Tuesday, April 27, 2010

SOCNA: Suzuki Owner's Club of NA

Last year at one of the Bike Night BBQ's I met Greg who was a founding member of the SOCNA: Suzuki Owner's Club. It is new and they are trying to form chapters all over the world. He used to have a cruiser but purchased a Vee (Suzuki V-strom 1000). I have been keeping an eye on their forum and noticed that they seem to organize a lot of rides and are hosting a rally in Penticton during June, 2010 . I don't like to make commitments to ride with persons unknown but they posted a Meet & Greet recently for a Sunday Brunch in Langley, BC , about an hour east of our home. While I do not usually ride on Sundays, I got permission to attend. Sunday started out looking like a great day. A little cool in the morning but the sun was shining when I rolled my WEE out in the lane.


I decided to take the Hwy 99 south to Hwy 10 east to Langley. I timed it nearly perfect as my target time was 9:45a. I always like to arrive a few minutes early so I can mix with the other riders. I notice a few bikes parked in a cluster, mostly cruisers and Greg was there with his Vee. He is wearing full club colours today. Here is a photo of his patch


I found out he is a serious rounder and rides all year long no matter what the weather. Most of the others were on cruisers of different sizes


As it was my first contact with them I decided not to flash my camera around but we had an enjoyable breakfast and they went for a ride after breakfast, and I left to go home as I usually don't ride on Sundays.

I recorded a short video of my travels back and forth over the Alex Fraser Bridge which connects New Westminster to Surrey over the south arm of the mighty Fraser River. I've always wanted to take some still photos of the cables but there is no where to park and would require a strenuous hike to get a favourable angle as you are forced to park miles away and there are no temporary pull out areas.


I don't know where the weekends go. I leave Friday after work, blink my eyes and it is time to go back to work Monday morning . There is always so much to do and so little time to pack it all in.

Robert, the Reverend was batching it this weekend so I told him we would go somewhere for dinner, a place where he had never been before down in Richmond

(large Mixed Grill)

This is a large meal for one person. It is large enough for 2 persons. It comes with an appetizer and choice of soup. The main course consists of 5 pieces of different kinds of meat topped with an egg. You get one rib steak, one chicken cutlet, one veal cutlet, weiner & a pork chop. It was actually hard for the 3 of us to eat it.


Oh, nearly forgot we get a deluxe drink which is refillable and a little dessert. We also ordered meals for ourselves too

(Chicken with salted fish fried rice, and Cod & tofu hot pot)

We are creatures of habit and I like tofu however it is prepared .

Last Sunday found myself at the Camera Swap Meet, hosted by my Collectors Club


I was thinking of upgrading my dSLR and also looking for unusual stuff. I purchased some antique camera mounts which I may be able to install on my Wee for rear video. No such luck on the camera front. I am not sure whether I wanted to purchase a D300 anyway since I am having too much fun shooting video.

You never know what you may find at a swap meet.

(Vancouver Sun edition from: September 3, 1939)

It was another action packed weekend filled with activities. I hardly have time for myself. I managed to ride both Saturday & Sunday which is unusual for me as Sunday is reserved as family day where we go out in the car for brunch and a ride into the great outdoors, or do some errands and shopping.



  1. Doh - I missed the camera swap meet! I meant to check it out and then never looked at my calendar all weekend.

  2. Hi Bobskoot
    Who was that zooming past all the cars on the bridge! Loved the bridge video. The cables looked very cool in motion, especially on approach. I love bridges anyway, so I was won over from the start.

    Ron and I are fortunate in that we have a 3-day weekend. I don't work full time, he does, but they recently went to a 4 day/10 hour schedule. I'm not sure what he thinks of it yet, but I love having 3 days together.

    I bet there was some great stuff to be found at that swap meet. :)

  3. Great photos and what a heroic meal!!!

    I was interested in your phrase about the Reverend Bob "batching" it! That phrase is used in NZ too and in fact, the small coastal holiday homes in the north island are called "bachs", pronounced batches - a contraction for bachelor pad. Small world!

  4. Dear Mr. Scoot:

    I think it's very cool that someone is orgnizing the Suzuki riders on a national level. I have made hundreds of friends and acquaintances through the BMW group... You might find the same with a national Suziki riders' club.

    Several advantages are usually a directory of riders who are always willing to help a guy out wth a breakdown or a problem.

    Your video was pretty cool too.

    Group rides can be fun if you know a bunch of people who are attending. We are expecting some 300 plus bikes at our event this weekend. The opfficial ride will be two miles long (to qualify for the record) and the local cops are closing a major highway for us.

    I have friends who were riding doen from Lake Placid this weekend, who are now dealing with a foot of fresh snow.

    Fondest regards,
    Jack • reep • Toad
    Twisted Roads

  5. You bike looks great and I really like that patch for the club. Perhaps we need to create a patch for our local scooter club. That video is fun, too. Do you travel faster going north than south? Seems like you were passing everybody on the north route.
    And, darn that is a lot of food.

  6. Your making me hungry, a big pile of meat with an egg on top, every caveman's dream.

    I really like the last photo.


  7. Thanks for the tour. I identify with busy weekends as that's when most of the teaching I do happens.

    Good advice, too. I never flash in a group of strangers; cameras or otherwise.

  8. I really like your header photo - very eye catching!

    Yeah, that camera swap meet looked good.

    I like your Sunday policy of devoting it to family. And I like that last shot with the camera tilted. It's nicely framed!

  9. I like the club colours – very creative.

    No wonder you said it was another action packed weekend filled activities. You seem to never stop, or even slow down. I am not sure I know a more active person!

    The camera get together looks interesting – it is a real shame we don’t have swap meets over here. I think I would enjoy those.

  10. Hello Bob! Great post. Wherever Bob goes, there's great food!

  11. LumpyCam/Dan:

    I feel guilty if I don't go cause it's my camera club who has been hosting this event for decades. I only look for unusual stuff as I really don't need anything


    I used to always be in swap meet mode. It's a disease and took many years to be able to NOT stop. A deal is not a deal if you don't need it.

    I am very envious of your long weekends. Wished I had more time to myself

    Oh, as for the slower drivers . . . NO comment


    Keep writing NZ style and I will eventually pick the differences. If I ever land on your beautiful, scenic, deserted island, I want to be able to speak like a local. Driving on the wrong side will take some practice.

    Jack rIEPE:

    The bridge is a beautifully designed cable structure, but traffic goes so fast. Most new bridges in our area are now cable type, presumably to make them more earthquake proof.

    Hope you raise a lot of dough with your event


    group rides usually go to a food or beverage destination, and Richmond is known for their variety of good restaurants. Having a patch is a good idea. Gives riders a sense of community


    If you ever make it to Vancouver, I'll bring you to Richmond and we can feast until we drop. There are lots of AYCE (ALl You Can Eat) Places down there.


    Some weekends there are so many things on the calendar, I just don't go to any of them. I am getting to the point where it may be more relaxing to just ride somewhere scenic, stop and just sit in the sun and do nothing for an hour or two.


    A long time ago, perhaps in the early 80's, I used to do my own thing. Go for a ride in the valley and do my 100 miles in the morning, I thought it selfish. I had a brand new Suzuki GS1100L which I really didn't ride very much. with a young family everyone was telling me to get rid of the bike for safety reasons. Eventually I sold the bike and went to convertibles and sports cars. With a family, and a car with only 2 seats I could never use the car on the weekends as I needed more seats with seat belts. When I got back into riding I decided that I would not ride on Sundays unless there was something important going on, like a rally, or some huge bike event. It just didn't seem right to have to go in two vehicles, Mrs skoot in the car and me on the bike. so now we just go together in the car.


    I got to the point that I had to drop the 3 camera clubs I belonged to, and sold my muscle car and dropped another car club. I even resigned as VP of the Canadian Route 66 Association to free up more weekends, plus I seldom go to show and shines, except for the one club I still belong to. (BCCorvetteclub.ca) where I am very active.
    Most of my focus now is my blogger friends and video editing, photography has always been my first hobby


    we have to get together soon. Are you coming to Redmond ? I still owe you a large plate of food, your choice . . .

  12. A meal of Brobdingnagian proportions, worthy of anyone who wants to become American (south of the 49th).
    Thanks for reminding me I have no tach. But I do wear pink crocs.

  13. Nice header.

    I also really enjoyed the bridge video as I like most bridges. There are some around here that have an open steel grate serving as decking that I can do without.

    Thanks for the tour!

  14. Mr Conchscooter:

    I agree that those proportions are overkill for Canadians who eat healthier. We are slowly turning into Americans


    As you know, Vancouver is surrounded by water. We have lots of bridges but none with grating. All are smooth paved asphalt. I remember in the Gorge I had to go over the Bridge of the Gods, plus carry the .50c toll. My wheels couldn't track straight and I had to go really slow.
    I have more bridge video coming up soon