Monday, April 19, 2010

A Few Hacks

This past weekend there was a huge Motorcycle Swap Meet. You could purchase parts, bikes, riding attire or just hang around the parking lot and look at all the eye candy. While I was walking about and looking at all the bikes, I noticed a few Hacks . So for Charlie6 and Chris , this video is for you


Also I need your opinion for selecting proper footwear for one of my internet friends, so I suppose this is sort of a poll . I have a pair of Pink Crocs which have great power and generates a safety force shield wherever I go. They are also quite stylish if you are man enough to purchase a pair. I think Gary is on the fence but I know with his impending trip to the USA he is secretly coveting the idea of getting a pair for off bike use so he doesn't have to wear his new riding boots 24/7 .

Now just imagine that you have a very bright pair of favourite shorts,


don't you think that you should have matching Crocs ? (I think you can get them in RED)


  1. Red Crocs w/red shorts is what I have so that is what I'd vote for. They don't work very well up here for "off bike use" while camping as mosquitos bite through the holes...

  2. Bob – Even though it was for Chris and Charlie6, it was enjoyable to watch the video. I did notice something n it – all of the rigs have a set up where the sidecar is to the right side of the bike. I suspect Charlie6 and Chris will know the answer to this – is that right side combination normal in the US? I just checked a few UK websites and it seems the sidecar is normally on the left over here. I guess the reasoning is that it is better to put the rider nearer the centre of the road to permit a better view when overtaking? Is it ok to swop sides in the US and does anybody ever do it?

    Regarding the pink crocs, I am not sure if I am sitting on the fence. I think that you have the market in pink crocs cornered. Despite looking the contrary, I am told they are comfortable though....

    Personally, I think Geoff should go for the red crocs.

  3. Bob: Thanks. It was nice to see some different hacks. They were all too clean, especially the BMWs. The one poor BMW guy had to get help backing up... reverse is so nice! The Ural at 1:50 had a nice reverse lever up top. I wanted one of those until I learned how the Russians do it with their foot. So much better.

    To be different, green crocs. Then he can be xmas all the time!

    Gary: The sidecar is on the side of bike to match the side of the road. I've never seen one in the US that was on the left instead of right. I think keeping it on the right gives more possibility for better sight lines/visibility during regular riding. Not much overtaking happening with a Ural. I heard about a guy in Europe that had a sidecar on both sides...

  4. So, grasshopper, the pink crocs bring you friends and admiration for your wild canadian eccentricity, eh?

  5. Richard:

    well I never realized. You'll have to post up a photo of you in your RED outfit

    Ms M:

    I know you are a person with few words. Trade in your high heels for some Pink Crocs. Will match your Pink towel. Nice crash bars and HW pegs. I wanted to get a set of HW pegs too but they don't make them in my size


    I have seen sidecars on the left side, easier to access the kick starter, I suppose. I imagine it throws the whole dynamics off if you are used to it being on the other side. I'm still wondering why everything is so reversed in the UK.


    those bikes were better than new. It's a shame to get them dirty

    I wasn't sure what that lever did, so I video'd more of it for you.

    Mr Conchscooter:

    Hey, I'm not the one who lives on an Island like a hermit with only a dog for company.

    Nice shot of your Pink Crocs in Birmingham. Seeing that you were where you were, I'm surprised they didn't lock you up

  6. Bob: Ural's have the kickstart on the left side unlike a lot of other brands. Kickstarting is easy with a sidecar, you just stand on the pegs and kick. It won't fall over ;)

  7. Stylishly speaking, red shorts demand red crocs. However, you people insist on flaunting your style via internet photos. Which opens the door to looking at the situation from a photographic viewpoint. What will look good in the photos?

    All attire should be done in complementary colors.

    Based, thusly, on the color wheel, the red shorts demand blue crocs ( more specifically, cyan ) for the purposes of complementary contrast.

    If there are more than one pair of shorts involved, then alternate pairs of crocs should be purchased.

    Other choices are green and magenta ( which Chris proposed ) or blue and yellow.

    I sincerely hopes this helps in the wardrobe selection for the upcoming big journey!

    One note to keep in mind. Fanny packs should definitely match the shorts.

  8. Hi Bob,

    I just love Hacks, especially the old military looking ones from Russia, wish I could find one over here.



    PS.The identity of the Bond Girl will be revealed in the next post lol.

  9. My Aussie friends claim the only good crocs are dead crocs. Not sure what that means when it comes to plastic footwear of the poofy pink variety, but I suspect someone will work it out.

  10. Have just noticed that Bob sneakily posted this whilst I was away from a computer in the south Island!

    I guess that having brown Crocs with red shorts just confirms the opinions of female members of our family that guys (and me in particular)have no dress sense.

    Bob, as the only place that red shorts and brown Crocs get worn are on our boat and fish have other things on their mind when they come aboard, I'll pass on buying a new pair. However, I am nonetheless grateful for your attempts to improve my sartorial elegance!

  11. a belated thanks for this posting Bobskoot.....