Wednesday, April 14, 2010

A new season begins

Finally we are out of winter's grasp. There are many signs which signal the end of winter. The sun is shining warm and bright. There are sounds of gas lawnmowers doing their intended purpose. The first cut of the year is very satisfying. It levels out the uneven clumps of grass and sets up the lawn for the next cut.


And so it was time for me to drag out the lawn mower and top the tank with gas. No it was old gas from last year. I did nothing to prepare the engine for it's winter hybernation. No fuel stabilizer, nothing. It was left outside to fend for itself exposed to the elements with a mere cover to keep the rain off. It's last use was around late September and with just a few primes and one pull of the rope cord, it puffed to life spewing a huge cloud of smoke. After a few seconds I went about my business of walking back and forth in a straight line pattern cutting the grass as I listened to the music of the day on my headphones. After a short hour my backyard was properly trimmed and I readied my Wee for a ride to visit my M/C Mechanic

(DJ Paul and Friend)

I always get a guilty feeling when there are chores to do and I decide to go for a ride instead. I still have the front yard to do but that can wait for another day. DJ Paul has been doing my servicing for a couple of years now. He used to have a garage in a residential area and would come over and pick up my bike and when finished would bring it back. It was very convenient for me. The DJ part is for his secondary job as DJ for parties. Paul is the one on the left with the deep sun tan. He told me he has been working on his tan for over 40 years. It was just a time to visit, have a chat and just enjoy the warmth of the sun


Here is Janet (apologies if I have your name wrong) trying out a customer's Huyabusa for size. Her regular ride is a Yamaha FZ1 and she can really tame those twisties. I doubt you would be able to keep up with her.


For me, another sign which signals the end of winter is removing my snow tires and putting the summers back on. We had one of the worst winters in history LAST YEAR so I thought I would be smart and purchase a good set of snow tires on separate rims to be prepared for the ice and snow which was non existent. There was not even enough snow for the winter olympics and we had to truck it in from Manning Park. I could think of better things to do with the $940. it cost. And today for the first time in 2 years, $940. canadian is worth more than $940. US

With the change to summer tires I declare winter to be officially over.


  1. Ah heck, the lawn will still be there when you get back from your ride. My signs that winter are over are the spring flowers and the flowering trees. I suppose that's in part because Ron does the lawn and I most certainly do not. It's nice to see your mechanic and friend out enjoying some sunshine, and you in shorts and sandals. All good signs of spring as well!

  2. Now I know where to bring my car for changing tires...
    Being a Health and Safety rep, too, I feared a little for your bare feet, my friend.
    Cheers, SonjaM

  3. I am shocked you were wearing your protective pink crocs!

    I'd also ride before mowing the lawn. I don't miss swapping tires either although I have to help a friend swap his winters to summers tonight.

  4. Dear Bobskoot:

    I am delighted to read that "spring" has finally arrived in the great Northwest. I too rejoice in the appearance of a manicured lawn, and gardens bursting with flowers. Isn't amazing that a lawn mower will sit out in the elements and start on the first two pulls, while a motorcycle must be pampered on a battery tender, sheltered from the elements, and pampered with gas that costs as much as a blood transfusion.

    I did not switch the tires on my truck, as they are of the intensely cheap all-weather variety. However, they had no difficulty in navigating through 22 inches of unplowed snow this year.

    It has been "Spring" or "Summer" here for the past two weeks. Everry trtee on the stree is in full bloom and and there is a riot of daffodills in the garden. Stiffie found violets in bloom behind one of the dogwoods in the yard. Our trees look like prom queens in their gowns.

    The lawns have had to be aerated and cut twice in the past 14 days. The process for me is a bit different from yours, as I live with Leslie. I go out to yard, light up a cigar, and watch three gardeners run all over the place with riding movers and hand-held trimmers. These guys do in ten minutes what would take me 11 hours.

    My bike will be maintained in stretches. The oil and the gas filter got changed last week. Next week, it will be the transmission fluid and possibly the brake fluid.

    You should be wearing steel-toed work boots in the even that car slips off the jack, or if you should drop a wheel on your foot.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad

  5. I think what you meant about maybe-Janet was that you couldn't keep up in the twisties. riepe (of NPR fame)would do anything to stay close behind her crotch rocket. he is made of sterner stuff than mere mortals.

  6. Bob, your red Craftsman mower looks identical to mine. Your bare toes, however, look overly vulnerable for my taste. I can't be sure because of the deep shadow across your left foot, but you still appear to have all 10 toes. Good luck with keeping them intact.

  7. I too have one of those evil lawn machines. It's always whining for me to come and use it...

    Mind the toes with the evil lawn machine, you should be wearing your safety croc's

  8. Dear Sir:

    I was quietly minding my own business, when that CS from Key West dragged me into this... But in truth, I was sorry you did not take a matching picture from the back of the nice lady on the 'Busa. Youn have been very cooperative in this regard lately.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad

  9. My solution? No grass to cut. Works great!

  10. Hi Bob,

    Nice video once again...more random women are appearing in your photos...guess Mrs.scoot does not read your blog LOL

    Keep up the good work, I miss having my garage and tools!!



  11. Bob - To risk your feet like that, you must have been reckless as a boy!

  12. Kari:

    It was very nice to sit out in the sun and chat about bikes. Summer is my favourite time of year when you are able to shed your heavy winter clothes and return to shorts and sandals.


    I noticed you got a little sand in your toes on that beach in NZ. Sometimes you just have to be daring


    I have to do the chores first, otherwise it would be bothering me all the while, when riding, knowing what is ahead when I get home


    If only they could make Bikes as reliable as Lawn mowers. You just park your lawnmower at the end of the season, no battery to worry about, no stabilizer, nothing. And it just starts 6 months later with only ONE pull
    we used to have a gardener too, but I disliked the notion of them cutting the lawn in the evening making all that noise while we had dinner. I wanted them to come when I was not a home

    Mr Conchscooter:

    Solo or group riding, or riding buddies, or others with whom you have never ridden with before. I have learned to go at my own speed as long as I know the intended destination. She is out of my league, too talented and FAST


    I figured with Craftsman I could just take it back if it didn't work but it seems very reliable. You are actually supposed to wear steel toed boots whilst mowing but I have been using my method for too many years and in my old age you cannot get me to change now.


    I wished someone would invent grass that didn't grow. cut to desired level upon first installation and just admire


    I'll have to remember that when I ask for front and rear views, the next time. I'll just tell them the photos are for my Uncle Jack before I post them on the 'net


    You are so lucky. My other option would be to cement or blacktop it all, or put in a rock type Japanese garden with bonsai, some little bridges and a waterfall


    when are you going to purchase that 49cc Chinese Scooter. We are missing your Vlogs


    Have you never wanted to run barefoot in the mud, or feel the sand between your toes while walking on the beach. Shedding shoes is very liberating

  13. ahhhh, to be barefoot right now.... :) nice busa too btw.

  14. Delighted to see bare feet Bob. Thought it was only Kiwis that tend to avoid shoes. When our kids were small and went to school, they used to leave the house with shoes on but we knew full well that when they turned the first corner, the shoes would go into the backpack.

    I envy your flat section. Ours is on the side of a hill and pushing the mower back up from the bottom of our drive is going to cause cardiac arrest one day. Maybe I should stop now!

  15. Ms M:

    Me too, anytime


    want to trade your uphill section for my flat section ? I think I could force myself to endure your climate and it wouldn't take long to accustom myself to a speed triple. Look at it from my perspective, no more power failures to worry about.

    It would be nice to throw all my shoes away

  16. When I saw the video, apart from your 'wittle piggies' the next thing that I thought of was how lightly you were apparently tightening the wheel nuts.

    Did you re-torque them after the video or was that it ?

    I have a real phobia of a wheel falling off at speed and in the past I have stood on the far end of the tire wrench to make sure it was all tight and nothing could move.

    (Although I have just now read this could do damage to the studs by stretching them and it best to use a proper torque wrench, you just can't do right for doing wrong!)

  17. Chores are always there...they never seem to go away! On a great day for riding, you've just got to go with it. I'm glad you did!