Tuesday, April 6, 2010

Easter AYCE Won Tun & Lenmar USB mini-charger


Happy Easter ! Well, it was Easter last weekend and in Canada we have Good Friday as a Statutory Holiday. It is normal practice for us to host the family meal with Turkey and all the trimmings. This year was different. We were invited to our daughter's for WON TUN. For those who do not know, Won Tun is a dumpling and usually filled with some sort of meat and perhaps some vegeables. They are wrapped in a square noodle like paste and usually boiled (Not unlike Ravioli).

(Grand daughter on left with our brother in law)

Of course we have to bring our own ingredients and make them ourselves. Everyone has to chip in and make enough for themselves to eat. Today is a family affair.


Everyone has their own idea as to how to make them, what to put inside but these are the ones I made. They are filled with pork

(These are the ones made by Mrs Skoot)


Even Natassia has her own style, more flat and only contain green onions

(Left: boiling water, Right: homemade chicken soup broth)

It is important not to use the soup broth to boil these Won Tun dumplings as the water will become thick and starchy. It is normal practice to boil them first in the water and they are fully cooked when they float. Because they are pork, we leave them in a little longer. Doesn't affect the doneness.

You scoop them out of the boiling water, after they are fully cooked, put them in a bowl and add some chicken broth. Then time to eat.

(the first of many bowls)

After we were all filled and full we settled down to an assortment of French pastries and cake from a local parisian bakery


The following photos are for Gary (Mr H-D, from the UK)

I was going to just email Gary the pictures of my small USB moveable pin charger which is capable of charging (nearly) any Li-ion battery . This includes batteries for digital cameras, cell phones and other batteries up to 3.6V . It takes nearly no room at all and I carry it as a spare, just in case . I think the pix will speak for themselves so if you have any questions, then just ask.

(rear view, it's made by Lenmar)

(folded up, looks like a clothes pin)

(same view with USB connector ready for action)

(Loonie and nickel, for scale)


Believe it or not, it is micro-processor controlled, will detect proper polarity without turning battery around and has status LED's to inform when your battery is fully charged. Don't leave home without a spare battery charger, especially if you are on a 15,000 mile ride across the USA riding a H-D


And finally to include some motorcycle content:

chris onebike

And to Chris, I do have more than one bike. Here is a recent addition to the stable



  1. Looks like you had a lovely holiday with family and fun. The Won Tun looks very pretty on the plate. I bet it was delicious too!

  2. Wontons are always tasty when you make them yourself. I prefer more veggies in mine though.

    Nice VFR

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  4. I have memories of eating so many won tun that I got sick! Love 'em!

  5. Bobskoot,

    Your Won Tun look delicious. At our home we have Gyoza, mostly with pork and veggies. Occasionally I'm allowed to remove them from the pan, but I'm not allowed to partake in the folding as my skills are lacking.


  6. Bob – I see you painting skills are nearly matching your photography talent. The Won Tun looked really nice, but alas, I don’t think I have had some for many years. I am riding into central London tomorrow and I will stop especially in China Town to try some. As you had to make your own, I can see from your photos that you were a) better at making them and b) much more hungry than Mrs Scoot. Your Grand-daughter gets 10 out of 10 for effort though.

    The battery charger looks just like what I think I have ordered from Hong Kong. I think my quest for getting things small will be well satisfied by one of these. I cannot see from the photos where the battery connectors connect, but I am sure all will become clear when it arrives. With my quest for all things USB well in action now, I found a beautiful little USB hub to connect my gear to and I will post a picture of that in the next day or so.

    As ever, I find your posts educational. Having never stepped foot in Canada I had never heard of a Loonie, so I looked it up.

    The last line of your post made me chuckle!

  7. I had won ton from Chef Tong's the other night, perhaps because i was forced off line and needed cheering up. Perhaps the Won Ton God was sending me messages trhrough the ether. They tasted fine to me though they were delivered from a restaurant.
    Yours looked good until you incautiously showeed them next to Mrs Skoot's which revealed how they should look.
    Next time you want to show a size comparison perhaps you could use real money as we have no idea how large a loonie is?
    PS nibbling pieces out of your money makes it look like chocolate coins.

  8. Every day should be Won Tun day, or pizza day, or........

    Looks like you have the mastery of your new bike well in hand. Kind of like my blue FJR!

  9. Dear Mr. Skoot:

    As I belatedley read your post this morning, I am reminded that we have a freezer-ful of leftover Asian specialties. Mike Cantwell (old froend from Lake Placid and a member of the Mac Pac) was our houseguest (along with his wfie and daughter) for the past three days. We went to the neighborhood Chinese restaurant and freighted down with stuff they can't get at home in the Adirondacks.

    I ike the idea of the family get together and all making Won Ton together. Your grand-daughter is a little doll.

    Do I understand that this battery charger you have runs off the bike (with another battery on-line) while you are enroute?

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads