. We test drove a Mini last year before we bought our famous Canadian Subaru. They are very fun little cars. We opted for a little more room. Flowers are sprouting up everywhere. I need a long ride to see what is new in the world.

  6. Dear Mr. Skoot:

    The Triumph Bonneville made for an interesting subject. I didn't realize how retro-looking the turn signal lenses were. Conch's bike has a more substantial look to it, and then I realized what I had noticed was the absence of fork boots on this Bonneville.

    The girl in the miniskirt has a very sweet expression on her face, and a nice ass.

    Spring has been rampant in West Chester, Pa for the past two weeks... Almost overnight, all of the Japanese cherries and dogwoods have exploded into bloom. The street I live on is a riot of whites, pinks, reds, and yellows. Five days ago the tree in the cul de sac island was bare. It is covered with bright pale green leaves now. But the city has yet to sweep the gravel from this street. Maybe next week.

    I did a 100-mile run yesterday to a Harley hangout in Port Deposit Maryland. The bar was closed but it adjoins an interesting restaurant, that has been a working tavern for 242 years.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  7. Nice pics. That Bonnie is beautiful - bonny you might say, as was the leggy lass.

    Note to conchscooter - exactly how far is "60k Canadian miles". Confused.

  8. Kari:

    I always have at least one camera with me. It is my "tape" recorder. I liked the Coffee cup mini too. I could crop the other bits out from the top


    Yes, the Bonnie is a nice bike, with heritage too. I think it would depend on your dealer visits to determine which you feel more comfortable with. In both cases, there are only two dealers in town


    Great minds think alike. We both have GoProHD's, 5 fingers on each hand, and one head, so yes, we are similar. Sort of like brothers from a different mother. I used to have a beetle too and a couple of MGB's. I took some British photos a few weeks ago but haven't posted them yet

    Mr Conchscooter:

    That Bonnie probably belongs to the service manager. I was there one evening when they were closing up and the last thing to roll out was the Bonnie. He obviously spends too much time detailing it


    Under normal circumstances you don't need a tach, but on the highway I like to know the RPM's, esp on the twisties. I like to be one gear down for more engine compression when entering corners to be able to power out faster. My engine is so quiet that I can't determine the proper gear by sound. But I agree with you about the nice legs. Soon it will be warmer and they will doff the leggings.


    That Bonnie had very nice lines and looked better than new. I was surprised to see the mileage was up there, so the bike does get ridden. I also like mini-mini skirts


    You have a nice family portrait too. We still have 3 bikes but insurance is very steep here in BC. I have been considering a Classic Bike, we have a special category here for bikes over 25 years old which can be insured for pennies on the dollar


    I am begining to think that dirty is a badge of Honour, at least to V-strommers

    Mr Chuck:

    I nearly forgot that you also have a mini, Red too, I think.

    I keep forgetting to send you an email about when you are going to have a free weekend. I was thinking of Oregon Coast sometime around the week of July 19th. Could meet you south of Portland, perhaps Corvalis or Albany area.